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Loveshes Reviews [April 2020] Is It a Scam or Legit?

Loveshes Website Reviews

Loveshes Reviews [April 2020] Is It a Scam or Legit? -> This article talks about the women based online fashion store and helps you to find the best answer to all your questions.

Are you in search of the best shopping website for women wear? Then, can be the excellent option. 

If you’re already familiar with this shopping website, then you might be looking for its reviews. There are plenty of shopping stores available on the web. The question arises is here is how much are they reliable for its customers?

Women love to experiment with clothes and fashion. People judge other’s personalities as per their fashion sense. Therefore, women become selective when it comes to buying clothes. 

Loveshes claims to provide the best women’s clothing, including all designs and varieties. They are quite trending in the United States with their top cloth items. Still, people want authentic information except knowing only about the product.

To clear all your doubts, we have brought Loveshes Reviews, which will explain various questions like what is Loveshes? How is it beneficial for their users? and much more.

What is

Loveshes is an online shopping store deals in various women’s cloth items such as tops, pants, dresses, and accessories. They promise to deliver top items available in different colors and available sizes.

The product may reach at your doors two to seven weeks as company claims on the site. They are providing exciting discount offers and ‘Buy One Get One’ discount packages for its customers.

Who’s this for? has everything that women need to look fashionable. Sadly, it is designed only for ladies and girls. Kids have to look somewhere else. From clothing to matching accessories, Loveshes is ready to please their target customers.

From ravishing dresses, stylish tops, comfortable pants to elegant earrings, this website provides top quality items at affordable rates.

How to Order Product From Loveshes?

You have to perform the following steps to place an order from Loveshes:

  • Sign up on the and choose the required category from the menu.
  • Click on the product which you would like to order.
  • Read all descriptions and select the size or color.
  • Click on the ‘ADD TO CART’ option. The cart status will change from zero to one.
  • Proceed with check out and fill out all the shipping details required in the form.
  • After this, you need to complete the process by making payment through an online available payment mode.
  • The product may deliver within two to seven weeks as per the company’s shipping policy.

Pros of Loveshes

  • They are providing discounted items at affordable rates.
  • From clothing to accessories, they have everything in the cart for females.
  • They are dealing with the latest fashion wears and branded items.
  • The group discount offers such as ‘Buy 4 Get 5th 50% off, Buy 3 Get 4th 40% off, Buy 2 Get 3rd 20% off’ add a definite point in our Loveshes Reviews. It is quite exciting for people who are looking for a considerable rebate.
  • The website has an SSL certificate. It means the payment transaction details are secure.
  • It gives a friendly payment method, ‘Get Your Money Back Offers.’

Cons of Loveshes


  • There is no proper contact details provided in the ‘CONTACT US’ section. We have found only one email People need customer care number or some other helpline access in case of queries or other mess.
  • The company profile is missing. The owner details are not mentioned on the website. With whom to contact if the customer is facing any serious issue regarding payment or product? It may create some doubts in the mind of people who is thinking – Is Loveshes com scam or legit?
  • The website is newly launched, so we have not found any reviews.
  • It might be difficult for people to wait for two to seven weeks for the product to arrive at home.
  • They are not giving cash on delivery option. Payment can be made online through Paypal, debit cards, or credit cards only.
  • The company will not bear the shipping cost if the product is not reached due to address error.
  • The company will not cancel the product, which is already packed or shipped. 

Final Conclusion

As per the pros and cons mentioned above related to, we conclude that if you are in search of top items in the world of fashion with huge discount offers, then this fashion store will work best for you. We have provided the best details as per our research. Now, it is entirely your choice to make the decision.


    1. Thus is a scam for sure. They took my money, never shipped my item and refuse to refund me and now they won’t return any emails I send and I went through PayPal and they haven’t responded back to them

  1. Yeah I’m feeling like it’s a scam. I bought a bunch of stuff amd Never received a confirmation on shipping. Or when it would arrive.

  2. I believe it’s a scam now after loosing a couple hundred bucks. Still no product. I ordered almost 2 months ago

  3. LOVESHES-COM IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!
    After 17 days they still have not shipped my items. I emailed them to cancel the order and get my refund. 15 emails have been exchanged! I’m every single one I’m requesting a cancellation and refund, and in every one of their responses they keep trying to make me reconsider. They’re trying to drag it out so that it’ll be too late to file a dispute with PayPal.

  4. I keep getting the run around. Does this article have any real customer reviews? Like maybe people who actually got the stuff they bought. I was hesitant because of that crap at the bottom saying people are buying every 2 minutes. When I try to inquire about my order, I keep getting generic e-mails. I’ve been waiting two weeks and it doesn’t even say it’s shipped. Is anyone else getting an e-mail saying “the product needs more production time because it’s in high demand?” I feel like that is BS. Why is this site still operating and how did they get an ad on Instagram??

  5. I contacted my bank, bank of America’s and they temporarily refunded the money I spent on this site while they do an investigation. Coincidentally days later I got an email from saying my order has been shipped with no tracking number. My guess is they were hoping when I received that email I would contact my bank so they would drop the investigation. It’s all very suspicious and I will do no such thing. Bank of America is so much bigger then this fake company and they will get caught so everyone contact your banks! If enough people do this we can stop others from falling into this trap. I also noticed this same exact site pop up in my Facebook feed months ago under a different name and ordered one item not realizing it was the same store different name ordering much more items months later. Both my payments have been temporarily refunded by my bank as they investigate. The newest purchase I had received a tracking number so it all seemed legit until I put the tracking number through the “carrier” site and nothing happens. The carrier site is also fake. The first purchase under a different name had a similar but not identical contact email and after the site disappeared and reappeared under a new name the first email contact kept responding with a generic “we do not see an order for you. Are you sure you ordered from us? You must be mistaken. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.” They are switching names and contact emails every couple months and have a fake tracking a site to keep you at ease. They will be caught if enough of us fight with our banks by our side. Stealing is stealing and they will go to jail. They’re not safe just because they are stealing online. Don’t walk away from this fight. File a claim with PayPal, your bank, whoever you paid them through. Don’t let your hard earned money get stolen by scum bags and say “oh well”

  6. It’s a scam! I ordered and they keep writing back and refusing to refund. Don’t do it. I’ve filed with The bank.

  7. I ordered from them, then while waiting for it to ship I checked out their reviews. I never even thought about getting scammed. I filed with Pay pal but got an email with tracking number with no info. I think they said they shipped it just so they wouldn’t have to give the money back. I would be happy even if I got a cheap version. It hurts to think I will get nothing, but thats what I’m expecting. Makes me not trust any internet site.

  8. Do not order from Loveshes. I got the wrong pants, ones I can’t wear, and they refuse to give me my money back!

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