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Is Hairdoy Legit [May 2020] – Think Before Buying Here!

Is Hairdoy Legit 2020

Is Hairdoy Legit [May 2020] – Think Before Buying Here! >–> This website consists of a range of hair accessories, beauty gifts, Petites, and home gift items.

Are you looking or searching for “Is Hairdoy Legit for all users or not? Well, you have landed the right place to read the entire article and get your answers here.

Hairdoy website offers various beauty gifts, petite collection of dresses for women, hair accessories, home decor items, etc. It has multivariate options for its customers, so the focus does not appear to be any one single thing.

May be doing more business is their plan. However, not many reviews are available and hardly any with positive feedbacks. So relying on the site is also dicy for the price range of $ 50 and above for every product. 

It provides deliveries to the UK mainland, Republic of Ireland, and a few more regions; but, nothing mentioned about the United State. 

Adding the postal code will probably give more clarity if the website delivers to the region or not precisely.

What is the Hairdoy website?

This Hairdoy Reviews offers an exciting collection of DIY, furniture, crockery items, home and garden decor things, a petite selection of dresses, and a range of hair accessories. They aim to help in making customers design and curate their own independent, stylish homes with their created small accessories. 

From a range of decor items like scented candles and planters to hanging wall plates, etc. All look amazing and beautiful. However, the quality cannot be assured only through pictures though they claim to be providing worth the price products.

But talking about the online reviews of Hairdoy, there aren’t many available. Even the ones which do exist online are claiming the site to be scammers.

They are probably using a paid contact details which appear to be showing on several other websites too. So the reliability of this site is at stake until the website opts any clarification way.

More specifications of Hairdoy website:

  • Website type- It offers different hair accessories, beauty gift items, Petites, and some home items like some crockery pieces, planters, word art, etc.
  • Shipping time- It might take 3-10 days for deliveries within the UK mainland, excluding holidays. However, deliveries to other regions can take longer than anticipated.
  • Shipping charge- It is charged as per the country and is free within the UK mainland, although net day delivery is chargeable. 
  • Exchange- No information available
  • Return- Return and refund are applicable after conditions apply. A return authorization number generated by contacting the website post that returns can process. Even then return, and original shipping has to be paid by the customer.
  • Contact details of the website-
  • Phone# +12563695004
  • Address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • A form also pops up, and a person can try reaching them by entering the details. 
  • Payment- Online using any cards, and other online wallets like Paypal, etc.

Is Hairdoy legit or not?

Hairdoy Reviews Website does not make it appear complete fraud due to the presence of contact details. 

However, looking at the price range of $ 50 to $ 70 for almost all the products raises concerns. The doubts do appear if it is legit or not. 

Besides that, the contact also seems to be either paid or not reachable, although you can achieve guaranty only after risking order to waiting for more reviews.

What are the positives of shopping from the Hairdoy website? 

  • It has exciting hair accessories collection, along with home decor items and dresses for women all under one portal.
  • It ships free within the UK.

What are the cons of shopping from the Hairdoy website?

  • No clarity about the exchange of the product is provided during size issues.
  • A COD option is not available anywhere, so you have to pay online before getting the product.
  • A return shipping and original shipping has to be paid by the customer.
  • Minimal reviews are available online, so the credibility remains dicey.

A Concluding worthy note:

The Hairdoy Reviews website offers several hair accessories and dresses to attract the female customers, and decor items might land up more customers to the site. But with not so secure payment gateway, this site does not seems to be safe.

It evidently displays contact details, but that appears not authentic and instead might have been some paid details. Hence, the site is not legit as per the details we reviewed.

Hairdoy reviews are too little to take a call for it being legit. Further, with mostly negative reviews, this portal is certainly under doubt.


  1. I find these sections of their “Return Policy” to be an indication to avoid them;

    -Removed by poster to save space.-
    (b) the returned product is unused, in its original unopened packaging (with any seal or shrink-wrap intact), with any labels still attached, and otherwise in a condition enabling us to sell the product as new.

    How often to you return an unopened item??
    That one statement alone, makes purchasing from them a gamble.

  2. YOU ARE SCAM ARTISTS!! I placed my order 9 days ago and I have not received any info about my order, as of today 5/8/2020. I’ve even sent emails to Customer Service AND the sellers with NO REPLY. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT THE PRICES WERE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! If you are a scam please just tell me and I’ll count my loses. If I don’t receive my merchandise I’ll never use you again anyway so what do you have to lose. Can you tell me why Customer Service (If it really is that) tells me that once they receive the tracking info they’ll forward it to me??? Unbelievable…

  3. Do not buy from this Hairdoy .com website I was scammed out of 55 dollars for a set of Wahls hair clippers .After multiple attempts of requesting a refund it has been 2 weeks since my order and no answers yet to this situation . The phone number and address they have listed is not theirs. Just trying to warn others ..Do Not Buy anything from this website

  4. I also realize that I have been scammed. I, too, paid $55 plus tax and shipping for a set of Wahls clippers. I should have known that the price was too goo to be true. I contacted PayPal and now will open a fraud complaint with my credit card company.


  5. Do NOT buy from them. I was scammed out of $59.99 for an Oster clipper. I ordered on May 5th and received a package from them on Friday, May 29th… 3 disposable masks!

  6. Yes, I was the victim with the Wahl hair clippers scam too, after 4 weeks sent me 3 NK95 masks, when asked for refund, the paypal holder for this website Zhou PengWei said I have to be responsible for shipping cost of the masks from China, which is 40%. Now I found out I am not the only victim. We need to bring down this scam website!

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