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is Goinfine Com Legit [May] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

is Goinfine Com Legit

is Goinfine Com Legit [May] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> In this post, you will find out everything about a website that sells jewellery at low prices.

Do you love jewellery? If yes, then you would definitely find it appealing to know, is Goinfine Com legit and if they come with cheap price tags.

Jewellery costs very high in the United State and is out of budget for most citizens. Therefore, many websites offer jewellery at discounts.

Goinfine is one of those websites that sell jewellery at low prices. However, is Goinfine Com legit

In order to clarify this doubt, we have made a complete review of the Goinfine Website. After reading this review, you will have no doubts left about this e-commerce website.

Is Goinfine Legit?

Before shopping from any website, a smart shopper should always question if the website is legit.

Goinfine is SSL protected, so all of your transactions will be safe. It provides all the contact information that every e-commerce site should have. 

However, it does not have an ‘About Us’ page where it should give a little detail about its background.

It started just two months ago. Therefore, it does not have a big customer base who can assure that the website is legit. Furthermore, Goinfine has some negative remarks that it still needs to justify.

What is Goinfine?

Goinfine is an e-commerce website that sells women’s jewellery. Every product has a different design to satisfy different customers. 

It neatly categorizes its products so that customers would find it easy to shop. The categories include Jewellery, Collections, Accessories, and Lifestyle.

However, it does not give any information about its background. Thus, it is hard for customers to trust and connect with it. 

Why is Goinfine Unique?

Goinfine sells jewellery that matches the taste of modern women. It helps women bring out their personality in a subtle way. 

It has jewellery of all types such as necklace, rings, earrings, etc. Each jewellery is elegant and appealing to the eye. It is tempting to look at the simple beauty of the design again and again.

Some products have positive customer reviews, while others don’t have any. It indicates that those products were never bought. 

This is probably because the website is a new one and does not have any large and regular customer base. 

Specifications of Goinfine:

  • Product: Jewellery
  • Delivery time: 5-9 business days
  • Return: Applicable within seven days after delivery 
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Email:
  • Phone: (862) 579-1461
  • Return Address: 7619 Pekoe Way, Sacramento, CA 95828 United States

Pros of Goinfine:

  • You can choose from many designs
  • It sells all types of jewellery
  • You can apply for return and refund
  • You can buy the products at cheap rates
  • You can easily navigate the website
  • You can subscribe to their email to get notifications of new offers

Cons of buying from Goinfine:

  • PayPal is the only payment option
  • The time given to return the product is short
  • Some categories do not have any products
  • Delivery can take longer than a week sometimes.
  • The products in every category look the same.

Customer Reviews on Goinfine:

Goinfine is a new website, and it started just two months ago. However, just in these two months, Goinfine has received negative remarks.

It has a customer rating mechanism on the website. Most of the items have 4-5 stars and positive reviews about the product. However, it is not completely wise to rely on these reviews.

It does not mention any policy of exchanging the product, which is a bit disappointing for the customers.

Some customers have claimed on other websites that they have never received the product that they ordered. Furthermore, their money was never refunded.

Therefore, it has not gained any authority or trust from the customers.

Final Verdict:

There are many scammers on the internet who start a website, take people’s money, and disappear. Therefore, it is not wise to shop from a website without doing a cross-check. 

It is usually common to fall for websites that sell jewellery at cheap rates. They always look like a once in a lifetime opportunity that we should not miss. But the websites that sell products on such a high discount are usually a scam.

Goinfine didn’t even complete six months since it started. Even though it follows all the prerequisites of a legit website, it still does not qualify as trustworthy. 

Hence, we recommend you to stay away from it.

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