The basic approach of Company is simple, but when it comes to its practical approach. The whole scenario becomes complicated. All our published posts are the outcome of well-researched pages. Due to which you will become confident about the product and services of that company that you were looking forward to buying. We have following editorial guidelines-

Being Honest With Our Perception

We do not write to criticize any brand or product. We stick to the viewpoint to provide you with fair reviews. And with this, we tell you what is right and wrong for you. However, giving unbiased reviews regarding all the products do not create any trust issues among the people.

Editorial Freedom

The content that we publish on the website is independent of the brand. After reading our post, you will get to know that our material is written to serve our readers and not to any brand.

If any brand wants us to do their promotion, we will suggest that they check out our entire process. And in this way, they will get to understand that we only display unbiased views to all our readers.

We emphasized more on having our editorial team, rather than putting up a lot of praises of that brand on our website.

Affiliation Based Reviewing System

Affiliation Programs are not only the source of income for all the buyers. In fact, out of hundreds of reviews, you will tend to see that only 70% percent of the company has affiliation links

We do not pressurize our readers to go for any particular brand to increase our profits. Instead, we offer our viewpoints that are based on facts and perspectives.

Precise Information

We only trust our readers and well-known websites to share relevant information with all the readers. Our editorial team with utmost care while talking about the researched service and product.

When it comes to providing health and money-related information, we always take the side of the expert panel in the medical and financial sectors. We know it very well that any irrelevant information can turn out to be bad for you.

Though the world has many people who write about various things, however, only a few can get recognition in the world.

Quality Check And Analysis

All our articles go through the quality check and analysis before posting it on the website. Hence, we go to multiple levels of the checking process. The company complies with all the industrial standards and sees what is in favor of every reader. The editorial team first reviews every post, and then it gets published on the website.

In case one brand contacts us if they want us to change any outdated information on the website, we immediately reply to them and update all the correct information in the reviewed post.

Guidelines For Review

What are the motives behind reviews?

  • To give them the best services and products.
  • To make an excellent sized reader community.
  • To give our readers a helpful tip.
  • To make them aware of all sorts of scams and fraudulent acts.

What kind of review post will you find on the website?

  • Online Service Providers
  • Online Income Opportunities
  • Online Software
  • Healthcare Products
  • Real Estate companies
  • Home decor products and services
  • Garden decoration products and services
  • Financial services
  • Health Products
  • Electronic Products
  • Beauty Products

What are the features of a good review post?

  • The post should have a well-formatted content. That constitutes different small paragraphs.
  • The content should not have any grammatical errors and spelling errors.
  • The content should contain proper detailing of all the information.
  • The content should be so indulging that it arouses the interest of the reader.
  • The prime focus of the writer is to solve the problem of the reader.
  • All the facts and information shared on the post should be accurate.
  • Sharing personal experience proves to be more impactful on the reader.

What kind of content results in the poor review post?

  • All the content should not contain any hatred or wrong information.
  • The content should not have a hint of plagiarism in it.
  • The promotional reviews for monetary benefits only take away your potential readers from you. As eventually, later on, they will get to know that you were fooling them.
  • The content focuses on your self motive interest.
  • I am trying to give a boost to the rating by hiring third party services.

What do we have to prevent you from giving negative experience?

We accept negative experiences that are based on real examples.

However, we appreciate your interest in making things correct. We try to give you the relevant solution to the problem. If you are posting more reviews about the company, your post should have more facts and insights into that customer support team.

Always remember that your wrong information will lead to legal complications.

Can remove reviews?

Yes, we can remove a few reviews if they are not meeting up with our guidelines. If so, the reviewer wants us to remove the post.

We do not tend to remove the post because few companies do not like any consumer to post a review on their product. We understand that every customer has a right to post a report on the website.

Does our company review each submitted review on the website?

Every reviewer needs to follow specific steps of instruction before reviewing the website. They need to register themselves and verify their email id. All the reviews submitted by the user are correctly read and analyzed by the team. If they do not give us the verified email ID, then their submitted review will not get published on the website.

The dedicated team members give a reasonable amount of time in reviewing every posted to make the verified post. Their efforts give genuine, informative posts along with the sets of guidelines.

Furthermore, we can take over almost six to seven business days to get your information published on the website.

Does edit their submitted reviews before publishing them on the website?

We come across only a few instances when we need to publish our reviews on the website. It often happens that our team might notice the obscenity in the content, and they happen to censor it. They can replace your few words with more familiar names that might not sound too bad.

All the content submitted by the reviewer is not 100% error-free. We may found few instances of poor grammar in shared user written reviews. So, in that case, also our team checks and publishes the content. The team proofread all the material before putting them on the site.

However, our team never changes the main crux and idea of the post.

Do you never publish a few kinds of reviews on your panel?

The answer to the question is Yes. We do not publish those reviews which do not comply with our guideline standards. We put more effort into providing you with an accurate and relevant picture. We put more emphasis on giving you a precise and actual view.

We love to publish our customers’ viewpoints, whether positive or negative reviews, that comply with all the industrial standards. All the content is based on facts.

Every reviewer must have a registered account and verified mailing address. The user will get an activated link on a system generation message. If we fail to check the email link, then the user will not be able to publish the review on the panel.

Let us explain it to you in a broader way. Here, we are listing out a few of the reasons why we do not publish your reviews.

Reason 1: Customers are not required to post their reviews and viewpoints on the products and services if they have never used the services.

According to our guidelines, the customer must have used services and products before posting their reviews on the website. So they must purchase that product. We can’t count users as eligible for a useful review unless and until people have reviewed this product. As many times we noticed that the reviewer had not used the product. Neither he has used these products, nor ordered the product.

We do, of course, appreciate our users’ moves to give us precious time and post their review on it. But due to some valid reasons, we will not be able to publish them.

Their reviews are also valid when they have purchased the product but cannot use them for some reason. In some cases, it happens that users tend to order the product, but it never gets delivered to their places due to customer service issues, billing, and shipping concerns.

Such scenarios help the users to share their viewpoints and experiences with the people.

Reason 2: Reviews are inappropriate

As we have stated, we analyze every posted review before putting them on the website. We sometimes receive inappropriate content. Hence we remove those published reviews.

In many cases, we can quickly get to know the central motif of the user. Of course, there is something amiss in the whole situation. Also, many review posts are not easy to understand and sometimes are considered to be inappropriate. And hence our reviewing team avoids publishing such content.

We assure you that we always try our level best to give you the best support. We value your time and understand the importance of posted reviews. Hence, every time it does nor go like this.

Reason 3: Posting Through a Third Party Or Behaving As Consumer

We avoid publishing those reviews that come from the third party. We found it as a lame way to go out of the high competition. As we have seen, many business people use these unethical ways, like publishing negative comments on the website to make the consumers against them. We are not against the unhappy customers who are posting truthful viewpoints on the site, but instead, we are not in favor of hiring third parties and asking them to act like customers. We avoid welcoming large amounts of fake positive reviews that are published on the website to avoid stiff competition.

As the negative remarks about any particular brand by the fake customer increment, indirectly affect the core value of We mainly put the prime focus on giving you the relevant information and are totally against such people who try to uplift or break down the image of any particular brand.

Our reviewer team never supports such people who try to give fake reviews by using the proxy server. And therefore, we always make sure that they will never get published. We strive to provide the answer to all the questions to the customer on the individual case basis. We will go to any level to distinguish the fake reviews from the genuine one.

Reason 4: No Tolerance to fake comments

We are not in favor of publishing inauthentic reviews on the website. Our company will devote a reasonable amount of time to analyze every verified user. Every user needs to follow certain norms and conditions before becoming the authenticated user. Before publishing their viewpoint, we mail them the activation link on their user ID and get the confirmation mail from them in return.

This is our way to safeguard our every authentic and genuine user. Not only this, but we also have the criteria to check all the content manually before publishing them. Meanwhile, we also sometimes get some non-discoverable information about that particular thing. Due to which we remove that specific review from the review post to avoid the fraudulent user content.

One should always remember that posting fake reviews on the website is not at all acceptable activity. We always look forward to stopping such activities, and therefore we continuously upgrade our technology at regular intervals of time.

Reason 5: Posting the second post on the same product is not at all acceptable

As per our guidelines, we do not allow second posts on the same product from the single user. In case the user wants to make specific changes in his existing position. He can easily do so. We give access to all the users where they can log in to the registered account and see the complete list of posted reviews. Moreover, one can easily update and see the desired content. Furthermore, you will also get the opportunity to update the title of the study, give star ratings, and see the content of the posted review.


As an Gadgetlite.Com team, our prime focus is to give accurate and genuine information to all our beloved readers and make them aware of all the facts and figures. Each day, we tend to observe a new experience as we learn new things about it. However, we do not assure you of 100% authenticity. Besides, we try to control as many fake reviews, commercial reviews, and submissions of non-genuine theories from our end as we can do so.

Henceforth, Gadgetlite.Com has the full power not to allow any content to be published on the website, who does not comply with all the rules and regulations compiled by the company. They do not publish those content, which appears to be a fake one and offers no message to all the readers. You can reread this whole page before the submission of your review over For any further information or query, please write to us on admin@gadgetlite{dot}com.