Will Dynamic Island ever come to iPhone 13, 12 and 11 models

Dynamic Island for iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 15 was announced on September 12th. iPhone 15 is a new phone that incorporates many new features, including an updated display camera, but the most talkative feature is its Dynamic Island on all models including iPhone 15 base.

Since Apple introduced the notch with the iPhone X (2017), Apple made only minor changes to the notch’s appearance and functionality over the course of four years, but Apple has entirely changed it with the Dynamic Island in iPhone 14, which represents the biggest alteration.

What is iPhone’s Dynamic Island?

What is iPhone's Dynamic Island

iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island is a new design feature that allows for a more immersive experience when using the phone. The idea is that the phone’s display appears to float above the phone’s body, giving the appearance of a floating island.

The result is a phone that looks and feels more premium than its predecessors. In terms of features, it can show you incoming calls, alerts, notifications, Face ID authentication, turn-by-turn navigation, music playing, do not disturb mode, silent mode, charging status, and more. It’ll also show NFL Live match scores of your favorite teams with team badges on either side of the sensors.

Will iPhone 13,12 and 11 get Dynamic Island in future

It seems very unlikely the new Dynamic Island is only compatible with the iPhone 15 all models, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max; it is not even compatible with the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus. So, there is no chance coming to previous models like iPhone 13, 12 and 11.

Secondly, it is made possible by the revised placement of the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors, which are now embedded into the display rather than as a chunk scooped out from the top of the phone.

The proximity sensors have moved behind the display – the first time Apple has done this. Also, consider the new A16 Bionic chip.

The primary reason is that Apple wants you to upgrade to the new iPhone. Thus, they won’t deliver the newest features to older iPhones. These iOS 15 features aren’t available on the iPhone X or older devices since Apple doesn’t want to invest more money and time in upgrading old devices.

How Dynamic Island works

However, with a fresh UX design for how a “Dynamic Island” feature would operate on an iPhone with a notch, it is still possible to achieve a dynamic island on iPhone 13 Pro. It won’t be as engaging as the iPhone 14 Pro and won’t be touch-resistive (won’t respond to your touch) but can show icons, notifications, animation, etc.

How to Enable Dynamic Island on any iPhone

Step 1: Install Alt Server on Your Mac– Begin by installing Alt Server on your Mac. This tool is used to install AltStore on your iPhone, which allows you to install IPA files.

Step 2: Enable AltServer Mail Plugin– After installing Alt Server, click on the AltServer icon in your top bar, install the Mail Plugin, and then enable the plugin within Mail’s preferences.

Step 3: Connect Your iPhone to Your Mac– Once the Mail Plugin is enabled, connect your iPhone to your Mac.

Step 4: Install AltStore on Your iPhone– Within AltServer, choose to install AltStore and select your iPhone.


Step 5: Sign In with Your Apple ID– Open the newly installed AltStore app on your iPhone and sign in with your Apple ID.

Step 6: Download DynamicCow– Visit the GitHub page for DynamicCow on your iPhone and download the most recent release.

Step 7: Install Dynamic Cow– Open AltStore, click the plus icon on the My Apps page, and choose the DynamicCow.ipa file to install Dynamic Cow.

altstore app

Step 8: Configure DynamicCow– Open DynamicCow and select which iPhone 14 Pro model you want the Dynamic Island from, then choose to enable it.

Step 9: Enjoy Dynamic Island– With the Dynamic Island enabled, you’ll have access to the dynamic display feature on your iPhone, although it may be partially obstructed by the notch on earlier iPhone models.


    The new Dynamic Island won’t be available on the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and older models. That is due to a hardware restriction rather than a software one. Well, there is DynamicCow app that can bring you Dynamic Island with some limitation and features.


    Will iPhone 15 have dynamic island?

    Yes, iPhone 15 come with dynamic island on all models from iPhone 15, iPhone 15 pro, iPhone 15 Plus.

    Will iPhone 16 have Dynamic Island?

    While it’s impossible to predict with certainty whether Dynamic Island will be available on the iPhone 16, it’s certainly a possibility. Given the immense popularity and the trend of iPhone devices becoming more advanced with each iteration.

    How to get Dynamic Island on iPhone 13?

    Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to get Dynamic Island on an iPhone 13 or iPhone 12.

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