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Prodstop com Reviews {APRIL 2020} Is it legit Or scam?

Prodstop com Reviews

Prodstop com Reviews {APRIL 2020} Is it legit Or scam? -> Here, you get to know about an affiliate site, its specifications, and other features.

Do you know that websites now earn by sharing affiliate links? To know more, see Prodstop.

Affiliate marketing and business is one of the ways through which people have started making money even if it does not allow the person to earn a lot, but still, it acts as a side business.

Prodstop com Reviews suggest that this site is considered one of the best affiliate marketers in the game. But how does affiliation work? Is it worth the money to buy from an affiliate website?

Well, in this blog, we are going to tell you how you can use an affiliate site, is it okay to invest money in such websites, and Is Prodstop Legit or not.

If you see the recent researches, then you will get to know that affiliation is majorly used as a source of earning in western countries. And this site is highly appreciated in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Let us move on to know more about this site.

What is Prodstop?

If you have read the term “Prodstop Scam” anywhere before then here, you will get to know if this site is scamming you, or is it just fake news that people are spreading.

Just because this site uses affiliate links does not mean that it is fake or a scam. Many huge companies allow people to use their product links as affiliate links and then will enable them to earn the commission. This site shares affiliate links with Amazon, and Amazon is the most used online shopping site all over the world.

At Prodstop, you will find items like home décor items, beauty products, bags, toys, etc.

Specifications of Prodstop:
Website- Shares affiliate links with Amazon

  • Order processing time- 12 days
  • Delivery time- 15 days
  • Shipping charge- $45
  • Exchange- not allowed
  • Returns- only if the item is returned in 5 days of receiving the order
  • Refund- will be available after ten days
  • Mode of payment- Diner’s Club credit card and JCB credit card

How does an affiliate site work?

Before knowing how affiliation works, you need to know what affiliation means. Affiliation means suggesting a product to someone by sharing the links and earning a commission through it.

To make it clear in a simple manner, Prodstop shares links of the products with you via its website, and whenever you purchase through this link, the owner receives a commission.

Affiliation purchases will not do any harm to your money. You will pay the original price only. And no, affiliation is not a scam.

Pros of buying from Prodstop:

  • By buying even a single product, you can help someone else earn the money
  • You can return the product and also ask for a refund
  • A lot of options are available on the website to buy from

Cons of buying from Prodstop:

  • A lot of valuable information like about the owner is missing from the website
  • Payment cannot be made via PayPal or debit cards
  • Website lacks professionalism
  • The direct link of products is not attached to Amazon

Customer’s reviews on Prodstop:

As we have already told you, all that a lot of necessary data is not available on the website, which also includes reviews from the customers. Had the site added ratings, at least then it would have been easier for the buyers to trust this site.

We have collected a few customer reviews and summarized them for you. Customers have shared that the website is responsible enough to reply to the concerns, but the process is slow. Along with replying late, they also deliver the products late.

For some of the buyers, this site is only grief. They say that before buying the product, the company attends the call and also replies to the mails, but once you ask about the refund, there is no response at all.

Final Verdict

Affiliation cannot be misjudged as a scam all the time. If you do in-depth research, then you will get to know that there are so many websites that earn money by using affiliate links. Some of them might be fooling people, but not every site does that.

Now talking specifically about Prodstop, this site seems legit but needs a little bit of proper website management. But if you are still not sure if you should buy from Prodstop or not, then check the social pages and then decide.


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