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Aguero Reviews [April 2020] Is It Secure to Buy From It?

Aguero Reviews [April 2020] Is It Secure to Buy From It

Aguero Reviews [April 2020] Is It Secure to Buy From It? -> This article is for the readers, who wish to learn more about

Technological advances have made life unexpectedly easier for us. For example, take the instance of internet. With the advent of internet, initially it was limited to offices and professional purposes.

 Slowly, the medium became commercialized and today, almost anything and everything is available in this virtual world, shopping being one of it’s key functionality.

You think of anything and just scourge the internet, you are sure to find it there.

Now, as shopping has become a perpetual business in the e-commerce world. Scores of companies are taking advantage of the situation and springing up to make money.

Some of them are promising, when it comes to standard of services and goods while others are present just to allure you and extract money from you.

Here, we are going to learn about This company has built a standing in United State and Canada, where it is commonly known as aguero website, aguero store or geoghost store.

What is Aguero?

Aguero store sells tool kits, gaming consoles, furniture and home gyms under sports and outdoors. There are not too much products listed under the broad categories and most of them are tagged with a ‘sale’. 

The prices of the machinery and tools are nominal and appear to be quite pocket friendly. Seemingly, the question stands as how realistic are the deals?

How does it work?

Aguero website has no shipping policy but is very clear about the return terms. If you wish to return any item, you can do so within 14 days of receipt. The return shipment cannot go to the address from which the goods came.

An e-mail id as : is provided, at which you have to shoot a mail in order to learn about the return address.

As contact information, the company has provided a phone number: 1-661-7845802. The name and address of the owner(s) as : AnHuiXinHongHui commodity limited company,  Yaohai Wanda plaza 4-804,277 Linquan East Road,Yaohai District,Hefei,Anhui.

Clearly, the location belongs to China, then why is that the company got registered in the U.S?

Who should buy from here?

Geoghost store is a mixed bag of products and they do form an essential part of our lifestyle. So, anybody who is looking for a home gym or an useful tool box or a couple of furniture pieces, then this is the right place to be searched.

All goods will be available at enchanting prices and of course surprising sales.

Why is it famous?

Aguero website doesn’t have a lot of stuff into it. It doesn’t look cumbersome or crowded with a lot of information or description of goods and testimonials.

An onlooker can just catch a glimpse of the products from the images and check the prices, book items, pay in advance and rest peacefully for the items to be delivered.

The website has a very elementary designing. There’s no elaborate description or comparison of the products. Nor there are testimonials by customers for reading. So, aguero store clearly means business.

But, how authentic is it, that’s the question?

What are the negative remarks about it?

This is my favorite section as I get to study the topic closely. When you scrutinize Arguero a little bit more, you would find it resembling several fraudulent companies of same stature.

All of them point the same address location in China and remarkably share the same phone number even. This means that the owner(s) of all these fake businesses is the same.

Moreover, the content in the ‘About Us’ section is a shared one by all these websites. There’s no shipping policy mentioned because the goods will never reach you. 

You will pay in advance as no COD(Cash On Delivery) option is there, and then keep waiting forever for the ordered items to arrive.

Aguero store doesn’t have any external links and social media presence which again is a bad sign when it comes to trust. The images are copied and the costs are unrealistic.


Always be aware of such fake companies, before investing money. Do not share any of your credit card information or passwords with such companies. They will simply misuse them and put you in trouble.

If you come across such dubious websites, then please do share your experience in your social media groups. Such kind of discussions scares the culprits and also alerts innocent people around.

You are welcome to share your comments in the comment section below. Be alert and be safe!


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