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Is Protestjobs.Com Legit [June] Is It Safe to Buy?

Is Protestjobs.Com Legit 2020

Is Protestjobs.Com Legit [June] Is It Safe to Buy? -> In this article, we are checking if a job site that is about protests and protesters is legit or scam.

Are you looking for a job? Today we will find out Is Protestjobs.Com Legit or scam. As we all know that there are many online jobs available on the internet nowadays, but not all the posts are genuine.

Furthermore, more and more people want to work from home today as it has numerous benefits. For example, saving money and saving their precious time and energy. Work from home has its advantages like the time taken to travel to your office is saved, money is saved on commute. Finally, you don’t need to follow a routine, and you can work with flexibility.

Protestjobs.Com is a new online platform for finding jobs, and it has got a decent review in the United State.

So let’s check out the specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews of in detail:

What is Protestjobs?

Protestjobs help people in their protest campaign. If you want to protest against any political parties or issues, this site will help you out. All you need to do is, first of all, signup on protest jobs. Then supply money to this site after that Protestjobs help you connect with professional protesters. Moreover, this site has a network of professional protesters and protest organizers. They use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to provide you with the best match.

There are also different packages available on the site which you can buy according to your preferences.

Specifications of Protestjobs:

  • Name of the website –

Pros of Protestjobs:

  • Secured and organized pay for all protesters using secret Bitcoin currency.
  • Variety of different packages available 
  • EZ riot available at dollar ninety-nine
  • Most popular and best value protest package available at dollar one twenty-nine
  • Mega protest value gives the best options from EZ riot and best value protest

Cons of Protestjobs:

  • Contact number is not given on the website 
  • Email address is not available on the website 
  • The physical address of the website is missing
  • The HTTP protocol does not protect the site 
  • Not a secure place to make money transactions 
  • There is no guarantee that your personal information will be safe on this site.

Customer Reviews:

There are various customer reviews about this site. Many consumers had a good experience, and they are saying Protestjobs is legit on the other hand some customers are complaining that this is a scam and they were cheated. Furthermore, the customers assert that there a massive investment in time, and money was wasted on this site.

So is real?

Some of the satisfied customers wrote that they earned a considerable amount of money by investing in the site, and it was beneficial. For example, one customer said that she could supplement her trust fund income from this site. Also, she earned dollars more than nine thousand by working on only three protests in a year. Another customer said that he was a broke college student, but now he protests professionally and earns over a dollar seven thousand in a week.

As for the negative reviews, some of the customers are complaining that it is a scam and they never got their money back.

We also looked at some review websites that claim that this is a fake site and there is no such thing as paid liberal protesters. Besides these websites claim that the testimonials of various customers given on the site are fake. The pictures of the clients are also faux and have been pasted on the website from stock photos.


After analyzing all the pros, cons, and specifications of Protestjobs we came to the conclusion that this may be a scam. As few websites and consumers are complaining about the ethnicity of the site. Also, no email address and contact information are available on the site.

Therefore if you are looking for genuine work from home job or you want to protest on political issues. Hence it is advisable that before investing your hard-earned money here you do thorough research.

You can check out the reviews of this site on various trusted websites on the internet like Web Of Trust.


And if you use protestjobs make sure to leave a review on the internet since this will be of great help to people who are interested in different types of protests.

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