Online Website Reviews Reviews [May] Is It Secure to Buy? Reviews 2020 Reviews [May] Is It Secure to Buy? -> The website provides a range of baby gifting products and apparel for women, including jeans and sweaters and some home decor items. Reviews are too little to count on! Stick with our detailed information about the site and get all answers to your concerns. Are you guys willing to offer gifts on an upcoming occasion? If yes, then come to know this site and pick any for your loved one.

The site provides items mainly for women like sweaters, jeans, and besides that few home and interior items and gift items for babies. 

The products appear reasonable as per cos. However, there is a specific price range which the portal follows like $ 50 and above.

The website delivers its product in the mainland for free; however, shipping in the entire United State is not specified.

The online reviews of the website are too less to rely on a conclusion in terms of shopping.

What is the

It displays a range of products, including women apparel, especially jeans, sweaters, and home decor items, and gift items for the babies.

The website displays a good collection of sweaters and jeans to keep women trendy and cozy. The pictures might appear tempting but is not in real any designer pieces or any exclusive collection.

The products appear appealing, and the price has a specific range for all the products. Those items available on the website are not so lucrative or different; however, they appear decent. 

The contact information about the website is shared, which makes it look like an official site. However, no confirmation can is concluded on that basis.

Further shipping details are shared about limited regions and keeping free for the UK with not much information about other countries.

Precise details of (specifications):

  • Website type- It provides products for women like sweaters, jeans, a few apparels, and baby gift items, and home decor items.
  • Shipping time- It takes 24 hours to dispatch the items. However, due to the COVID scenario, there are delays in deliveries of the products.
  • Shipping charge- It provides free shipping in the UK mainland, and for others, nothing specific is on display.
  • Return and exchange- Returns are accepted after applying for a return authorization number. Even redelivery of improper returns is also applicable for specific items.
  • Refund- The amount is processed for the entire price of the item within 30 days of receipt.
  • Payment- It also opts for online payment via cards and wallets.
  • Contact details of the website- 


            Address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106

            Phone: +12563695004

Is an excellent and legit website for the buyers?

It looks like any other website with no exclusive products to offer since the pictures of the products are available on other sites.

For the ones in search for more information to shop from this particular website. It is ideal to look for more reviews, primarily if the products are being delivered in the specific region.

But doubts might come up in the mids of the shoppers looking at a specific price range being followed for the products. It appears irrespective of the fact if the product is worth displaying that price or not.

Benefits to shop from

  • It provides free shipping to all regions of the UK mainland.
  • The pictures of the products display a decent quality.
  • It accepts returns and even re-delivers faulty returns on consumer’s expense.

Drawbacks to shop from

  • Not many details are available about the specific exchange of the product.
  • No shipping price clarity is shared concerning the countries other than the UK mainland.
  • No option was observed for COD during the checkout section of the order.
  • Further, few available negative reviews do leave an impeachable question over-delivering the capacity of the products of the website. 

Conclusion Note:

Layatte. Club Reviews available over the internet are not sufficient enough to conclude anything on its own. However, the price range of all products, even for not worth enough products, might raise some concerns in mind.

So this site does appear little fishy in terms of being legit. As per the available less information about the website, things might not be crystal clear. But doubts cannot be left unattended too.

For that concern, it is suggested for the shoppers, especially outside of the UK to try with minimal costing products during the first order. 

Further, Utilising a credit card is best for such sites as the bak can get into the action if something goes wrong. Primarily if the product does not gets delivered even after a long waiting period of days or months.

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