Tips on How to Write a Character Letter

How to Write a Character Letter

According to Glassdoor, each job posting attracts an average of 250 applicants. However, only 2% of candidates who apply for a job opening are selected for an interview. Again, as per LinkedIn, referrals are 5x more effective than all other hiring methods.

When someone is looking for a job, they must pull all the plugs to stand out from dozens of applicants. They need to ensure that the hiring team recognizes their potential in the herd.

One of the countless things that can help them gain the upper hand is an exceptional character reference letter. According to eminent stalwarts offering academic writing help via a reputed website, a well-crafted reference letter could be the golden ticket to enter one’s dream job. It’s a remarkable document that can help strengthen a candidacy during a job hunt.

Being asked to write such a significant document can be incredibly flattering but also intimidating. Finding the perfect words to describe someone’s character can be quite challenging.

Undeniably, writing a fantastic character reference document takes considerable thought and awareness. So, to give you a helping hand, today we will walk you through everything you need to know to write a perfect character reference paper and make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Let’s dive right in!

A Character Reference Letter: A Quick Overview

According to a study, using a reference letter in the application increases callbacks by more than 60%. A character reference, also known as a personal reference, is a document written by someone who knows the candidate and can speak about their character, strengths, talents, and abilities. Unlike personal references, the person writing the reference is not an employer.

Character Reference Letter: The Key Elements to Include

When you’re asked to craft a reference document, only agree if you can speak positively about the candidate’s personality and work ethic. Once you’ve agreed, ensure to incorporate a few key elements in the letter –

  • First, describe your relationship with the person requesting the letter and mention how long you’ve known them.
  • Describe the positive qualities you have noticed in them and specific instances when you’ve seen them in action.
  • Write why you believe they would be an excellent fit for the job they are applying for.
  •  At the end of the paper, offer any contact information you feel comfortable sharing with the employer.

It is also a good idea to ask the person you are writing the letter for if there’s anything specific they would like you to incorporate. This will help ensure that your letter hits all the key points the employer is searching for.

How to Write a Character Reference Letter: A Step-By-Step Guide

Knowing the effective guidelines to craft a personal reference document is half the battle won. To aid you, here we have enlisted certain essential guidelines you need to know to craft an exceptional letter like never before –

  • Begin by Explaining Your Relationship to the Candidate

The first thing you need to do when drafting the reference document is show the employer how you know the candidate. Irrespective of your relationship, offer certain details so the employer knows you truly know each other. You can offer crucial insights into the candidate’s personality.

Example – “I volunteered along with Susan helping out at senior homes and volunteering for Protecting Wildlife Habitat,” or “Anna lives next door to me and is my children’s favorite babysitter.”

  • Incorporate How Long You’ve Known the Candidate

Ensure to share how long you’ve known the candidate. This proves the credibility of anything you are going to say about them.

Example – I’ve known Susan for more than five years now, including two years together in nursing school,” or “Anna and I have studied together for three years.”

  •  Add Positive Personal Qualities with Specific Examples

Include at least three to four personal qualities that would help your employer comprehend the candidate remarkably and how they would benefit the organization. These qualities could incorporate communication skills, dedication, leadership, a positive attitude, commitment to quality, efficiency, and other relevant soft skills.

Example “I have consistently noticed Susan displaying genuine empathy towards others and ethical behavior.”

  •  Close with a Recommendation Statement

The final statement of your reference letter must state your recommendation. Also, list at least two pieces of contact information, such as your email address and phone number.

Example – For these crucial reasons, I recommend Anna for this specific position and believe she would be a worthy asset to any company.”

Crucial Tips for Crafting a Spectacular Personal Reference Letter

Remember, a character reference document should always be positive and honest. So, one must think diligently before approaching someone to craft a document for them. However, there are certain strategies that you can use to sail through your reference writing task like a champion –

  •   Request Vital Information

If you decide to craft the letter, ensure you have all the required information. Ensure you know the document’s purpose (whether the letter is for a specific job, a college application, etc.), how to submit it, and when it is due. You can also ask a person if they have a resume or other essential document enlisting their skills and experiences that you can use to write the paper.

  • Be Sincere

A reference letter should be professional, but it must always be heartfelt. Unlike a professional document of recommendation, which focuses on an applicant’s achievements, a character reference reflects how a person stands out on a more personal level.

Incorporate remarkable ways in which you have seen the quality and unique character of the person demonstrated. The objective is to portray the person in a completely positive light.

  •  Provide the Complete Picture

Offering an applicant a complete picture goes beyond just enlisting their remarkable qualities. Describe their growth to craft a narrative demonstrating a dynamic, multifaceted person who constantly strives to better themselves and their community.

  •  Maintain the Right Tone

Try to maintain a friendly yet not overly casual tone. Avoid using positive and sincere language to create an atmosphere of respect and trust. Remember, your objective is to welcome the reader while maintaining professionalism.

  •   Honesty is the Best Policy 

Ensure all the details and instances mentioned in the letter are accurate. It’s vital to avoid any form of misinformation as it could potentially ruin the applicant’s prospects.

While it is vital to highlight their positive traits, refrain from going overboard with praises or exaggerations. Maintain a realistic and grounded portrayal of the applicant.

  • Evaluate for Errors

Ensure to meticulously proofread your letter, weeding out any grammatical inconsistencies or errors. This step is important in presenting a refined, professional document that will reflect well on you and the person you recommend.

  •  Make it Short and Sweet

Hiring managers are incredibly busy. Hence, even when it comes to reference letters, try to make things easy for them and value their time by keeping your letter concise and clear. Resist the temptation to gush or waffle and stick to what’s vital for them to know.

  •  Use a Business Letter Format

If you send the document by mail, use the business letter format when writing the paper. Incorporate the employer’s contact information at the top, the date, and your contact information. Further, conclude with a handwritten signature and your typed signature underneath.

  •   Keep it Concise

A character reference document should not be too lengthy- try to keep it below 200 words. This is because not every recruiter has the time to read long character letters. Hence, to increase the probability of your letter being read, keep it sweet and short.

Signing Off,

Once you understand the intricacies and foolproof strategies, crafting a reference letter isn’t as daunting as it seems. Surely, there’s a lot to do, but try not to be daunted by the process. Just follow the steps outlined in the above post and give yourself adequate time.

Finally, write from the heart. A sincere and honest letter will do more for the applicant than any number of generic platitudes. Do not use a generic template as you craft the letter. It’s an honor to be asked to provide a letter, so give it the time it deserves and draft something they will be proud to show at their next interview. Here’s wishing you all the luck!

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