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Is Aoilshop Scam or Legit {April} Read Aoilshop Reviews

Is Aoilshop Scam or Legit

Is Aoilshop Scam or Legit {April} Read Aoilshop Reviews -> In this article you will read if this online store is scam or legit.

Who doesn’t like to be sure about an online store before buying from it? How safe is it to buy from Check out further about its pros and cons to know more.

Online shopping is so much easier and convenient. But what if the site is unreliable? Nobody likes to be a victim of a scam site. Aoilshop being a new website, we found it important to share the Aoilshop Reviews with those who love to shop. 

Being a United States based company; it has attracted several reviews from its customers from US and Canada. These reviews certainly answer to the question ‘Is a scam?’

Aoilshop doesn’t look bad when you surf it. However, after going through the site thoroughly and considering all the reviews, it seems to be non-recommendable. Therefore, it is advisable to not share personal information with Aoilshop.Com.

Read below to know the reason why.

What is Aoilshop?

With a goal “to provide amazing products at amazing prices”, is a United States based online shopping store. They claim to provide some unique products which certainly are best suited for book nerds. 

Aoilshop declare in their ‘AboutUs’ page that they have partnered with global merchants and artisans to provide the best delivery services and products. 

They have following categories on their page:

  • Home Products
  • Active Play
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Carpets and Rugs
  • Kids Bike
  • Kids Playhouses
  • Playsets
  • Trampoline

Although they tried their best but they lack at some points which do not make them look genuine. Keep reading to know if it is an Aoilshop scam

Who is it suitable for?

Unlike what they have mentioned in their ‘About Us’ page, the website seems to be suitable for all the parents. Being a parent, it becomes their responsibility to fulfill the demands of their kids to keep them happy. This site undoubtedly fulfills the criteria of providing everything at one place. 

There are several good and bad sides of everything. So does this website has.


  • Original collection of products
  • Worldwide shipping available 
  • Return shipping is free
  • Refund can be claimed on all the items which are returned by the customers.


  • Once the orders are arranged for deliveries, there is no option to cancel the order.
  • The ‘About Us’ page is entirely copied from the other websites.
  • The owner information is missing making it a non-legitimate site.
  • ‘Too Good to Be True’/ low prices result in non-filing of complaints by the customers.
  • The content and images are plagiarized.
  • No security measures are present on their website. In fact, it’s easy for hackers to exploit the data of people using this website.
  • The new trend of online payment make such scam sites to work for a longer duration. The payments once made online through PayPal or similar apps are not then the responsibility of the company. Hence, it becomes easier to play the scam-game.


  • Payment:
    There are only 3 modes of payment used by Aoil Shop i.e., Credit Card( Master and VISA), Bank Transfer and Western Union.
  • Shipping:
    It takes around 7-12 days for the order to get delivered. If it gets delayed, the customer is free to drop a mail to the company.
  • Cancellation:
    The order sent out for delivery cannot be cancelled. The orders can be cancelled only if they are not sent out for delivery by the company.
  • Refund:
    The customers can return their products for no reason within 14days after the purchase.

What are the reviews?

The products are reviewed by the customers in the section right below the products they had purchased.

One of the reviewers who purchased the buccanner boat playset wrote that her six kids couldn’t stand the functionality of the product.

While the same product got the review from another person mentioning how much her three kids love the product and play together with it. 


Online shopping is convenient. However, not all of us have a good experience in it. 

Even though, the Aoil Shop has some angry customers but is not a bad site to shop on. Providing excellent products with great customer services, this website is working well for its customers. 

The aforesaid information about the company is what will help you now to make a smart decision whether to make or not to make a purchase from

And if you have purchased anything from here, do share your experience in the comments section.


  1. I’ve been scammed by Aoilshop as well. I bought a playset for $115.6 including tax, but they charged my credit card for $136.7 under a weird name (Adfund). It’s been 20 days and I’ve not heard from them; not even a single email. I found this company through facebook marketplace and I thought it’s legit, but nothing except SCAM. Shame on facebook to allow scammers advertise on its website.

    1. I did the same thing!! I bought two play set for total of 259! I feel like such a fool for falling for this but I as well saw this on fb and belived it was legit. I checked on the status and it says it is being shipped (Ready to be delieveed to containers) yes spelled exactly like that (marine container transportation 25-45 days) is the last thing it says but i see it also says theres no refunds after 45 days so yes I do feel like this is going to be a scam for sure my son was so excited

      1. The ñy changed their email address the first one i sent a message to and my emaiñ got returned as not a valid email, checked today and its now saying that my email and or password is wrong! I cant wven log into my account!!! Definitely a scam and wish i would have read more about this company before “giving” them $130

  2. I have been scanned too because I bought my kids a playset off there and I have reserved my order yet


  3. We ordered a playset a few days ago. The status is still pending. After reading these reviews Im worries now..Has anyone gotten their stuff?

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