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Is Homeandmart Legit or Scam – Read Reviews [April 2020]

Is Homeandmart Legit or Scam

Is Homeandmart Legit or Scam – Read Reviews [April 2020] -> Read this review to get clarity on an online personal care e-commerce site.

If you are searching for sites that are selling toilet paper, thermometers and products help in sanitizing hands and surfaces when out. You may have come across the Homeandmart online store. It is currently trading in the United States

To find out what all this online store has to offer then you must read this Homeandmart Reviews till the very end. Will we also explore commonly thought and asked about questions such as is this site a scam or legit? Where all do, they deliver? Is it safe to purchase from this site? 

What is Home and mart? What products are available on this site? 

You will have seen new websites popping up each day and selling sanitizing and protective gear online. So, are they trying to make big bucks out of the current scenario? Home and mart is an online e-commerce site that is currently selling personal care products. These range from thermometers and hand sanitizers to sanitizing alcohol wipes etc. there are clear product categories and give you a detailed description of each product. 

The about us section of the site talks about being a leading expert for procuring gadgets and other products for guys all in one place. This is confusing, as most of the products are connected to personal care. So, is Home and Mart Legit

A little bit about the products available on this site- 

Hand Sanitizer- Priced at $27.99 for a 500ML worth of merchandise. They mention the concoction of the product, which is 75% alcohol, deionized water, glycerine, propylene glycol, tocopherol or vitamin E and strawberry extract. 

Wet Wipes- these are alcohol wipes that range from $11.99 to $55.96. the site allows purchase in bulk! They mention that each jar/packet consist of about 88 wipes. They can effectively kill various pathogens and protect you from catching any diseases. 

Toilet paper- this section of home and mart online store only offers product from one brand. You can get ten rolls for $32.99 and two-ply to provide you comfort when used.

Thermometers and gloves- the thermometers offered are digital and are available both as oral as well as no-touch. The gloves are disposable, available in PVC and Nitrile latex materials. 

Is Home and Mart Scam? 

Being a smart shopper is always advised when purchasing online, so its essential to do a background check! Since it is a relatively new website in the market, people often ask Is Home and Mart Scam? Read the pointers below to get clarity.

  • The website has an SSL certificate, which is a good sign! This certificate ensures all your information is protected and cannot be used by a third party. 
  • The product details appear to be precise. 
  • Every product is divided into categories which makes it easy for a user to make purchases. Nothing is jumbled up. 

The contact us section mentions an email id- However, there is no mention of a phone number. 

  • Home and mart online stores shipping section shows that they deliver worldwide except some Asian countries. They take anywhere between 8-10 days to read in the US and 15-20 days to other countries. There is no mention of a shipping fee though. 
  • Accept all major modes of online payment. They accept visa cards, master cards, American express and pay pal.
  • The returns section provides steps to follow to get an easy return. 
  • There are no customer reviews regarding any of the products or the website available online. 

To conclude, while the Home and Mart site may not sound anything like a scam, it clearly lacks any transparency. In terms of phone numbers and who set it up. Such information is something a new customer usually searches for to analyze before making a purchase. They also do not provide any address. This may make returns very difficult! Could all these problems be because the site is new in the market? 

Purchasing from this site is easy, and you will not face any difficulty. If you are ordering from outside of the United States, then you must fill out the correct address. 

Final Verdict- 

Given the current scenario, it has become essential to have personal care products such as hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes and even gloves handy. But before doing so, ensure you have done a thorough analysis of the site. We hope the above pointers have given you clarity regarding this new site. 

If you have purchased from Home and Mart, then do share your experience with other readers and us in the comments below. 


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