Jive Mini Pods Instructions {REVIEW} PROOF-It Is Not Scam

Jive Mini Pods Instructions

Jive Mini Pods Instructions {REVIEW} PROOF-It Is Not Scam -> This article is for those who are looking for a powerful and affordable set of wireless ear phones.

Have you ever gone for a morning jog with earphones on? Did you wish that the wires of the earphones were gone? How often have you kept adjusting the buds while exercising or bending?

These are some of the common problems we face when we use our ear phones for a long time.

I myself have got irritated tapping my earphones in frequently for preventing them from falling. In summers when we perspire, this action is repetitive and agonizing as the buds keep slipping off. Sometimes, I thank god that they had wires attached to them.

What if our ear phones were both wireless and moisture resistant?

Here, I am going to discuss Jive Mini Pods Instructions.

Introducing, ‘Jive Mini Pods’, an extremely light weight pair of ear phones, which are getting highly popularized, in the United States and Canada.

Presently, Limited Stocks are Available With Free Shipping at an Exclusive Offer of 50% DISCOUNT with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for ensuring a complete Satisfaction Guarantee among customers.

So, what are you waiting for? 

What is Jive Mini Pods?

Jive Mini Pods are wireless ear phones which can sync with your smart phone of any kind. Once, it’s synchronized with your phone, you can 

  • play music,
  •  answer calls and 
  • manage sounds 

just by tapping on the side of the ear pod. 

The built is robust and won’t break easily like other ear pods in the market. When Jive mini pods are charged fully through their USB charging unit, then it can work for 30 hours till it’s next recharge.

Who’s this for?

This product is designed keeping in mind our current lifestyle. People mostly plug in their ear phones in order to keep their hands free and focus well on their present doing. Ear plugs shun off the outside noise pollution and help maintain mental calmness.

So, jive mini pods are meant for all. They are light in weight. Performance wise, no other contemporary product can beat it’s sound quality. 

The pods are moisture resistant, so whether you sweat or drench in the rain, they will remain stuck to your ears till voluntarily removed.

The long lasting 30 hours battery life ensures an entire day haul without worrying about charging them every now and then. 

So, you can maintain your work schedules without worrying about the product much.

Benefits of using Jive Mini Pods,

The mini pods are quaint in size and shaped in a manner that they fit every single ear. Their light weight ensures that you don’t end up in strained organs after wearing the pods all day long.

Since they are sweat resistant, there is no fear of the pods slipping off the ears. You can do your regular workouts, walks and jogs without worrying about them falling off and losing.

Charge your jive mini pods in it’s holder itself in the night while you are sleeping, to get a fresh refreshing start in the morning with your favorite song. Do not worry, it won’t run out of charge for the next 30 hours.

You can take your calls throughout the day without touching your phone and play music the way you like only by gently tapping on the side of the ear phones.


  • These wireless Jive Mini Pods support the latest Bluetooth 5.0. 
  • Till 10 meters of distance the reception between your ear pods and phone will stay strong.
  • The ear pods are moisture resistant, which means they defy sweat as well as water.
  • A small LED indicator indicates the charging status of the ear pods.
  • The ear pod charging case has a 6000mAh battery and is adept with a quick charge 3.0 technology.
  • As discussed above a single charge lasts till 30 hours, which is amazing.

How exactly does Jive Mini Pods work?

Here, are a few essential Jive Mini Pods Instructions,

Firstly, the mini pods are to be kept in the case for a full charging. Once, it’s charged fully, it can be connected to your smart phone through Bluetooth and then used for the entire day till the charge lasts.

A wise tip, if you don’t require both the pods at a time to be plugged into your ears and can manage with only one then the other one can be kept for charging. So, using the pods alternately can extend the hours of workability.

How to Use Jive Mini Pods?

There’s no rocket science in using jive mini pods. Simply get it charged through the case, which holds them and has it’s own charging port. Then, switch the pods on with help of the button placed on the ear pods itself.

Then start the Bluetooth on your phone. Your phone will automatically detect and get connected to the ear pods. That’s it! Your job is done. After that you can use the jive ear phones all day long for managing calls and music.

At any point in time, one can check the charge of the pods through the LED indicator or from the phone itself.

What makes Jive Mini Pods better than the other options?

The first and foremost advantage that comes in my mind is the affordability of Jive mini pods. Get up to 50% OFF on booking now.

The sound quality can vouch for itself. The clarity is unmatched and there is absolutely no deflection of sound outside. So, it’s only you who is using your jive mini pods and not others.

Apart from this, it has an edge over other air pods in terms of ‘hold’ and stability.

People’s Say,

Jive Mini Pods are a market scavenger now. It’s a tough competition to it’s competitors and can only be raved about. So, here are a few happy stories,

“Since the time, I am using Jive mini pods; my life has changed as an aerobics trainer. I am able to exercise elegantly without my ear pods falling off and it helps me stay connected throughout the day along with playing music.” – Jane

“I have tried a number of wireless and wired ear phones before but astonishingly, this half priced product is unmatchable when it comes to performance. It sure is a game changer.” – Sam

“I love my Jive mini pods and they are my all time companion. I recommend these to all my friends.” – Susan

If you got your own story to share, then please do so in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

Where can I get mine today?

You can buy your Jive mini ear pods today by clicking on the link provided above. There are several benefits present, which you might miss on delay. So, happy shopping!


  1. Can I use jive ear pods while sleeping?

Yes, you can because you can turn it off by tapping on itself after you are done.

  1. Is Jive ear phone available in shops outside?

No. Unfortunately, you can order the product only from it’s official website and avail exclusive discounts and offers.

  1. Can jive ear pods filter sounds?


Jive Mini Pods Scam

No, Jive Mini Pods is definitely not a scam. It’s not yet available on Amazon but it definitely can be ordered from it’s official web store and a money back warranty of 30 days can also be availed.

One month is enough to assess the sustainability of a product.


These mini pods are designed in keeping with today’s life. So, avail the benefit of them and gift yourself and your loved ones this affordable piece of remembrance for a lifetime.


  1. Good morning,

    I just received my pods. I have charged them but I think I didn’t put the cord in the right port. So I am not trying it again. When will I know the are fully charged. There is no blue or red light on the pods. Are you going to create an app so I can know what level of charge they have once I start using them? Just to let you know I have used them with the small charge that was on them when I received them but they appear to be dead now, hence the questions of charging. Looking forward to hearing from you

    1. When you pull the pods out to use, a window automatically pops up on your phone and shows you how much charge is in the pods as well as the charger unit. While you are using them, the charge info is in the “music” as well.

      1. Only one of the pods is working and only one (R) is showing up as charged. Also indicates case is charged. So what is the deal with the other pod (L)? Have tried several times connect/disconnecting Bluetooth. Not working.

        1. Same problem here. Left pod stopped working, and when I asked for support I got the same answer as on the itty bitty instructions. It didn’t work. Still no response when I asked for my money back.

  2. I ordered and received a set but I can’t get the left unit to work with the right so no stereo?? I didn’t get any instructions with my set so I may have left a step out?

    1. I had this issue too. When you sync them I put in the left and then the right while opened in the Bluetooth settings of my phone and poof! They suddenly worked! Annoying to always have to put them in while on Bluetooth screen but the price we pay for not wanting to spend $150 on the real deal 🤷🏼‍♀️ Good luck!

      1. I tried and it did not work, can not get the left one to connect. I have tried everything and it will not connect, keeps saying connected then says disconnected and the they will say connected together but the left one is not connected. Very disappointed with this product.

  3. The jive ear pods are really nice They are comfortable they turn on quickly , and I can hear very clearly . My only issue is I don’t know how to switch from Chinese to English.

  4. Mine did not come with instructions either even though the package list claims to have had the instructions included.

  5. I have a problem because the right pod does not have music coming out while the left one does. Also like everyone else the instructions we not included!

  6. I wrote to customer service. They said when you pull them out of the case they should sync. They advised to have Bluetooth off on phone. Also, if you touch them it shuts down or sends a signal to the phone for voice assist. I have a Samsung and use Google assist.
    Really would have liked instructions though.

  7. The first charge only lasted 1.5 hours… I plan to try the charging again and will have to see how they do, if no change will just send them back…

  8. The left pod does not work and I do not have instructions. There is also no indicator of charge status even though I see a button on the Charging case.

  9. Same problem. Left side doesn’t work. I don’t see that charging case lights up. I read to “tap” the ear bud? No instructions. Oh well

  10. With no instructions, I’m not sure where this button is: ” Then, switch the pods on with help of the button placed on the ear pods itself.” I don’t see a button, just a flashing red/blue LED.
    “You can take your calls throughout the day without touching your phone and play music the way you like only by gently tapping on the side of the ear phones” Each time I get a call and I ‘tap’ the ear phone, it disconnects the caller.

    I like the quality but am a bit frustrated that there are no instructions.

  11. Just got our sets yesterday. Instruction sheet is worthless. Have no clue where the buttons are or how or if it is charged. Only one side plays anything…

  12. There are instructions… pull out and look under the packing cradle, at the bottom of the box.

    Or… don’t bother! The instructions are nearly useless. With all of the advertising they do, they must know SOMEONE who can write enough English to make the directions make sense.

    What I’ve learned by trial and error:

    — The red light is on each pod. The blue light is inside the charging port on the case. Yes, INSIDE the hole! If you don’t see it, try pressing the button on the back.

    — I have no idea what either light means.

    — HOLD THE PODS BY THE STEMS!!! If you touch the top of the pod, all sorts of things happen — almost none of them you want. Like answering calls you don’t want; dropping calls you do want; playing music you’ve already heard… There seems to be no way to turn off these functions.

    — Having said all that, I do think that the Jive mini pods actually work well, and are definitely worth the money. I’ve had no problems with sound, stereo, compatibility, or ease-of-use. Right now, I am dictating this via my right ear pod. And, they are nearly invisible! I bought this, solely because I was so SICK of the “Apple look“. And the cords!

    If they learn other features, I will post them.

  13. How long does it take to receive??!? I ordered mine 19 April 2020. I got a notice saying they were shipped on 20 April. Checked the tracking number they gave on 23 April and it said it was on route. Curious as to where they are coming from in the first place if they are taking this long to arrive. I understand with the pandemic, things are a little iffy, but almost a month? I am considering asking for a refund at this point, but I noticed reviews saying that they couldn’t get in contact with anyone and the number is not working all of a sudden. Anyone had issues with getting their order weeks afterwards?

    1. I got mine today and the preshipment order was sent to ups on 4-21-2020. I also emailed and sent messages to the support team last week and early this week demanding my money back and welp they sent them and they arrived today.

    2. Yes I ordered a pair April 27 and just now received them today…. its frustrating tho… my right ear pod will not come on st all… I’ve tried charging both and it didnt work… so I tried charging just the right one and it’s still not working…

  14. So far “knocking on wood while I am typing this” mine are working great. The sound is awesome. Just wish I could change from Chinese to English…

  15. I ordered mine on 4/13/2020 and just received them today 5/12/2020. Your best bet to speak with someone is in the early morning, I know because I called 3 times because the tracking number was useless. So far so good, sound is clear but I’m still trying to figure out how they work; no instructions were included.

  16. I just got mine today. Took over a month to get to me here in Michigan. No directions came in the box. I plugged in the charger and will try them when they are charged. Right now the light on the charger is blinking steadily. I imagine that it is charged when the unit stops blinking. Thanks everyone for posting info here.

  17. Same thing here. That 30 hour charge is bullshit. Read the fine print on sending this joke back. I will be sure and give this product some free advertising. It’s a joke.

  18. The right ear pod is not turning on… I’ve charged them both then separately and it still will not come on…

  19. Too many problems with jive Mini Pods your better off buying the real deal from Apple less problems, in the long run you will end up trashing them out of frustration like I did!!! I stupid enough to buy (2) at the same time so I got Double screwed.

  20. Encountering issues very similar to everyone else involving connectivity, lack of instructions, etc. We are willing to try and work out the kinks, but our patience is not unlimited.

  21. The left pod one does not sync. ive spent time on you tube, blogs. Ive turned off bluetooth, removed and rebooted iphone. Nothing happens.
    So, I guess Im stuck with one pod. Waste of time to send back and refund. one time purchase.

  22. I got 3 pairs and none included instructions. Have a difficult time getting the left to work. Don’t seem to hold a charge very long, and charging is an issue, says there’s an indicator light on the box, but I can’t find one at all. Very frustrating, When they actually are charged and work though sound great.

  23. A lot of info but no detail written instructions that may be printed off.
    The instructions I did see, where rudimentary at best. Not what I call user friendly.

  24. From the time I received a notice that my order had “shipped”, it took 23 days to receive it ! Way too long I think.

  25. I ordered mine 4/23 contacted customer service 5/4 she said she was in NY. They emailed me a yuntrack # which led me to know they were sitting waiting to be picked up to be shipped from somewhere in SoCal. Finally shipped on 5/16 and received on 5/18. Can’t say much about these except that I haven’t got the Rt to turn on after charging all night.

  26. The red light is solid on the charging unit. They pods instantly appeared on my iphone for bluetooth. However the left pod has no sound. I’ve put them back in the charger and turned bluetooth on and off many times. Left pod still has no sound. Blue light mentioned above doesn’t exist. Also – there is no red light on the pods themselves – just on the charging unit. Frustrating.

  27. I just received my pods and didn’t see a red or blue indicator light even after pressing the button on the case. Also no indicator light on the pods when placed in the case. I don’t know when case is charged or if pods are charging when case is charged. How can you fix this?

  28. I ordered min around the same time and just got them today. Like most of the other writers, my left one didn’t really work, I can’t understand when they are fully charged and I want to turn the music off and answer a call and I can’t figure out how to do that. I like the sound and do feel that you can use one for talking on the phone (that is why I got them) and then use the other one. Very frustrating not to have good readable instructions. Hope there is a kind person on U-Tube who can help us out!

  29. Ordered mini pods, received 30 days later. Charged them, synced with Bluetooth, put in ears, clicked on Pandora & music only in right pod. Left pod does not work no matter where you touch it. As many others have commented no real instructions so Google only option. Most of the You Tube videos say product is worthless, cheap & has issues with left ear pod. So if the powers to be at Jive Mini Pods actually read these comments, then please post a troubleshooting guide that deals with all the issues mentioned by your customers. You get what you pay for so damn me for giving this company a try with their product. Very disappointed. Tom, Tempe, AZ

  30. I ordered my Jivemini pods on April 12th and called their customer number twice. Due to issues around the Covid-19 pandemic, I was told shipping was delayed but they would be delivered. The sakes or customer service people were nice and understanding. Finally arrived this past Thursday. Your will eventually come. Thank you Sharif for your contribution regarding use of the mini pods …very helpful.
    I am also going to gradually try them out and see what I can learn. They appear to be durable and working great so far …wish the instructions were more exhaustive and inclusive which are in the bottom of the box

  31. First set only one pod worked, they sent another set. There is no blue or red light that I can find. The instructions are worthless! I can’t believe they can’t find someone to write better instructions. So far, I can’t get this set to work either. They are plugged in but, I don’t know if they are charging or not. I would never refer a friend to this brand.

  32. I just received mine, it took more than 3 weeks for me to get it form the day of placing the order. Didn’t receive the user manual. now one talk in chinese and the other one in English, 🙂

    No place to find any info form the manufacturer about the user manual.

  33. Ordered mine @ 11pm May 5th and paid the extra $10 for DHL shipping, which actually came via the USPS anyway? The tracking number is the China post tracking. But I set up tracking with USPS and followed it. Once it got to LAX I was told it would be here Saturday May 30, and it was in my mailbox today, the 29th.
    The instruction leaflet is on the bottom of the box. I have the black pair, IP4 waterproof. The blinking red light on the charging case = charging. (Looked the same once fully charged though. When I took the earphones out, the light became solid red. When I unplugged the cable, the light was momentarily blue, and then went out.

    To use the features, you tap the earbud at the top of the stem/where it meets the part that goes in your ear. Using it with only one vs both is different. For both R or L pods (when using both): play/pause or answer/hang up a call. Touch 3 times powers it on?? Or powers on Siri /voice assistant. Touch and hold 5 seconds=call reject. If no incoming call, powers off that individual ear pod. (The other one keeps playing the music it was playing.) Do the same to turn it back on. So yeah, idk what it means above about 3 taps to power on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
    R pod only: long press 2 seconds = volume down
    Tap twice = next song.
    L pod only: long press 2 seconds = volume up
    Tap twice = last song.
    (I managed to go to the next song several times but now idk how. I keep turning the volume up.)

    Removing the pods from the case or turning them on causes them to pair with each other (for stereo use), then the R one flashes red and then blue. Then and only then should I connect to ur device. Otherwise, if they don’t pair with each other, u will get single pod use. Like if u want to talk on the phone or have monaural sound to share with someone else. (Using this way the instructions are the same as above but all on one pod not L/R. So idk how to go back and forth in your music library. It just says adjust volume / switch call. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. )

    They turn off also if not used for 5 minutes, or if put back in the charging case.
    If u have problems with not being able to use one, basically put both back in the case and start over. Don’t connect to device until paired! They should both say CONNECTED.
    When mine connected to my device, first thing I heard was, “here comes Santa Claus, ho ho ho!” Good grief, what a song to choose to start off with!

  34. Also, I did see the button on the case itself (the back side), and it clicks but have no idea what it does. There’s a pin hole underneath that where the red or blue light can be seen.

  35. Remember when your mother said that if something was too good to be true it probably isn’t? I really wanted these to be good & I really wanted to like them but these things make you want to spend the money for real ones. I ordered 3 of them and they took over 30 days to arrive from “Delaware” as per the packaging but obviously came from China. One worked right away but only the left piece worked on the other two. I finally figured out how to get both pods to work. They connect to my phone instantly and the sound is great. I charged them for 3 full days (because it’s impossible to know when they are fully charged) and when I connected them to my phone it said 80% and died after one hour. I’ve sent emails to support, which is the best way to reach them by the way, but they are unable to help with the charging issues. They are cute & comfortable but the Bottom line is DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  36. I like mine, but the charge doesn’t last long. Also someone else’s name appears instead of my name. How can I correct this?

  37. So I have had the same problems as described above. It took almost a month for them to arrive. They worked fine immediately but then I started having issues with the left one. It won’t turn on. I emailed, and they gave me the same directions as the itty bitty instructions that come with it. Nothing happened and the left still doesn’t work. I’ve looked on you tube and searched the internet for a solution. I found that if you have an iphone you can open the control center and touch the icon that looks like a bullseye with a triangle on the bottom. When the 1 pods that works is paired, it will show you how much charge is in the pod and how much is in the case. Mine doesn’t show the left pod, so it’s either dead or turned off somehow, and since the instructions are so bad, there no way on knowing how to make it work. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY, UNLESS THEY COME UP WITH AN ON PHONE APP. JUNK AND A WASTE OF MONEY. I emailed them about refunding my money and I have heard nothing back.

  38. Here’s something I think I’ve discovered, although it doesn’t help my situation. The case itself has a battery in it. If you push the little button on the back and it shows a blue light, you have battery charge in the case. If it shows red, you need to charge it. If you place the pods into the case without it being connected to the charging cord, the pods will recharge? Just a thought

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