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Insta story is one of Instagram’s features that lets users post images or videos to their profile for 24 hours before they vanish. It can be utilized for the display of your everyday activities and events, and it can even be used to express how you feel at any given moment.

If you’re a frequent Instagram user then you’re well aware that Insta stories (asides from your own) are not available for download on the platform. Users who come across artistic, expressive, funny, or informative Instagram stories have to enjoy them momentarily and then move on.

All that is about to change because this article highlights the best insta story download apk, which enables you to save all of your favorite Instagram story moments to your android phone, for free.

Why Use an Instagram Story Downloader Apk

You can upload a wide range of things on Instagram Stories. But the rules of the story feature are that these are automatically deleted after 24 hours. In this case, to rewatch the best of the many Insta stories you’ve come across during these 24 hours, you’ll need to download them. 

Some Instagram download sites can only download stories in one post at a time, which is actually very inconvenient. But don’t worry, we have what you need! Here’s a reliable Instagram story saver app that can offer the services you require with lightning speed.

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Snaptube – The Best Instagram Story Downloader for Android devices

Snaptube is an Instagram story download app that provides a quick and simple solution to saving Instagram stories. It is equipped with tons of advanced features and numerous benefits, and below are some of its unique features:

  • Snaptube, first of all, doesn’t require rooting and is compatible with all Android devices. All you have to do is download the app, grant necessary permissions, then install the app.
  • The direct and free download of premium Instagram story videos and pictures, just as they are on Instagram (quality and format retained), is assured.
  • On Snaptube, you can stream Instagram stories, and view as many as you want, before proceeding with the hassle-free download process.
  • There are no limits to how long you can stay on Instagram using Snaptube, this app grants unlimited and unrestricted access.
  • This story-saver Instagram app has a personalized feature with a floating window to multitask while watching videos, and it also comes with an intuitive dark or light mode.
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Different methods of Getting the Snaptube apk

Quick and free download of the best Instagram Story download app apk called Snaptube can be accessed from a number of reliable sources. These sources include:

1. Snaptube’s Official Website – This is the home of everything you need to know about Snaptube, it contains Snaptube’s various video resolutions and music formats, supported sites, and detailed steps on how to download, install and use the app.

2. Uptodown – Uptodown App Store is a marketplace 100% dedicated to free app downloads. All the apps in its store (including Snaptube) are totally free and legal, and are reviewed by Virustotal to ensure user security.

3. Aptoide – Android users can get apps from Aptoide, an online mobile app store. On this platform, Snaptube download is very simplified and straightforward.

4. AppGallery – Huawei AppGallery is another reliable package download manager and application distribution platform that has Snaptube available for download.

How to Use Snaptube – The Instagram Story Saver Download Apk

Sorry for keeping you waiting. Outlined below are the processes involved in the download, installation, and use of Snaptube for any Instagram story download.

Step 1. Download and Install Snaptube

To begin the download process, we recommend you visit Snaptube’s official website (mentioned in the previous section). By tapping on the download button, the story saver Instagram apk download would immediately commence.

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However, If you are unable to download the Snaptube app, simply go to the security settings on your phone,  enable the option to download apps from unknown sources (in this case sources other than the Play Store), and your download would resume.

Once your download is complete, click on the apk file, then press “Install”.

Step 2. Login to Instagram and Search for any Insta Story

As soon as you “Open” Snaptube, you’ll see Instagram on your list of home screen apps, click on it and log in to your account using Snaptube.

Once you log in, you can scroll through the available insta stories or search for the story you want to download. The website Increditools gave an alternative suggestion that you can make use of the insta story link, this will help you easily locate the exact content you wish to download.

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Step 3. Instagram Story Download

 As soon as you find an appealing Insta story video, click the play icon on it. Once you do, the download button at the bottom right corner of your screen would be clearly visible for download, likewise with Insta story picture download.

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Snaptube’s entire Instagram story download process has been simplified to ensure you grasp how to operate the app after your first try. Snaptube is easy-to-use, it is fast, it is reliable, and it is free. It is the only tool you’ll ever need for Instagram story download.

Related Question

Q1. Why do I Need to Download Snaptube Apk?

As a result of Google Play’s restrictions on video downloading tools, Snaptube isn’t currently featured on the Playstore app market. Please be advised that there are no legitimate Snaptube versions currently available on Google Play, kindly make use of the download methods highlighted in this guide.   

Q2. Is the Instagram story downloader Snaptube safe?

I can definitely say yes. Snaptube will not bring any virus or damage to your device at all, and it has been verified by well-known antivirus agencies like CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security. You can try Snaptube, the story saver Instagram app for free with complete confidence.

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