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Geoghost Store Reviews [April] Is It Trust worthy Store

Geoghost Store Reviews [April] Is It Trust worthy Store

Geoghost Store Reviews [April] Is It Trust worthy Store -> A new online store offers you budget Knick Knacks. This post will tell you if it is worth your money.

Online stores with cute little Knick knacks offer us great gifting options. If you are like me and always struggle with gifts, then online stores are your best bet. 

This Geoghost Store Reviews will tell you about one such new online store that is offering. These products are perfect for anybody who is searching for gifts or somebody who wants budget furniture. 

Geoghost store sells and delivers to the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealandetc. As you read further into this review, you will get a thorough analysis of this online store. It will help you in understanding whether a purchase should be made from the site or not!

What is the Geoghost store? 

Geoghost is an online store that provides its customers with products such as pencil boxes, chairs, hair clips, cups, etc. Most of these items do not exceed the $20 mark and could make for perfect gifting options! 

The foldable chairs in its chair section could make for perfect camping or fishing companions. One even comes with a free refrigerator! May your drinks be cold, and you never run out of them while fishing. Read this post till the very end to find out Is Geoghost Store Legit

What kind of products are available on the Geoghost store? 

The store is divided into the following categories

  • Pens- these range from extravagant ink pens with stylish bodies to the regular ballpoint pens and one they call the funny rotating pen perfect for a spinning game. 
  • Pencil cases- you can purchase one for as low as $1. The selection ranges from the regular fabric boxes to the trendy unicorn 3d style boxes. This can be purchased for $9! 
  • Chairs- this section of mostly comprises of bean bags, foldable chairs, and chair covers. The $20 adjustable salon chair looks out of place in this section. 
  • Tape- a small variety of adhesive tapes are offered on the Geoghost store. There is nothing fancy about these. But you can get a double-sided adhesive tape for as low as $0.18. Isn’t that amazing? 
  • Scarfs- you will see printed, solid color, knitted, bandana’s, silk, and even cashmere scarfs. All of these are priced $2 to $3. It is disappointing that they haven’t mentioned the fabric quality on the printed scarfs. 
  • Clips- this section has trendy statement clips that you may have spotted in stores around you. These are priced anywhere between $1 to $2. You will like the pearl metal clip on Geoghost, pull your hair back with this clip with an all-black dress. 
  • Cups- this section offers a couple of foldable silicone cups along with sipper bottles for kids, silicone wine glasses, primitive wooden ones, and a set of 50 plastic cups. The portable silicone glasses look enticing! 

 Geoghost Store Scam? 

The most asked about a question regarding this site is Geoghost Store Scam? the below pointers will give you some clarity! 


  • One of the top ways to tell if a site is a scam or not is by checking if it has an SSL certificate. Geoghost does have one, ensuring that all your information is encrypted. 
  • The details of the company are complete with a phone number- +8615296908989. There is also an email id provided- So, in case of any queries or inquiries, you can easily reach out to them. 
  • The Geoghost online store has also provided an address- creative industrial park (green apple maker space), no. 115, north canal road, Hanjiang District, Yangzhou
  • They provide Worldwide shipping is offered. 
  • They provide precise details regarding each product. This is complete with close-ups as well as measurement details. 
  • The page has an “All rights reserved” issued by the company.


  • The categories, as well as the layout, is all mixed up. That could be blamed on it being recently set up. 
  • the products are limited, and similar can be found on other sites as well. 
  • The shipping details are incomplete. 
  • The social media page linked will take you to your own Facebook page.  
  • There are no customer reviews provided online or on the website. 

Final Verdict- 

The Geoghost Store does not sound like a scam, and you will find budget options in the categories it offers. If you see something, you like you can choose to make a purchase! 

Before doing so, ensure you have thoroughly read the pros and cons above. If you have purchased from this site, then share your reviews with us in the comments below.

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