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Lasieng Reviews {April} – Is It A Scam Or Legit Store?

Lasieng Reviews {March} – Is It A Scam Or Legit Store

Lasieng Reviews {April} – Is It A Scam Or Legit Store? >> Get the needed information before buying anything from this store! Be smart shopper and keep yourself safe from scams!

People are inclined towards fashion nowadays for obvious reasons. Fashion defines people and persists the idea of who they are. Fashion is growing so immensely popular at this time of the era that it has left behind all other business competitors and gone ahead to flourish. Fashion statement defines everything nowadays- from physical to mental attributes. In the present generation, clothes are a measure of judging a person’s personality. Clothes define a person’s attitude, characteristics, and social conduct. People who used to be small cloth merchants or vendors have made massive progress in life after getting the business online. 

Lasieng is among the new names in the online business of fashion technology. Across the web, many customers have provided lasieng reviews and we found it really interesting. There are positive and negative remarks about this online store. Let’s find out in this post; the truth of this store – our expert’s remark!

What Is Lasieng Com?

With fashion being such an essential part of the social status, it is also vital for people to show off their fashion skills by gifting their loved ones with astounding outfits. It isn’t hard to buy outfits for self, but it is a total war of mind and heart while selecting a gift for someone. The online fashion website opens a catalogue of brilliant designs and vibrant colours in front of the customers. Offline cloth stores don’t have much open for people to select from. 

Lasieng com is a website dealing with fashion products online. It started in canada and operated mostly in the united states. Most people who are customers of this website belong to these countries. The country claims to be shipping its products worldwide. It is evident as the internet is a global platform, and it connects buyers with sellers worldwide. The company sells outfits for women. These include hoodies, tank tops, and leggings. 

Though the company claims to provide 100% satisfaction, we suggest otherwise. It ships products free worldwide if it exceeds $50.

Is Lasieng.Com Scam?

Many people believe their hands more than their eyes. Seeing beautiful looking outfits of inadequate quality isn’t acceptable. For people who like feeling the material by hand, online shopping isn’t a choice. Offline stores are best for people like them. Feeling a cloth to make sure the stuff is good enough is a trusted way of buying clothes.

Online stores make sure that people don’t give much effort to get what they want. They provide home deliveries. They have easy return policies. Offline stores, on the other hand, follow a very strict ‘no return once sold’ policy. People have preferences and possess the reason for choosing either online or offline fashion shopping. 

The company is newly established and has earned rejection from customers due to its vague following of company policies towards customers

Analysis Around Lasieng Website

  • Lasieng website owns an ssl certificate. This certificate clarifies that no mediator can block or interrupt an ongoing purchase. This makes online transactions secure and encrypted. This is proven by its web address starting with ‘https’. Yet this isn’t a valid ground of determining how genuine the website is.
  • The information can be found on weboftrust (wot), and that is as wot conducts tests that provide websites with certificates for being genuine.
  • Decryption experts have found no signs of tampered or unethical codes used in making or functioning of the website. This still isn’t any proper evidence to prove it not guilty though it is a good sign. 
  • The website has put no effort into promotion as no external advertising links can be found. This is not directing towards any good reasons to do so. A new company believes in promotions, why is the company not promoting itself?
  • The domain name for the website was given on 8th November 2019. This is not a good sign as most of these new domain names using websites are scams.
  • There is no permanent address, product helpline number, company helpline number, complaint helpline, goods returning email address even though the company claims easy return policies is a sheer violation of the customers’ hopes and trust in the company.
  • The investigators working towards finding out the reality behind the website have found 3 alias ip addresses from 3 different nations. United States, Canada, and China.

Final Verdicit –

We tried our best to find out the truth behind lasieng website. We have a slight faith in the people who say it is a scam as we have done our part of research to find it out. Customer satisfaction is the key to the development and flourishing of a company. Companies that aren’t cooperative towards the customers are not trustable. 

Well, it was our review. If you have any experience of ordering products from this website, please share about that in our comment section. Also, share your thoughts about our review post!

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