10 Best 12/24 Volt Battery Chargers for Car, RV and Boats

24 Volt Battery Chargers

If you’re in the market for a 12v and 24 volt battery charger, you likely have a vehicle or equipment that requires this specific voltage for optimal performance. Whether it’s for your car, RV, boats or heavy equipment, choosing the right charger is essential. Below, we highlight the ten best volt battery chargers available and delve into why you need a car battery charger, along with various applications such as car charger adapters and solar options.

Why You Need a 12/24 Volt Battery Charger?

A car battery charger is designed specifically to meet the electrical requirements of batteries. A 12v and 24 volt battery charger is versatile and can handle both 12 volt and 24 volt systems. This flexibility is particularly useful for users who have multiple vehicles or equipment with different voltage requirements. Using a charger that doesn’t match your battery’s voltage can lead to inefficiencies, reduced battery life, or even damage to the battery and connected equipment. This is especially critical for vehicles and heavy machinery that rely on consistent and robust power supply.

Battery Charger for Cars and Bike

1. NEXPEAK 10-Amp


It has 12V 10-Amp and 24V 5-Amp 7-stage quick battery charger. The battery charging time is quick. You can switch to float/trickle charge mode to maintain batteries over the winter. It’s ideal for SUVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, boats marine, etc.

2. Battery Tender 022-0209-DL-WH

Battery Tender 022-0209-DL-WH

Known for its reliability, this 6/12 volt battery charger is excellent for both maintaining and charging your vehicle’s batteries. It’s equipped with smart technology to prevent overcharging. Its easy to use and low maintenance design is a selling point.

3. Black+Decker BC25BD

Black+Decker BC25BD

With its easy-to-use interface and powerful charging capabilities, the Black+Decker BC25BD is a favorite among car and RV owners. It supports both 12 and 24 volt batteries, making it versatile.

4. Victron Energy Blue Smart IP67

Victron Energy Blue Smart IP67

A smart and waterproof charger, the Victron Energy Blue Smart IP67 is perfect for outdoor use and harsh conditions, ideal for RVs and heavy machinery.

5. ULTRAPOWER 24 Volt Battery Charger

ULTRAPOWER 24 Volt Battery Charger

As the name suggest it is the powerful enough to charge your batteries quickly and efficiently. It suitable for charging your car, tractors, trucks, SUVs, RVs, marine, wheelchair Batteries.

Battery Charger for RV, Trucks and Boats

6. NOCO Genius GEN5X2

NOCO Genius GEN5X2

This dual-bank charger is perfect for maintaining and charging two 12 volt batteries in series, resulting in a 24 volt system. Due to its IP 68 waterproof capacity, it is ideal for RVs, boats, and heavy equipment.

7. ProMariner ProSport 20+ Generation 3

ProMariner ProSport 20+ Generation 3

Specifically designed for marine applications but versatile enough for RVs and cars, this charger is built to withstand harsh environments by having waterproof capability and provide reliable power.

8. Samlex America SEC-2425UL

Samlex America SEC-2425UL

Perfect for RV battery charging, this charger offers a clean and efficient power supply, ensuring your batteries are always ready for the road.

9. Schumacher DSR140

Schumacher DSR140

This powerful car battery jump starter delivers 200 cranking amps at 12V, providing enough power to start cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, and other large engines, including heavy equipment. Its front-mounted, 6-gauge output cables make it ideal for use in automotive shops.

10. SOLPERK Solar Panel Kit Battery Charger

SOLPERK Solar Panel

For those who prefer renewable energy, the Solperk 20 Watt 12 Volt Solar Kit is an excellent choice. It allows you to charge your batteries using solar power, making it perfect for remote locations and eco-friendly setups. You can also pair it with the Portable Power Stations.

Difference Between Battery Charges

Charger TypeDescriptionKey Benefits
Normal Battery ChargerEssential for maintaining the battery health of your recreational vehicle. Ensures reliable power for all onboard systems.– Keeps RV batteries in optimal condition
– Ensures RV is always ready for use
– Provides consistent power for onboard systems
12/24 Volt Battery ChargerVersatile charger that can handle both 12 volt and 24 volt systems. Ideal for users with multiple vehicles or equipment with varying voltage requirements.– Flexibility to charge both 12V and 24V batteries
– Suitable for a wide range of vehicles and equipment
– Reduces the need for multiple chargers
Solar 24 Volt Battery ChargerUses solar energy to charge 24 volt batteries, making it eco-friendly and practical for remote locations. Converts sunlight into electrical energy.– Eco-friendly and sustainable power source
– Ideal for remote locations without access to conventional power
– Reduces dependence on the grid for charging needs

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right volt battery charger depends on your specific needs, whether it’s for a car, RV, heavy equipment, or solar setup. The chargers listed above offer a range of features and capabilities to meet various requirements, ensuring your batteries are charged efficiently and safely. Always consider the specific applications and compatibility with your equipment to make the best choice.

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