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Are you among those who are looking for the best medical aids to protect themselves from infections and allergic elements? Go through the complete article to uncover hidden facts about

As the pollution levels are increasing in the environment, cases of allergies are also a hike. Many people among the population are reported to have allergies from several environmental factors. But when it comes to the security levels, there arise many questions. Is the brand legit or is Scam? Claiming a statement can be a difficult task until you have the complete knowledge of the brand.

People are becoming cautious and hence, are taking corrective measures to protect them from any outside infections. A brand, Freebuyes, has emerged in the United States, and it claims to provide customers with masks. Masks are the best precaution measure that acts as a wall between the person and the alien elements.

Go through the article and know all the minute details about the establishment. 

Is legit?

Is Freebuyes Masks Legit is the most critical question that arises when we hear of any new brand and plans to make purchases from it?

When we finished the research process about the brand, we were able to outline a few points. There is a mix of information we have gathered. On making a check on the authenticity of the website, we found that the site is new in the market.

It is advisable not to trust a website before it turns at least six months old. Hence, this was the most significant point to share. Also, the user’s information is not safe, as the website does not own any security systems.

Keeping in mind these points, we prefer not to recommend this site to the readers for making purchases.

What is is a newly introduced website. It specializes in dealing with medical products like the thermometer, gauge, face masks, other related items.

The brand claims to render excellent quality services to the customers. Furthermore, all the products listed on the website are available at reasonable prices. 

The web store promises to provide customers with considerable quality products. 

Let’s check out the proportion of truth and false in the statements made by the company.

Specifications of

  • Company website-  
  • Website type- provides medications and related items
  • Shipping time- within 24 Hours
  • Delivery time within 7 to 15 Days
  • Return policy- within 14 days of the delivery of the product
  • Exchange- not applicable to all products
  • Contact no.- +86 136 6600 1420 
  • Refund- done within 15 days
  • Mode of Payment- debit or credit card

Advantages of

  • Customers are open to choose from a variety of medical products
  • Prices set by the business offering are affordable by the people
  • Refund policy is made very easy for the users
  • Returns are also provided to the customers
  • Products are available at the most suitable costs

Cons of

  • Customers cannot track the progress of the product they have ordered
  • There is no cash on delivery option available for making payments
  • Delivery time may exceed the time mentioned on the website
  • Refunds also might get delayed

Customer reviews:

The company is recently introduced to the people, even though it is doing well. Many people have been seen praising the quality of the products offered.

But there is also another side of the reviews. Many customers exist who have disliked the quality of the services rendered by the website. Also, they have shown disappointment in the quality of the goods. 

Hence, the brand has got mixed customer reviews. A definite proportion of the users cannot be called happy or disappointed after the use of products.

Final verdict:

The website cannot be claimed as recommendable by us. 

After the researches, it came out that the site has more poor points and fewer good points. The website does not clarify the name of the person who owns it. Also, they do not have any social media handles. This point increases the chance of the brand being not authentic.

Furthermore, the brand does not have the security systems that protect the private information of the people coming forward to use it. This increases the chance of your card getting hacked. 

On this note, we would like to summarize the article as partially legit. 

However, we do not recommend readers to use the website for any shopping purposes.

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