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Overstorage Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Online Store?

Overstorage Reviews

Overstorage Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Online Store? -> The post will tell you about a site that allows bulk buying of disinfectants and sanitizers.

Ensuring your hands remain clean so you do not transfer any germs and other pathogens to directly to your mouth or eyes is essential. 

With the current scenario, this becomes a necessary evil. Many an online store are coming up with hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, alcohol disinfectants, etc. 

One such online store is the Overstorage, an online store that is based out of the United States

Let’s jump into the Overstorage Reviews to analyse this store. What kind of products is it selling? Is it scamming us? All your questions shall be answered, so read this post till the very end. 

What is Overstorage? 

It is an online e-commerce store that like numerous other websites has jumped on the bandwagon to sell disinfectants, gloves, masks, toilet papers and other products. The company in its about us section talks about using innovative chemistry along with modern craftsmanship.

The Overstorage website lacks a proper display. This means that the site is very confusing, even though they have adequate product categories. You will find the hand sanitizers as well as alcohol wipes in all the product categories.

They also mention about setting standards about next-generation glass, electronics, batteries and phone accessories. Whereas you will only spot products that help disinfect.

So, Is Overstorage Scam or LegitYou will find that out as you progress into this post. 

What products are available on Overstorage? 

The creation date of this site will tell you that it was recently created, which is probably why a lot of the products lie in its “New In” section. 

Here you will see printed face masks that will cover all the way to the neck, splash-proof mask shields and no-touch digital thermometers apart from the regular products that are up in the category sections. 

The category on Overstorage that people would be most interested in is the disinfectant wipes. You can purchase a pack of 6 that contains about 75% alcohol for $21.99. 

Toilet paper too is available. You can get about 205 regular rolls for $32.99! You will also spot hand sanitizers and disinfectants in this category. Reminding us that the site needs to work on it.

Hand sanitizers can be purchased at a discounted price of $9.98. The last product category is latex gloves; you can get 100 pieces for $24.99. 

Is Overstorage Scam or Legit

The most asked and thought about the question about any new site is “Is Overstorage Scam or Legit.”  The points below shall give you some clarity. 

  • To begin with, you will see a lock right next to the website URL along with this; it also has an SSL certificate. Both these ensure your details remain protected.  
  • Email-id is provided so customers can reach out to them in case of queries or inquiries. Email id- 
  • Includes information regarding what the owner wishes to sell and some more general information in its About us section. 
  • They deliver worldwide. This is mentioned in their shipping and delivery section. They will take about 8-10 working days to deliver in the United States and about 10-20 days to deliver anywhere else. 
  • They accept Visa card, master card, American Express and PayPal for payment. 
  • However, they charge $7.99 on purchases below $79. 
  • The layout of the site is confusing. The product categories even though cleanly distributed, are mixed with other products. 
  • They have limited product options, could this be why each you will see sanitizers in the toilet paper category? 
  • The site was recently created. 
  • There is no address or phone number provided. 
  • The site lacks customer reviews, but you will see continuous pop-ups of some product being purchased from the site. 

In short, the Overstorage online store lacks transparency and would make it difficult for customers to make a purchase. They do not show any discounts or lowered prices, which is a staple amongst scam websites, a dishonourable way to entice potential customers.

Final Verdict- 

It could be that the makers are taking advantage of the current situation or are just selling you something that you could benefit from. The products offered are not very expensive and will fit in your budget. However, it is always advised to be a wise shopper!

To conclude, it is essential to maintain your hygiene regardless of the situation. You may choose to make a purchase or not. Give the shipping and delivery details if you do make a purchase. 


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