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Oxidstion Club Reviews – Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Oxidstion Club Reviews 2020

Oxidstion Club Reviews – Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> This online shopping website is not 100% sure to provide any home decoration product at your home and may be not trustworthy to safe your account detail.

E-commerce website is one of the best ways to purchase any product. There are several advantages to buying products online as compared to purchasing products offline. They are time-saving, cost-effective, multiple options, and many more. An online store is sometimes more favourable to those customers who seek for offers and discounts. But what if the product you are purchasing from the website is fake? So, to avoid them, awareness is a must.

In this article, we would like to introduce to you the website name Oxidstion Club. According to this website, they have a wide range of products like a sofa cushion, loveseat cushion, candle holders, and table lamps. You will get varieties of options on these products like colour, size, and shape.

Most of the time, consumers fall in the trap of fake websites, and the reason may be due to the offers and discounts provided by the website. But it is advised to all the consumers who are online shoppers that not to purchase any product from any new website or the website, which looks suspicious.

Customers can also identify the website if they know the trick to identify the site. Always search about the comments of reviews about the website, search the social media page of the website.

The website is new, and address is mention of the United State, but Oxidstion is found as a fake sites which already used this address.

In this article, we will discuss the Oxidstion Club reviews, provided by the customers and discuss oxidstion. Club legit or not.

What is Oxidstion Club?

Oxidstion Club is an online store that provides products like cushions for sofa, table lamps, shelves, rack, and candle lamp. They have varieties of designer candle lamps and cushions for sofa. The site is having a beautiful designer table lamp available in a different texture.

Another suspicious point to be noted is the price tag; the price of the product is kept low from the actual cost, which seems unrealistic.

The company is providing an option to return the product if the customer doesn’t like the ordered product. But the product must remain its original packing. According to the oxidstion website, the customer can ask for a refund only if the company approves that the returned product.

Several fake websites make such rules and policies that the customer gets ultimately into their trap and never get the return. Online consumers are advised not to indulge in such types of phoney websites and never to store their bank details and credit card information. They hack all aspects of your card and bank of the consumer and withdraw all the money by illegal means.

In our research, the Oxidstion Club reviews are found negative, and few customers reported that they place their order but never received any parcel form the website.

Feature and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Oxidstion Club)

Pros of Oxidstion Club

  • The website is having different types of products like table lamp, cushions, candleholders, and many more.
  • The company is offering a gift voucher card which you can use it to gift someone of yours.
  • You can return the product to here if you receive any damaged product or if the product has missing pieces.
  • Company will refund the full amount of the product if the customer claim for a refund instead of exchange

Cons of Oxidstion Club

  • Oxidstion is providing the product at a low cost which is comparatively low form the other online store
  • The address mentioned by the Oxidstion Club is not verified and legit because several phoney websites used the same address.
  • The company is hiding the details of the owner and not provided any legit contact number
  • The site is not having any customer base and any social media page.

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The product once sold will only be accepted if the product delivered to the customers found damaged 
  • The customer will have to bear all the shipping charges of the product
  • The refund of the product will be credited to the consumer’s bank account after the reception of the product.


The product available on Oxidstion is similar to most of the fake website. We found Oxidstion low on the trust index, but it is up to your choice.


  1. I order a kennel fence on 4/19/20. I received an email receipt the same day. After concerns about the legitimacy of this company, I inquired by email ( on 4/20/20 regarding the length of time for shipment. I received a response back on 4/22/20 along with a tracking number. I have been able to track the order to China on a legit tracking service (verified by also tracking some of my recent Amazon purchases). The order appears to have gone through a couple of processing centers and is now in Shanghai at an international shipping facility. We’ll see if anything arrives in the next couple of weeks.

    1. I ordered the dog house / penthouse on April 18, 2020. Supposedly, my package has made it here from China and is at my post office awaiting the paperwork?!?
      (according to the tracking and my inquiries at USPS)
      I’m hoping it’s not a scam – really like the dog house……….

    2. File a claim. They are scammers. Happened to me. They did mail me two mask, like I would trust putting that on my face!

  2. Same! Sooo mad…ordered the dog kennel on 04/21/2020. I wonder if we all have the same tracking number too

    1. File a claim. They are scammers. Happened to me. They did mail me two mask, like I would trust putting that on my face!

  3. They are a scam – just called the phone # and it doesn’t even work. Ordered a dog kennel and it never came – no response to the e-mails asking ETA

  4. Have any of you received your dog kennel yet? Mine left Shanghai on 4/25 (tracking # ends in 1933CN). Anyone have the same tracking number?

    1. File a claim. They are scammers. Happened to me. They did mail me two mask, like I would trust putting that on my face!

  5. Darn it, I ordered a dog kennel a week ago. No response from website or email I should have known the price was to good to be true. Say hello to Paypal dispute page……

  6. Same issue. Continuing to try and reveal this company as fraud. They do respond to emails. I asked for a refund and they said that my kennel is in transit. I hope my vanilla card MasterCard gets the money back! Phone number did not work either

  7. I ordered a 2 story animal cage. I got the tracking number from them and 35 days late I finally got my product…….although it was not the cage….it was 3 black masks.

  8. Ordered a small pet hut waited and tracked order for 6 weeks and received two face masks, scam don’t buy from them.

  9. It IS A SCAM. I ordered a Cat Condo and received two face masks from china. They even put ‘SHIRT’ as the content on the package. The tracking number is the same as what the Cat Condo was supposed to be.

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