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Fibare Website Reviews {2020} Is It Safe To Buy?

Fibare Website Reviews 2020

Fibare Website Reviews {2020} Is It Safe To Buy? -> In this article, you got to know about a website that helps you shop anything you want for your home.

Are you among those who are looking for amazing home décor accessories? Do not hurry in swiping the page. Read the complete Fibare Website Reviews as it might help you get what you need.

Want a more straightforward solution? Let us introduce you to the that would provide you with everything you order at your doorstep. This is probable the best thing that could happen to the people. This not only saves time but helps you pick the right product with easy comparisons. 

The brand has been known for working brilliantly in the United State. Now, the company wants to extend its arms to the remaining parts of the globe. The company promises to fulfil all the needs of the people seeking to purchase from their website.

Scroll down the full article and find answers to your unanswered questions.

Is the Fibare Website genuine enough to shop online?

Before we plan to invest money in any website, we check every minute detail. When our mind gets satisfied, we proceed further. Same is the case with this brand. The unsatisfied mind will repeatedly ask questions like is fibre club legit or any scam business? 

After doing researches on the website, we could find one exciting thing. We noticed that the content available on the website is copied from others. This creates a chance that the product images and related content might also be copied.

Hence, there are fewer chances of the brand being completely legit. We are not claiming it to be scam either. Our statements are generated in the researches made by the experts.

What is Fibre Club? is an online store that serves people with a variety of products. The website displays a long list ranging from DIY to home decorations, cleaning, furniture, etc. 

The brand claims to serve its customers with the best quality products. They assure that each product they offer through their website is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the customers.

Nonetheless, there are no valid proofs of the website being legit. Reading the complete article would help you get a better image of the establishment.

Specifications of Fibre Club:

  • Website URL: 
  • Website deal in: Products for home like cleaning, etc.
  • Time for delivery: 7-9 business days
  • Return: Applicable within 30 days
  • Shipping cost: Customers get free shipping over shopping of £2.99 
  • Contact details: +12054947844
  • Email address:
  • Address of the company: 3893 Research Park Dr, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

Advantages of ordering from

  • Customers get a variety of products.
  • Customers get the products at the prices that can be easily afforded by them
  • The brand provides the facility of shipping across the globe
  • Also, the company offers free delivery at some locations

Disadvantages of ordering from

  • The trust rate of the website is not very high
  • The company has not been able to attract significant traffic on the website
  • The website does not show any comments from the customers
  • Content on the website is copied from the other sites
  • Also, the social media links open the same website over and over again
  • The website does not mention any specific mode of payment

What are people saying about

When it comes to the legitimacy of the site, there are no valid proofs that can define the same.

There are no valid certifications that the website holds. Also, there are very less number of people who have shopped from the site. Plus, there are no customer reviews available, which decreases the chance of the website being legit.

There are no points that can prove the authenticity of the website.

Final verdict:

Since we got no clues of the site being worthy of trust, we do not recommend you to use it. 

There are very fewer chances of the site being genuine. No customer reviews also increase the levels of doubt. Facebook and Twitter page link are not more than useless. Once you click on them, you will repeatedly land on the main page of the website. 

Each point we noticed, no matter online or offline, we could not find valid shreds of evidence. Hence, at this stage, it becomes difficult for us to recommend this site to the readers.

If you find any further information, do share so that everyone can get benefitted.


    1. is it actually good? i was looking into buying a pool from here to but i feel it being kind of sketchy and i don’t know if i trust it?

    2. Hi Jedi,
      I just ordered a Intex Metal Frame pool from the website yesterday, but I have not received any order confirmation or shipping information yet. Even though the money was charged to my credit card account. I tried to call them but the number is no good. I am glad to see your comment. So this company is legit.

    3. Hi Jen,
      I just ordered a Intex Metal Frame pool from the website yesterday, but I have not received any order confirmation or shipping information yet. Even though the money was charged to my credit card account. I tried to call them but the number is no good. I am glad to see your comment. So this company is legit.

    4. What pool did you buy and how much cause that’s what I’m looking at? Did it come with everything. Pump liner skimmer ladder

    5. How do you contact them for any reason? I tried the phone number and it’s not in service, I emailed them a week ago and haven’t had a reply yet. I had a few questions but I cant get through to anyone

      1. I bought a pool May 3rd and still have not received it (it is now May 23rd) I emailed the email they provided when they sent me a conformation and it came back as invalid. So I called and that number was also no good. I emailed the email I found on whoever I sent the money to on PayPal and they responded with a tracking number and was told it would only take 10-15 days and still have not received it so I am still waiting…

    6. I just bought a trampoline a couple minutes ago on the website and i’m scared if it’s a scam

      1. It’s a scam. I bought a trampoline in April and it’s now June and they are no longer responding to my emails. Tracking information has not been updated since May 14. Do NOT buy anything from them.

    7. You said you received your item from them? How long did it take? What did the email consist of when you purchased it cause so far phone number, address has been fake and non working 😭

    8. do you have pictures? Showing proof of pool that you got.. i just ordered than begin to think about it.. hopefully I didn’t get scammed..

    9. I ordered a pool on 4/26/20 and I haven’t received it as of yet. Today is 5/19/20. I can’t imagine anyone getting it within several weeks with the way they report the shipping. It has so many channels to go through. However I will update all sites and tell you if I get a package and what is in the package…

  1. This company is a scam, the address being used belongs to another (legit) company. If you try and check out using paypal, it doesn’t list the business as the recipient of funds, it has payment going to “” Not trustworthy at all.

    1. Did the pool have everything it said it would have in box and do you mind if I ask what pool you got I want to get a pool just wanted to make sure before I do thank you

  2. I purchased something from them a couple days ago! They did send an email with order number and tracking! However when I got that email I noticed the shipping address was wrong on it ! So I have tried emailing the company about 18 times and emailing the pay pal link and also calling the phone number listed on their site which was on in service! I’m thinking it’s a scam and just lost out on 50$ which I’m going to try to dispute with the bank ASAP

  3. I just order 14ft trampoline enclosure also Basketball.It don’t have a shipping date and good contacts number to check on ur order.

  4. I would like to know if the website is legit and r the items quality stuff im looking to buy a 14ft trampoline and seems extremely cheap

  5. Did you really receive your order, my sons birthday and I used the last of his birthday moneynto purchase the pool he wanted he is 8. I just truly need to know!

  6. I had purchased a pool for $53.39 on 5-3-2020 and on the order online it shows up purchase date as being 3-5-2020. I also tried to call them but was unable to reach them as the phone number is No Longer in service and the address is not their correct address either. I know that it may not seem like a lot of money to some people but when you are disabled and live on a fixed income as I do it is a lot. Trying not to get to Hopeful about it, as they say, Lesson Learned!

  7. I purchased a pool. And ending transfer for payment was PayPal. Took a couple days to have an e mail sent to me with a tracking number .
    The tracking number works , it’s easily translated from Chinese to English.
    Said takes up to 25 days to ship. Did research that part is true typical ship time from China to America can take that long . I’m still waiting should be here within the week. All my e mails to them have been answered. Just funny the site has all products posted for 55 or 60 bucks . Watch the writing in the descriptions for pools. Sometimes it describes the pool in detail then says something like maintenance kit. Your buying the kit.

  8. I ordered a swimming pool, without knowing it would be coming from China. It was suppose to be here in 10 to 14 days, free shipping. It’s been 19 days and it’s still sitting in a Shanghai airport. I have a feeling I won’t have a swimming pool this summer. There’s no legitimate phone number to call. I will never order from this company again. I have to take some blame though oh, I didn’t research before I ordered.

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