Experience Crypto-Friendly Hosting With the Bitcoin Payment Method

Crypto-Friendly Hosting

Not all markets have adapted to the crypto trend and included digital payment options. However, the whole web service market, namely the hosting industry, started offering their clients payment options with cryptocurrency early on.

This way, you can purchase hosting services with any known cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin; VPS BTC purchases are specifically prevalent.

This article will tell you about a crypto-friendly hosting experience using the Bitcoin payment method.

Why use Bitcoin instead of regular payment for hosting?

Many businesses, including hosting providers, have implemented a crypto payment option and its Bitcoin variations. So why do hosting providers commonly use and allow Bitcoin payment methods? The thing is that Bitcoin offers certain advantages over conventional fiat payments.

Increased privacy

Bitcoin transactions offer increased privacy since the blockchain’s transactional records are kept utilizing secure technology with additional encryption.

With Bitcoin, you don’t have to add your personal information to the address you use to send or receive transactions. With conventional payment methods, such an option is off the table.

Even though Bitcoin transactions don’t offer complete anonymity (since addresses are disclosed), they still provide sufficient privacy.

Payment accessibility

Unlike traditional financial operations associated with geographical restrictions, cryptocurrency payments, and Bitcoin payments, in particular, don’t depend on the place of residence of the user.

Bitcoin transactions allow paying for hosting from anywhere in the world.

Lower fees

Since Bitcoin is decentralized and not regulated by any authority, the transactions are processed by the network and not by third parties. All this makes transaction fees lower.

Secure network

Bitcoin blockchain utilizes the proof-of-work mechanism to verify transactions. This mechanism makes it harder to penetrate the network or compromise its security. Therefore, when you pay for hosting with Bitcoin, you ensure that your data is secure and intact.

What web services can you purchase with Bitcoin?

You can purchase virtually any hosting option and related web service with Bitcoin, among which are:

  • Servers: Web servers, regardless of their diversity, are an essential part of hosting since they store your site’s data and allow it to be displayed online. You may need to upscale your server if your website’s traffic increases. Thus, having an option of paying for a server with Bitcoin comes in handy.
  • VPN: This popular service often goes with hosting since it offers increased privacy and, in most cases, security. Cryptocurrency innately also values users’ privacy. Therefore, it is pretty logical that VPN services adopt crypto payment options, for example, with Bitcoin.
  • Security services: You can additionally enhance the security of your server by utilizing services like security monitoring offered by many hosting providers. Many security-focused services can be bought with crypto and Bitcoin included.

Usually, anything with a price tag can be bought with cryptocurrency if crypto payment options are supported site-wise.

Can you buy a domain name with Bitcoin?

Absolutely. You can buy a domain name with Bitcoin if the hosting provider offers such an opportunity.

Moreover, you can often purchase a domain name with the domain registration services and hosting plans right from the bat and pay for it with Bitcoin. Alternatively, you can buy the already existing domain name with Bitcoin.

How to purchase hosting with Bitcoin?

Purchasing hosting services with Bitcoin is pretty straightforward.

First, you must choose a reliable hosting provider that accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. Selecting a trustworthy hosting provider is crucial since the performance of your website will directly depend on the provider’s offering and support when the need for troubleshooting arises. When searching for hosting providers, evaluate parameters like uptime guarantee, security measures used, and backup options offered. Additionally, consider how user-friendly the hosting management on the client’s end is. Customer reviews, feedback, and overall ratings will also help you determine how reliable the vendor is. We recommend HostZealot for the diversity of hosting plans and the flexibility, affordability, and support it offers the customers.

Once you decide on the hosting provider, you must choose a hosting plan next.

Add a hosting plan to the cart, choose the crypto payment option at the checkout, and select the Bitcoin option. Then, you’ll be provided a wallet address for sending the payment.

When the blockchain verifies the payment, your hosting account will be activated, and you can start configuring your website.

Shashank Sharma
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