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Curvy Lady Clothing Reviews [April] Read Before Shopping

Curvy Lady Clothing Reviews 2020

Curvy Lady Clothing Reviews [April] Read Before Shopping -> Read the full post to discover a new plus size clothing store.

Plus size clothing is a new concept, and a lot of women who are thicker than the rest benefit from it. One such brand that is has been selling plus size clothing in the United States is Curvy Lady Clothing.

For lengthy, many women have struggled with finding the clothing that fits them perfectly. You can thank that to brands limiting their sizes! This Curvy Lady Clothing Reviews will explore the site and tell you what all it has to offer—telling you if you should be making a purchase from it or not! 

What is Curvy Lady Clothing? 

It is an online clothing store that majorly sells plus size women’s wear. The about us section of the brand talks about it selling affordable plus size also separates, that its owner is on a mission with the best trendy clothing that the section lacks. 

They also mention that the company is based out of Cork, Ireland. The address in the contact us section will clear that out for you. The layout of the site is feminine and simple. 

The next subheading will tell you all the products that are up on the website. 

What kind of products are available on Curvylady com? 

The product categories are mentioned and divided. I am mentioning below all the garments available on this site. 

  • Dresses- these range from solid colors such as black and navy blue to floral prints, textured fabrics, and some metallic prints as well. The price of the dresses ranges from $50 to $180. 
  • Bottoms- this contains all your skirts, leggings & jeggings as well as pants/trousers. The variety is limited, and you will spot some printed, solid color and just your regular denim fabric jeans. 
  • Knitwear- this section of Curvy lady clothing consists of jumpers, ponchos, cardigans, and a sweater. The fabric is warm and knitted, perfect for the winter months. The price of these ranges from $70 to $110. 
  • Coats and Jackets- you will spot leather coats, cardigans, jumpers, raincoats, etc. You will see a repeat of outfits from the knitwear section. 
  • Tops and tunics- this section has a couple of printed tops, tunic dresses, cardigans, faux leather jackets, etc. 

Pros and cons of the Curvy lady Clothing

Whether shopping online or in-person at the local store, it is mandatory to be a wise shopper. Do not jump in and make purchases just because there was a substantial discount!


  • offers clothing that opens doors for curvy ladies to be fashion-forward. 
  • They maintain a social media presence. Here you will spot comments and videos of purchases made by people. 
  • The layout is crisp and clear, which makes it easy for a new customer to navigate the site. 
  • The contact us section mentions a phone number- 086 812 3284 and an email id- Reach out to them using these when in doubt. 
  • The shipping details provide a modest amount of description to get an understanding. 
  • They deliver worldwide. 


  • We do not know if the site is protected as they do not have an SSL certificate. 
  • The products offered are limited. 
  • Clothing is repeated in most sections. They may be doing this as they lack options. 
  • The clothing items do not fall under the affordable category. 
  • They do not mention precise product details, such as fabric quality. 

The pros and cons mentioned above tell you about the clothing as well as the website. You must first and foremost, test the site out for yourself before making a purchase! 

Customer reviews of Curvylady

The below reviews of the Curvy Lady Clothing are taken from its Facebook page- 

Caroline Spillane comments that the quality of the clothing is excellent, and the range is fabulous. She ends her comment by saying it is very personal. 

Margret Killian comments that the curvy lady staff was accommodating while she made her first purchase from the site. She highly recommends the site and would buy from them again! 

Dolores Bergin comments that she purchased a top for an event and loved the quality of the fabric. She had seen comments regarding the expensive price of the clothing but was well worth it. 

Final Verdict- 

Many new brands are popping up selling plus size clothing, and it is a fantastic initiative. We have mentioned the pros and cons of Curvylady.comYou may choose to make a purchase or not to, that is totally up to you. 

Tell us your good/ bad story of purchasing from this site in the comments below!


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