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Luvrosy Reviews [June] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not

Luvrosy Reviews [March] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not

Luvrosy Reviews [June] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not -> This post shares the reviews of online women shopping store to clear all your doubts related to Luvrosy.

If you’re looking for Luvrosy.Com reviews before placing an order, then you’re on the right page. Although this shopping website seems like any other e-commerce shopping store, you may have some doubts in mind about its authentication.

Online shopping become a top trend in today’s world of technology. People want to get products at just one click. Various shopping stores like Amazon, Flipkart entirely have created enough repo among shoppers. 

Although Luvrosy is an online shopping mall that offers various brand styles and dresses for women, still, people want to know more before spending their precious money. The official website Luvrosy claims that they are collecting incredible response in the United State. However, everyone wants to know major details like, What is How does works? and much more

Here we’re not going to analyze the products alone. Our overall focus is to examine the whole website to know whether Luvrosy is good or bad? If you too want to explore it thoroughly, then have a quick look at our Luvrosy Reviews below:

What is Luvrosy?

Luvrosy is an online shopping website that sells dresses, tops, bottoms, swimwear to women. They claim to provide 100% quality items with the same as listed on the website. The products are given at the exciting discount offers. Additionally, the company is providing free shipping facility for orders above $59.

Whether you’re searching for mini dresses or thinking to beat the heat with bikinis, they have all in the store. The items are available in many sizes with different color variants.

Who’s this for?

Luvrosy online shopping store specifically designed for women. Ladies can avail one-pieces, mini-dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, and swimwears from Therefore, they are selling limited products. Those who are looking for full-length dresses or full sleeves clothes, then they need to look somewhere else. Also, you will get discounted items with other promotional coupon codes.

How to Order Clothes From Luvrosy?

You need to perform the below-mentioned steps to place the order:

  • First, you need to create your profile on the site.
  • Then, you have to choose the product items from the menu option.
  • Click on the dress or cloth as per your own choice.
  • Select a suitable color and size.
  • Then, you need to add the selected items to the cart by clicking on add on the cart option.
  • Complete the process by filling shipping information and payment details.
  • The product will deliver within 8 to 15 days at your door as per shipping policy.

Benefits of Buying From Luvrosy

  • They are providing fashionable women clothing with a wide range of collections.
  • The site is selling branded product items at affordable price rates.
  • All items are listed on a considerable rebate. Additionally, They offer exciting discount offers and other promotional coupon codes if you order more than one thing.
  • People will get a free shipping offer on orders above $59.

Negative Attributes of Luvrosy

As we examined every aspect of, we have collected below-mentioned points:  

  • The delivery time takes one week to 15 days as per the customer’s location.
  • They do not provide any guarantee of shipping.
  • If you return the order, then the company will only refund half the payment of the purchased item.
  • The company does not provide any customer care number to its user.
  • Detail of the owner is not mentioned on the website.
  • The company profile is missing. There is no accurate and required information on the site.
  • They only deal through debit cards, PayPal, and credit cards. Those who prefer to make cash payment could not order the product.


As per the points, as mentioned earlier, the below outcome will best describe- Is luvrosy com legit or scam?

  • People would like to wear branded wear at an affordable price range; This shopping site can be the excellent option for them.
  • They accept only the online payment method, so it is quite sad for people who deal in cash. Without a company profile and owner, detail makes this site suspicious. Customers want to interact with the owner in case of any serious issue.
  • The absence of customer care number is the biggest hindrance. As every customer needs a quick response if they have any issue regarding product or service. With Luvrosy, the customer needs to wait long for the reply. They provide only one e-mail ID and the physical address of the store. 

To conclude Luvrosy Reviews, we should suggest you to examine products and information on the site and make your decision. Neither we are offending, nor we are supporting. It is completely your choice.


          1. Total Scam. I ordered 4 weeks ago and my order still has not been fulfilled or sent. I contacted them multiple times via email and now their email is full! I paid with paypal and trying to get my money back. Too bad , b/c their clothes look cute!


          2. Do not order from them. They are in Thailand And you will never receiver your order. I ordered item early April and they quickly took my money. Contacted them 5 times at their service email and no response or item. Now almost June and no information. Shameful. Disputing charges tomorrow.

        1. This site is a scam. I ordered two things. They also charged me for shipping which the website assured me it was free shipping.

          They sent me two items I didn’t order and the quality of these items is HORRIBLE. NOT EVEN THE ONES I ORDERED. The site says contact customer service for issues and insures complete satisfaction guaranteed. There is no number. Just an email

          I have sent 5 requests for returns and reported the issue. NO RESPONSE. There site says someone will contact you within 24 hrs. It has been 92 hrs and no response.

          I am having to contact PayPal to report the problem. Hopefully they can help. That was a lot of money to me and I just want to return the wrong items and get a refund.


      1. I have not yet ordered. I read the reviews of numerous items and they were not real reviews. For example a white lace embroidered top, “I love the red color”. It didn’t come in red!

        Then a long loose maxi dress,” I love how this hugs my curves.” Really?

        And in yet another, the reviewer, the reviewers constantly call a casual pull over top, a “blouse”. No one in the US would call that a blouse.

        And given the return policy, I’m apprehensive. I was going to order a bathing suit. Again , the reviews were sketchy.

        Oh, and everything was 4/5 stars?

      2. This company is a joke. It’s been 8 weeks since they took my money but yet through email tell me it’s still in process so it hasn’t even shipped. By the time I get my large order, summer will be over – if I even see my items. I have a feeling I was scammed. Same thing happening to my daughter’s order. Do NOT order from them.

      1. It’s been a week and they “claim” my order was shipped yet I didn’t receive a tracking number. Be wary ladies.

        1. Ordered May 2, 2020. No response. Definitely a scam. Too good to be true. I’m contacting credit card to see if I can get it taken off!

        2. I ordered back on May 1. Just received my order today (june11). But I fought with PayPal right out of the gate because I tried cancelling my order when I didn’t receive any confirmation email after I placed my order. PayPal was little help ladies. The clothes are super cheap (expected) and child like sizes….. I’m out 60 bucks. I would NOT EVER ORDER FROM THEM

      2. Did you ever receive your delivery? Curious as they emailed me back saying my package had left the warehouse and I have yet to receive anything

        1. From what I can tell they don’t take credit cards, only Paypal which is a huge red flag – I think it is more difficult to dispute a charge on Paypal

    1. I ordered on April 2, 2020, and it is now April 27th and I too paid for expedited shipping and have not received anything. I paid for almost $100 worth of clothing. Scammed! Dammit!

      1. I received a tracking number. When I tried to track the order USPS said it was a duplicate number. Do no order from this company

      2. I placed an order on 4/9/2020 has sill not arrived. They Blame the virus crises as for the delay! When in reality it has taken them over 3 weeks to ship and I still do not have a tracking #

      3. I am having same issue. Has been over a month and a half. They claim they shipped but cannot provide me with any sort of tracking number.

      4. This company is a joke. It’s been 8 weeks since they took my money but yet through email tell me it’s still in process so it hasn’t even shipped. By the time I get my large order, summer will be over – if I even see my items. I have a feeling I was scammed. Same thing happening to my daughter’s order. Do NOT order from them.

    2. I ordered items on April 5th and have received no information what so ever on the items. I have emailed twice without a response. Ii am beginning to think this is a scam. If you are thinking of ordering fronm here, I would not do it. I am going to figure what the heck is going on with my order. I either want my items or a refund ASAP.

        1. Just reading all of your comments I made order on 5/ 30/ 2020. And I haven’t received anything😞😞😞

      1. I am still waiting for my order, it has been over a week that my tracking says label created but not shipped. I emailed 3 x for update with no response, are you saying clothes never come and its a scam??

      2. Kay, I ordered on the 9th of April I have gone back and forth with their customer service! After 6 weeks they sent me a tracking number that is not valid. I finally called my credit card company and I am disputing the charges. My credit card company told me they have had several disputes on this company. If I were you call you credit card company.

      3. I agree with the other reviews. Ordered in April, received no response about my order. Account was charged. I will fill a complaint with the BBB. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.

    3. Thank you for wasting my time and energy believing that your F%^# up endorsement is not a complete hack and HEADS UP to the Cun*# that run this business thinking that your manipulative tactics will brainwash us. I actually liked and was looking into your clothing line. Just not big on sveevy anything…

    4. Made in China. Scammed twice by other websites like this. Pay careful attention to the grammar in their descriptions AND please read the return policies.

      1. I too have been taken advantage of. I got a shipping notice last month and have yet to receive my merchandise. I’m going to see if I can report to BBB.

    5. Never received merchandise and have not received a refund. They are a scam!!!!!!! Repirting them everywhere I can

    6. Awwwweeee you must be part of the LUVROSY SCAM TEAM. If you are a pleased customer than I would encourage you to spend thousands of dollars at Luvrosy.

    7. Absolutely do not order from this site. I read all about it unfortunately after I ordered $134.00 worth of items. It took 2 months to come and the clothes are hideous. I looked at the picture again this is no similarity at all. Extremely cheap material. I might wear the one shirt but the bohemian dress is a nightmare. The picture shows large yellow tassels at certain points on dress. Mine are micro mini. the small is too long. The other shirt is Im not even sure what it is. I would give it to goodwill right now if they were open and call it a day. They are ugly, not like the photos. they were delivered directly from shanghai. You can’t read the address unless you know the address. I don’t want to deal any further with this company by trying to recoup my money. DO NOT ORDER.

    8. HORRIBLE COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH! I can’t return the poor quality items to get my refund. I constantly contact customer service since May 2nd.

  1. I ordered 3 items through Luvrosy on 4/4/2020 and have yet to get a conformation of shipment, it’s now 4/12/2020 and I’m waiting for them to respond to an email I sent asking of the legitimacy of their company and wether or not I’ll get my products. I will keep you posted through these comments as to when I get the products and wether or not the company responds to my email.

      1. did you get anything back as of yet? a response or anything? I have tried emailing them as well and i have not received any information of my shipment

      2. I ordered on the 4th of April 2020. Still nothing. today is 4/25/2020. I sent a Email to cancel my order if it hasn’t been worked. I haven’t heard anything.

      3. Don’t waste your time . I ordered April 4th and just received my items today. Cheap material and nothing like the pictures.

        Products come from China with a return label from Ohio. Scam.

        1. I placed an order April 16th. I emailed them (only form of contact I found( & asked for info regarding my order.

          I received this reply:

          Thanks for contacting us and we checked your order. Your order is in the processing stage now which includes quality control and packing.

          After shipping the order out, we will email you the tracking number and tracking link. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated and we are sure you will be thrilled with your order!

          Can you wait a few days?

          So…I emailed again today to note that my order has been “processing” for almost a month. I asked for my order to be shipped ASAP… this is frustrating!

      1. I ordered from them on 4/8/20 and still haven’t received my purchase. I sent an email and sadly no response.

      2. This company is scam, call your credit card company and dispute the charge. You will never get receipt of your purchase nor your ordered products

      3. They will finally send you a tracking number but as mine it’s not valid. Call you bank and dispute charges!

    1. I also ordered items on 3/30/2020 and have not received them. I never got a confirmation of shipment or a tracking number. I have sent them emails and have not received a response.

      1. I ordered mine on April 1st 2020 and I received the order confirmation but still have yet to receive a shipment email. I have emailed them twice and they claim to respond within one business day but I have yet to hear from them.

        1. It’s May 17. I ordered over a month ago. Supposedly they delivered my parcel to some address in New Jersey. I live in New Mexico. The USPS told me the tracking number was erroneous.

      2. Same here. No confirmation no return emails. I am about to have my bank challenge the order and get my money back. I ordered 3/28/20

    2. They give you the run a round I ordered a bunch of stuff and haven’t got a response from anyone I ordered masks they said they would be here in a week that never happened and I need them to leave my house so I don’t die. I ordered 2 bags a month ago they haven’t even been shipped yet I’m ready to call my lawyer I’ve been trying to get my money back from them and no response there a fake company I think

      1. I ordered over a month ago never got email of order there is nothing from them I pa8d by pay pal I wonder if we can contact them that say you can email them but I don’t see an email address

        1. PayPal will work with you. They’ll be able to help you recover the money you spent. Shame on them. Good luck.

    3. I ordered my stuff on April 4 as well and it’s almost May and I still have nothing . No email saying it’s shipped. I have emailed them three times and still haven’t heard anything back. Ugh over $40 I spent

    4. Took weeks to get top. It was 6 inches shorter than measurements said. Normally wear a large but due to wanting a longer length, ordered a 2x. It’s barely a medium. Will never order from them again.

  2. Thanks for the info however, as I am a larger woman, I would of liked someninfo on how their sizing works. I have bought xl clothes online that look like a size small.

    1. Thank you for this. I saw something cute I wanted to order from them but I was skeptical. I won’t be ordering from them.

      1. Barbara- I’m an xl as well…. DONT order from them the clothes never fit!! I’ve been stuck with three items that I can’t get returned or refunded for.

      1. I am disputing charges with my bank. Apparently no one ever hears back and this company might actually be in China according to my bank. So I am disputing I would suggest u all do the same before it is too late

      1. I ordered from them weeks ago and have yet to receive anything…they didn’t have a problem taking my money though]!!

    2. I ordered on 4-13 I got 1 response saying it was confirmed they took my money but I have heard nothing! I e mailed them 4 times and still no response! I’m never ordering from them again! This is bullshit!

  3. Why can I not find any reviews on how the clothes fit size wise? Are the overalls true to size? I’m a size 12 in jeans, I do not have wide hips. Will an XL be too big in the overalls or should I go with size L?

      1. Why would anyone order after reading these reviews!! I too was scammed. I’m out about 100 bucks. Calling the bank but not sure how much they will help. I think the whole world should stop ordering on line. Hell, let’s go back to the malls. At least you can see and feel what you’re getting.

    1. They run small, but read reviews…. u don’t need to order from them. You might not merchandise or refund

  4. My name is Denise Shannon and I order some items on your on-Line shopping site I charge 220 dollars on April 2, 2020 and I have not receive nothing as of now I want my items or my money back or I’m goin to the BETTER BUSINESS BOROUGH

    1. Well, the first red flag was their reviews. If you notice the reviews on a t-shirt, all 24 of the reviews say something to the effect of… ‘I love this blouse… This blouse is beautiful… What a great blouse.’ All have spelling errors with strange grammar as well. Who the hell calls a t-shirt a blouse. 24 women aren’t going to call a t-shirt a blouse.

    2. You should have done your homework and checked this company out before you wasted your money. The Better Business BUREAU isnt going to help you. All they will do is list your complaint, that is all


    3. I usually wear an extra large but I need an XXL from their sizes. Also they are completely unhelpful with my needed return or exchange I am not going to be able as they are not returning my emails

    1. I am feeling the same way. I am not sure that how to reach them. They have not responded to any of my emails and I am seeing the same complaints. I am would much rather them refund me so I can order from somewhere that will be happy to have my business. I paid extra for shipping earlier. I am very unhappy. This not the only site I am having this problem with.

  5. I have ordered from this site and never received the cloths I ordered. I would not order from them again! Bad news company!

  6. I ordered something today, looked in my email and had saw that it said the payment was made via PayPal. That is not how I paid for it, called the bank and they said it was fraudulent:( I have to wait for the payment to post, then call my bank back and they will investigate. So disappointing that people are taking advantage at this time. Did anyone ever receive there order?

  7. What kind of review of the company is this?? Absolutely NO useful information!! The people writing in have more facts than you!

  8. I ordered from them, I got a confirmation and order number.. this was on April 4 2020, it is now April 22, 2020… and Ive received nothing not even an email update.. It’s looking dim ladies .. I’m thinking it’s a scam .. I only ordered two things so I’m thankful I didn’t try to order more .. what a crock

  9. I ordered on 4/12/2020. I have never received confirmation or response from these company on multiple emails. they have no other way to contact them. Looks like I got scammed.

  10. I ordered $100 worth of items 4-8-2020. Paid for express shipment. Ive emailed them 3 times. NO RESPONSE! I am requesting stop payment on my items and reporting this company. SAD!

  11. Well, I have spent over an hour picking out some really cute things. Glad I read these responses first. Not ordering.

  12. Same story here. Ordered items the beginning of April. Emailed them several times. I reported them to my credit card company as fraudulent charges. Hopefully I will receive a refund through my bank. Wish I read reviews before ordering.

  13. NO ONE is leaving reviews saying they received their items!! Buyer beware!!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE from them! I ordered on 4/3. NO contact from this company what so ever. So mad! Will be issuing stop payment as well. I would suggest everyone do this AND if you see this company posting on your social media feed comment and let others know THEY ARE A SCAM!!



    1. I have been waiting since4/9/2020 just finally received a tracking number that is not valid! I have contacted their customer service department too many times. I called my bank today to dispute the charges, I also saw that they said I paid via PayPal which is not true.
      My credit card company stated they had several disputes involving this company. They also said it may not be a bad idea to contact PayPal. But when I called PayPal the recording asks for a account number that I do not have! The wait time to speak to a agent is apr 1 hour due to the virus crisis. So your best bet is to call your card company and dispute charges. If you have not deleted the correspondence with Luvrosy keep it in case it’s needed.

  15. I ordered a 100 worth on 4/8/20. Nothing yet. I did email and they responded to not know when it would ship. That was alarming enough! I’m guessing I will cancel that credit card and unfortunately I have learned my lesson. It’s really sad that we deal with such scam in this country. They got my money and obviously a lot of your as well.

  16. I’ve had the same issues as you ladies. I emailed them and got a response back from Oliver Duan, not the company Luvrosy. It stated to please be patient and they’ll sent an email when it ships. They are being investigated by my bank as of today. Do not order from this page.

    1. Me too. I ordered on April 5th and have received nothing. I did get an email from Oliver Duan. “Your order was packed well and left our warehouse , the tracking number will be informed to you later soon”!!
      I should of known after I got that email that this company was a fraud! It makes no sense. So sad that this is happening. This company is a scam. Don’t order from them, you will not receive your order.

  17. I want all my orders canceled I’ve been waiting just ass long as y’all and I got nothing and they are doing this with PPE saying it’ll be there in a week and I haven’t been able to leave my house with out it so they are putting me and my family at risk of covid-19

  18. Same here they got me too! I placed 2orders back to back on the 17th have emailed them 3 times and NO RESPONSE!! SHOCKING!! I wish I had seen this before I ordered. THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM LUVROSY!!

  19. I’m thinking of starting an actual page that will review these BS companies. Looks like the Bs companies already started one. First thing to look for: the models heads. Legit companies keep the heads in the photos. Luvrosy stole those images. Second: pay attention to their English. While Luvrosy and this gadget title site definitely proofread their posting, it’s “still just a bit off from how we indeed use language in the English primary countries.” I’m starting a North American Made website to stop this BS. So tired of it. (Going to include Canada and Mexico). 😉

  20. I also ordered and yet to receive my order…I don’t know if this is legit company but I will never order from them again

  21. Does anyone have an idea that the company is in Shanghai? I’ve read reviews for the items I’ve ordered and also read all of yours. I believe once the travel ban is lifted you will soon after get the package/s. Due to Covid-19 I’m not sure they can ship anything right now.

    I ordered an inferred thermometer form amazon on April 4 and I’ve still never received it.

  22. I ordered from them like 10 days ago still havnt recieved any email saying it will be delivered but says that they took my money out of my checking account which was 119.oo . I emailed and asked where was my stuff. He replied back and said it will be shipped in separate orders . I still havnt got any thing yet I am very angry I got ripped off. Where is my items I bought .

  23. I reported this company for investigation. I too ordered clothes that were never received. No acknowledgements, no shipping info, no “delays” info, no response from emails. To add insult to injury, my bank insisted I get a new card because they may attempt to use my info again. Everyone who had the same thing happen, consider replacing your debit card!!

  24. What a shame. I saw some super cute jeans I wanted to order. NOT NOW after reading all these bad reviews. Not 1 good review. Yup, scam.

  25. too bad this site is bunk! They have cute clothes!
    Maybe I’ll copy their stuff but really have it made (and shipped). Thanks for the info, hope y’all get your money back. Seems like I see this a lot . Wish FB would better vet advertisers.

  26. I’m wondering if the reason no one has received their items is because maybe this is a China based company? I can’t find where they are shipping from.

  27. I ordered a really cute outfit from them and had similar experiences that all of you did. The item did come after a couple weeks and it is amazing. High quality (relative to the price, I wouldn’t say it’s Hermes quality!) and looks adorable. But I was nervous. No email for a good few weeks, ambiguous info on the actual email once I got it. So I was hoping on a wing and a prayer and it was great in the end! It feels really uncomfortable wondering in the interim though! Sorry I don’t have dates. I’d have to route through my junk mail. If I find the dates, I’ll update this post. Good luck!

  28. I placed an order April 5 – have heard nothing – just checked my bank account and the charge was not processed either …

  29. Alright, so what I am gathering from these comments is – YES, luvrosy IS a scam, and you should NOT order from them. I also, ordered a piece of clothing 10 days ago, and was told the payment was made through pay pal…it wasn’t. I also have not received info regarding shipping. I emailed – no response. Sadly, I am not expecting to ever receive what I ordered.

  30. From this Review they are basically telling you order at your own risk. It states that they don’t give much company info to begin with. I would say Don’t Order! unless you like given money away.. Too many of these online company’s are doing this and taking advantage. I was told if a company advertises and doesn’t show pics, meaning have the head is cut off , the pics could be stolen from another site. I follow this one site on IG and know for a fact that the post on FB was stolen.. just beware!

  31. Yes I am very disappointed in these people I ordered from them on April 2 and still haven’t received any shipping information I sent him emails and they keep saying that they will send one out and still have not received anything from them at all . Be careful do not order anything from this site you will not get your shipment I am still trying to figure out how to get mine money back

  32. I’m so glad I read these comments. I spent an hour picking out cute dresses and it would only allow me to pay by pay pal, which I found skeptical, so I did not enter any payment info. Sounds like they need to be reported to BBB. I will be blocking them from my instagram as well.

  33. Omg! Wish I had taken the time to look this company up. I ordered 2 items on April 6,2020. On April 14 I received a msg that it was on the way,but now it is April 28th and I still dont have it. I paid extra for the express shipping!!🙄

  34. I ordered a few items and waited about 3 weeks for them to arrive. The quality of the items was very poor – meaning the sewing was not professional, and there were threads at every seam. The quality was of the material is subpar – but I guess you get what you pay for. I emailed to get an address to return the items, and got no response. I waited a week, and sent another email. Four days after the second email, this is the response I received:

    Hi there,

    We accept returns but please note that you need to send the items to our facility in China and you will responsible for the return shipping fee. We will refund the money to you after we received the items. Will you accept this? If yes, we will give you the return address.

    Best regards,


  35. I placed an order on April 2nd and sent 2 emails. No response and no item.. I’m going to file a dispute with my bank to get my money back..

  36. The company is in Hong Kong. I ordered a week ago, a couple days later got a shipping confirmation, and nothing happened. USPS is still waiting to receive the item. I wish I had looked up the company first.

    1. Shawna that is my story also. Got ‘tracking’ numbers a month ago but usps has not revived merchandise yet..omg. So disappointing.

  37. Horrible company, I order since April 4th 2020, Not a word on my order. I want my money back. No customer service number to reach someone. I have emailed on many occasions, no response! I want my money back! It is my hard earned money.

  38. Do not purchase from these people. I did get my order and it was quality but it was the wrong size and they have absolutely no assistance in exchanges or returns they have ignored multiple emails. So I have decided they are not reputable and not to do business with

  39. This is a scam site do not order from this site. If you already ordered I suggest making a fraudulent claim on your account ASAP!

  40. I ordered in March and see the statement on my credit card, nothing. I will stop payment and contact better business bureau as well.

  41. I put in an order for the jeans with the flowers all over them months and months and I have not received anything yet. Like they took my money but I don’t have the pants

    1. Did you get your order? I ordered the same jeans on April 11. They would not reply to emails until I issued a dispute through PayPal. Then I received a reply that it shipped “not so long ago” and had a tracking number which was a duplicate error. I responded this was a fraudulent tracking number and to tell me the exact date it shipped. All of a sudden the tracking changed to a shipping label was created where it now sits. I am skeptical of the info and will continue to try and get my money back. Interestingly, the jeans are on Amazon with the same photo (says no longer available) but the second picture has another photo that is a cheap looking knock off which is likely what would we would get IF the item shipped.

  42. I ordered something at the beginning of april and havenot heard back from them. Send out a email to them to ask about the status and nothing. Pretty sure this company is not legit.
    We should all complain to the BBB. Better pay with PayPal this way they can give you the money back as well.

  43. I placed an order on April 13 and so far no delivery . They took the money but didn’t delivered the product. I emailed them and no answer back. I believe that all this is a scam!! Be aware shoppers!! Scam scam!!!!!

  44. OMG 😳 THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙌 for these REVIEWS !! i was just about to place an order for 3 supes cute bathing suits; they would have gone so well with a few outfits but there is literally ONLY 1 fawkin review on here that said they ACTUALLY RECEIVES THEIR MERCH so it’s obviously a SCAM .. i can’t believe people get away with this kind of shit. how is in not FAWKIN ILLEGAL ?? it’s literally FRAUD & LARCENY !! i mean i could be wrong ik by a lot of people are really bored right now with the pandemic but i don’t think this many people would have come on here to share their personal experiences. THANK YOU KINDLY TO THOSE WHO DID YOU SAVED ME $65.00. i will pay it forward one day soon !!

  45. Luvrosy is a scam. Ordered 2 months ago. After a month they said a few more days. Now they won’t respond

  46. Horrible company! I’ve inquired about my order that hasn’t received in a month and a half and haven’t received a response through email or Facebook! What a joke!

  47. Anyone have issues with your bank account once they get their money? They took the original amount of my purchase then an additional “foreign fee” of 28cents. I thought that was odd. I called my bank and the girl asked if I ordered something online. She said it was common for these sites to do. I haven’t heard anything from this company. No additional information regarding my product with shipping dates etc. I have emailed them once and still waiting for a response. At this point if it’s a scam, I’m just concerned they can’t have access to my account going forward. It’s a matter of ya live and learn now.

  48. DO NOT order from this company. horrible horrible experience. charged my CC & still haven’t received merchandise 2 months later. stopped payment with bank. they are horrendous!!!! an absolute waste

  49. Ordered 4/4 and 4/10, only one order has “shipped out” the other is still unfulfilled. On the shipped out order, USPS has still not received the actual items based on the shipping number they provided. I’ve contacted luvrosy through their FB page, FB messenger, and email about an update. Although they have mostly responded, they keep saying “thanks for your patience, we hope you wait a few days.” I’m not seeing any positive results from others who have ordered as well, I plan on disputing the fraudulent charges.

  50. I wouldn’t do it – See Facebook page Cathego-Fraud. This started out as a page talking about the scam from but has expanded to many, many online retailers from China. Very few people are satisfied, and there is no customer service. If you don’t know the retailer – stay away, most likely you are just giving your money away. It a deal is too good to be true, it most likely is.

  51. WTF with this place! I ordered April 4th… It’s now May 14th. Contacted them through email; response was: your order has been packaged, we will contact you with your tracking number within 2 days…..that was April 14th! Still nothing, no contact and no merchandise. I usually don’t order clothes online from these kind of sites but with quarantine and all… I got tempted; damn it!! Lol! My bad, should have known it was a scam. We should all get together and get this figured out. Not sure if Better Business Borough would even handle this because it’s a different country- does anyone know?

  52. Do not order from them. I purchased something over a month ago and have not received it. I’ve emailed their “customer supposed” and no response.

  53. I placed 2 orders on this site 4/21/20 and 4/22/20. These orders have sat in an “unfulfilled” status since the day I placed the order–almost 30 days now. I tried contacting them via email 3 times for a status update and never got a response. Fortunately, I paid through PayPal and was able to open a dispute. In doing this, I received a response that my orders are being processed for USPS shipment. They providing the tracking number for one order but it shows no information for this tracking number on the USPS website. I have responded to (aka whatcharming) message that I received through PayPal to determine if this is being shipped from somewhere in the US or if it is being shipped from overseas and I am waiting for a response. If it is coming from overseas, I will be cancelling this order due to unknown restrictions during the pandemic. It’s really too bad–the clothes are super cute online but don’t get tempted. They take your money, rarely respond unless it’s a dispute status, there is no phone number to contact and their return process looks complicated at best.

  54. Finally received my order and it looked nothing like what the website showed and one of the shirts was damaged. I emailed for return instructions and was told to send a picture of the shirts and reason for return, which I did. I was then told the photography colors would differ from original product and if I would accept a coupon for my next order. HA, HA, NO! I’ll just keep pestering and emailing ,I even copied their return policy promises in my email…not holding my breath that’ll l get a refund but we’ll see.

  55. I wish I had saw all these comments before order over 200 with of clothes I will not see according to comments, I also never received a email, not one thing from them. SCAM FOR SURE

  56. Ordered $115 worth of clothes April 5th, emailed them end of April, got an automated response asking if I can wait a few more days, Facebook IM’d a week after, was told my items were being packaged and I would receive in 1-3 business days. It’s been 2 weeks since then, still no items and now they won’t respond to me on either platform. Also, PayPal has no record of me making the purchase through them. So, might have gotten double scammed by some fake PayPal account they’re using…

  57. I placed my order on 5/5/20 , promptly rec’d an email stating my order was rec’d and of course billed immediately to my card, said I should receive my order in 8-15 business days and they would send me an email once it shipped. Still have not rec’d any email, I have sent them 4 emails (because they have no customer service number) asking for an update on my order and crickets…chirp chirp. I called my credit card company and they suggested I dispute the charges which I am in the process of doing now. Do not order from this company
    lesson learned I will always check reviews before making another on line purchase.

  58. uh oh….clearly should’ve researched before i spent money here huh…Trying to figure out how to stop my payment.

  59. GREAT EXPERIENCE! I made an order on April 5, 2020. I was shipped out on April 9th. It was delivered on April 18th. This items I ordered were just ask described and very comfortable! I just ordered a lot more from them. Can’t wait! I don’t mind waiting two weeks for nice products that are affordable!

  60. I’m disputing the charge now. Expedited and a USPS number, but they haven’t received the package. apparently they will never ship it. Only one person ordered from here.

    This review is also a scam. It has praise for the company and says (paraphrasing) don’t order if you are unfashionable or overweight. This was clearly written by their company.

  61. Do not order from that site!! Cheaply made clothes! Awful! Sizes didn’t fit right! Trying to return it, and send bunch off emails, no responds from them!!! 😡

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