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Is Umluxe com Legit {June} – Is This A Legitimate Website?

Is Umluxe com Legit 2020

Is Umluxe com Legit {June} – Is This A Legitimate Website? -> This article provides information on a newly launched webstore for women.

Do you know about the latest online stores that sell women apparel? One of them is, a web store that sells women clothing online. It is the latest site that is hardly popular. And, to know Is Umluxe com Legit or not, we are giving you the information collected for this store.

This article will provide you with details of the new website and help the customers judge an online store whether to shop from it or not. This store for women apparel is from the United States and keeps a variety of products for women to buy. Is the site reliable, and can it be trusted for spending your hard-earned money, online?

Before spending his money on the webstore, it becomes essential for the buyer to check the authenticity of a website. Thus, here we have provided you with reviewsto be analyzed by the customer who wants to spend online.

Is Umluxe com Legit?

Whether to shop from a newly launched webstore, it becomes crucial for the buyer to know its legitimacy. Here we will tell you about the authenticity of this new site after careful analysis.

It is a website which was launched around 74 days ago and is not at all popular till date. To know Is Umluxe com Legit keep on reading to know more.

It has a low trust among customers as can be judged from the information available for the webstore on various sites. The life of the website is concise and has no presence on social media. The webstore is from the United States and has no reviews available on the internet, maybe due to low customer strength.

What is

Umluxe is a website that sells women apparel like maxi dresses, print tops, shirts, bottoms and accessories for women. It has a good range of products available, and the price range is also reasonable. The shipping charges are acceptable and return policy is 14 days.

The shipping speed is good, but the return procedure is not very appealing as the customer has to send the product back himself. There is no reverse pick up.

Also, no returns are available for swimwear, jewellery, and beauty items. Sale items are not returnable as well. Mode of payment is PayPal.

For contacting the company, an address and phone number are there on the United States website. But the contact address seems to be a residential one.

Specifications of

  • Website type – Online store for women
  • Shipping Fee – $4.99
  • Shipping speed – Within 24 hours
  • Returns – Accepted within 14 days
  • Country – United States
  • Contact Address – 2702, Cindy, Big Spring, TX 79720
  • Contact Person – Candice Contreras
  • Email ID –
  • Phone – 813 239 7592
  • Mode of Payment – PayPal
  • Social media – Nil

Pros of buying from

  • A wide variety of clothes for women
  • Shipping fee is acceptable
  • Shipping speed is good

Cons of buying from

  • A newly built webstore
  • Returns policy is not appealing
  • Mode of payment is only one
  • No customer feedback available
  • Nil social media presence

What Customers are Saying about

A customer review is essential for a website or e-store to be successful. But for Umluxe Reviews, we could not find any reviews online except for a youtube feedback. The feedback tells about fake products that are present on the website, and when you use the search button, it does not work.

One can himself check that the social media icons shown on the website are genuinely fake. When you click on them, it just opens the respective social media website and no page of the company.

All this points out the illegitimacy of the website and forces us to believe that it cannot be trusted to shop on this site.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we can finally say that the website is not trustworthy enough to be used for shopping online. After knowing the facts now, it is clear that it is a new site and has no customer strength available. The address that is there on the website also looks fake. 

The return policy is also not much acceptable, as certain products are not returnable. The search button does not work, and false social media icons are present on the website. Has no feedback or reviews available till now and hence can be called a potentially scam site.

I suggest the customers, look for other legit stores available online and then spend your money.

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