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Ohorola com Face Mask Reviews [May] Is It Scam or Not?

Ohorola com Face Mask Reviews 2020

Ohorola com Face Mask Reviews [May] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, you will read about the authenticity of a website.

Aren’t face masks highest in demand nowadays? But the real question is where to buy them legitimately? You must have gone through a lot of websites before considering Ohorola com Face Mask. Read further to know more about it.

The pandemic outbreak has made it necessary that every person well or unwell, must leave his/her house only wearing a face-mask. The world, along with the United Statesis following the same norm to be on the safer side. 

To protect oneself from the widespread infection, it is evident that the face-masks are essential. The fear of cross-contamination reduces with this face-mask while increasing safety. Furthermore, the spread of the disease can be put on the halt as well.

Read further to know about its authenticity.

But with the greater extent of scams happening nowadays, it is essential to know Is Legit or not.

Is Ohorola Legit?

This website was already delivering household products. But with the increase in the demand of the face-masks in the United States, they have started selling them online. We can make sure of their legitimacy only after knowing more about the company.

What is Ohorola?

Ohorola is an online website that sells various household items with a variety of designs. Besides, Ohorola com Face Mask is a new addition to the market due to the increased demand in the time of the pandemic outbreak. 

They have mentioned on their website that the shipping might take time depending upon the place where the order is to be delivered. They have specified their terms of service in detail as well whereas, their ‘About Us’ page is missing. 


  • Website link: 
  • Website type: Online store for Health and wellness, household products
  • Shipping time: Not mentioned on the website
  • Delivery time: 5-7 days
  • Cancellation: Only before shipping
  • Exchange: Applicable to some products
  • Return: 30-days after after
  • Refund: Applicable to some products
  • Shipping cost: Free over $60
  • Company address: Not specified on the website
  • Email address:
  • Contact No.: Not available on the website
  • Mode of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, PayPal.

Who is this website for

This website is best suitable for those who want to purchase some household products like bedsheets, beanies, etc. In addition to that, this website is appropriate for those who are searching for face-masks. In this time duration, where health safety and precautions have become a priority, they have added the face-mask in their store. 

Although their website is not well-designed. There’s no option to search what you are looking for as there is no search bar on the site. Nonetheless, You can always subscribe to their newsletter. 

Now, before making any quick decision about this website, let us take you the pros and cons section below:


  • The website is user-friendly
  • They have a wide range of bedsheets
  • No shipping fee over $60
  • One week delivery which is quite quick
  • Products available at a reasonable price
  • Track-link lets you monitor your order’s whereabouts.
  • More discounts which mean less expenditure.


  • The website is not SSL certified
  • All the products cannot be seen in one section.
  • There are no categories on their website.
  • The contact details are missing from the site.
  • Their address is also not specified.
  • There’s no review section as well.
  • They do not have a search bar on their page.
  • Even their “About Us” page is also missing.
  • Cash on delivery option is unavailable.
  • They have no links to social networking sites.

What are the reviews

With all the more negative points, we do not intend to recommend this website. There are ample loopholes on the site. There are no positive reviews for this website as of now, maybe because they do not have a review column for their buyers. 

They do not have a detailed description of their products, which confuse the customers. The people are aware that they can get face masks on this website, but when they turn towards the website to purchase it, they cannot find it. Above all, they do not present themselves on any social networking site where the buyers can connect with them. They have not even provided any contact details apart from the email. 


After all the points mentioned earlier, we regret to say that we do not recommend this website. They are probably not an authentic seller of the face mask. And as of now, the world desires authenticity.

Have you shopped with them yet? Well, we advise you to make wise decisions.


  1. Hi The company called OHOROLA. Has not. Sent me a tracking number for my first order which it was a dog mask I do not have order number but the second order I have the order number and purchase number which was a Mickey Mouse mask order number,,, OHO 2894 purchase number HHH 160433TN. It’s been three weeks since my first order two weeks since my second order still haven’t got a tracking number for any of them They just keep saying it’s on its way. Can someone find out where my order is thank you

    1. Yes I ordered from same company three weeks ago no face mask. No nothing at all now I have go in my email and find my invoice and stop payment. I paid $30 no face mask . They need their ass kick ridiculous and bs

  2. Haven’t re Received My tracking number for my mask 1st order The Detroit Lions mask the company Ohorola please send to me

    1. Still waiting on my 2 masks I reveived an e-mail saying theie working on my order….they better send the products or refund all my money!
      It would be stupid to get shot over something like this…..that’s my family….

    1. I ordered to mask a month in a half ago I’ve also emailed support all they keep telling me is their are working on my order I payed 48 dollars for mine it’s really loading me off

  3. Hi; I’m sooo upset with this company OHOROLA:: I don’t understand why these companies don’t wanna to send me my Dallas Cowboys face mask:: I need my face mask;I ordered April 11 2020.Yes it have being 30 day so far ok;; I pay for it so why I can’t have my stuff after I paid for it;;It’s a Shame

  4. I also order a Dallas Cowboys face mask about 4 weeks ago . . . Nothing!!! I have emailed support several times to no avail. I WANT MY $36 BACK!!

  5. I ordered 4 weeks ago. I haven’t gotten a tracking number or my order. I have emailed multiple times and only got 1 email back. Very unhappy. I would like my order

  6. I’ve been waiting on my customer mask for over a month …either refund me or send my mask.


  8. Have not received confirmation or anything at all from this company. It has been since April I ordered my mask

  9. I made an order on April 27 got an invoice number but no tracking number yet. I think they are a scam.

  10. I have ordered two cowboys mask 3 weeks ago have not received any kind of tracking number or any thing and have have took the money out of my account. They keep telling me the same shit over and over. I just want them to refund me my money back. I’ll order my mask from another reliable web site.

  11. I love visiting the Philippines. Korea does not have as many beautiful islands as you do. I’m comingbn back again this summer

  12. I have ordered my first order was to 49er mess without my name printed on it I haven’t heard anything about that
    My second order was to masks both blue with the name of Lori on it and the other Blair I heard from you saying they were on their way out but when I looked back at it the ZIP code was wrong the address is right but not the ZIP code my right zip code is 46617 is there anyway you can fix that so I can still be able to receive my mask. Thank you

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