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Sciencemart Reviews – Understand Before Buying Anything Reviews – Understand Before Buying Anything >> Get the clear idea about this website and then buy anything from this online store. In this post – answers of all your questions!

You must be a science lover as you have reached this page for reading posts around reviews over the web. This online store is gaining popularity among young ones who have a keen interest in science and research work. 

As the mission of this brand, they have mentioned “spreading science awareness,” and their designs will be capable of doing it. In everyday life, we have not seen anyone having jewelry of such designs; hence it is going to attract many. Also, the prices of all these designs are not that hefty on your pockets.

Around the world, young scholars are buying products from this store. It is also having a good-sized customer fan base in the United States. Yet, some shoppers have some doubts about this online store, and we are going to explore the reasons behind doubts over this store.

What is

As the name suggests, science mart is an online store which offers various kinds of jewelry items crafted based on some scientific term. Science students and teachers will love this store. We can have an idea about its possible customer fan base. Many professionals related to lab works, hospital, nursing, testing, research, and even science book writers will fall over the concept of this online store.

Yes, one can have DNA Adjustable Ring, Hemoglobin Necklace, and Dino Bracelet. In the list of its bestselling products list, you will only find jewelry items. However, it has few other accessories too.

What should you know about its catalog?

While reading several science mart reviews, we noticed that reviewers had not answered this question in a well-written manner. Hence, we are trying to share it in a detailed way.

You can get Bracelet, Necklace, Ring, Earrings, Pendant Necklace, Belt types of product in this online store. Each of these product categories will be having products crafted on some scientific concepts.

Indeed, it is a unique thought for designing such products. However, there is not a big count of merchandise available for sale. It looks like a newbie in the online store business. Its website is also not well designed. There are options for browsing products based on categories and also based on their alphabetical order.

One can quickly notice the poor quality of its website. This fact is a true demerit in terms of branding and trust-building among probable customers.

While visiting this online store, you might start doubting its legitimacy.

Is sciencemart a scam?

Of course, one would like to read sciencemart reviews before placing an order at this online store. Well, one might have this question in mind too.

To answer this question, we would firstly like to mention about existing SSL certificate over its website. It is having an SSL certificate, which means your input data will be safe over this web-portal.

After seeing multiple badges of the payment service providers, one can get the idea of available various payment methods too.

No doubt, this online store is having a poor web design. And, this impacts its trust value. The website is also not user-friendly.

Sciencemart is based on a unique concept. Hence, it might be having a limited fan base. While browsing its website, we are unable to find social media presence signals. 

While reading a few available customer remarks across the web, we found that people are not that happy with this store’s product delivery and quality of products. In their About Us page, they have not mentioned their team, owner of this store, and not even about the base country of this store. There is also nothing mentioned about the physical address in the existing Contact Us page.

All these might sum up as a sign of a possible scam. However, we have not found any proof of any scam. Annoyed customers were also not significant in numbers!

Still, we suggest that one should avoid ordering from such stores. Instead of it, one should try products from some reputed stores like Amazon.

What Are Customers Saying in Their sciencemart co reviews?

This online store has a unique kind of products. And, that makes it far different from other online stores. However, it also confirms the limit of its customer count. Few science mart com reviews by customers were like this – 

Michelle says, “One of my friends gifted an earring to me. It was unique as it was about the Atom structure. Thus how I became familiar with this store. I have ordered two-three products from this store. It is a unique jewelry store. “

Jennet says, “Nothing good with this store! Few products are good in quality and also, in price. They are no good in customer support. No one loves answer emails here!”

Joya says, “One product was delivered on time and second was never delivered. After having a good fight for returning my money, I decided to never order from the sciencemart website.”

Rachel says, “Simply interesting! I have never seen such products. Science is my favorite subject. And, I love its Atom Bangle Bracelet!”


We have tried out best to give a conclusive summary of several reviews. You must be having a good idea about this online store. In the conclusion of this post, we like to mention it as a unique idea for an online store. We appreciate the effort. However, this brand is lacking in several aspects. Poor website design, defects in customer support, and delay in product delivery might raise doubt over its brand value.

We have analyzed it in many ways. And we decided not to recommend this store. It is good that they have a unique jewelry design. But, we again recommend our readers to go for a reputed branded online store like Amazon.

In such an online store, you will be able to get good quality, reasonable prices, and of course, unique designs for jewelry.

However, that was our review about this online. Please share your experiences with sciencemart online store in the comments below. And, also mention about your thought over our review post.


  1. I ordered two dinosaur bundles which each consist of earrings, a ring and a skeleton necklace. I initially had good communication with them as they explained I may experience a delay due to the covid19 crisis and I replied it was no problem and I understand fully as I am an RN in a hospital in NY. They even replied with a heartfelt thanks for my work on the front lines. A couple of weeks later I received one bundle but not two. Now they don’t respond to my emails. I’m not sure if I can disputed the charges since I received half my order. I’m stuck between recommending them because they were kind and I got one bundle and not recommending them because now they don’t answer and they owe me a dinosaur bundle or a half refund.

  2. I purchased something from them over a month ago and still no package. I’ve emailed them several times and no response. Now I want my money back and I don’t know how to go about doing it

  3. Ordered a month ago, haven’t got my order. I know the CV19 is an issue however they need to communicate with us. I bought a pretty big amount

  4. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Apparently they dropship (which should be well noted on their site, and when you place an order, but it is not. I placed an order back on March 3rd and I AM STILL WAITING. RIDICULOUS!!!!

    I am filing a claim to get my $$$ back and will NEVER order from them again, much less recommend them to anyone else.

  5. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. 9 weeks and nothing. I started an investigation/dispute with my credit card issuer – they have not heard either. If enough people complain maybe they will have no credit card company do business with them.

    1. I purchased an order from them March 26th and it arrived today! Everything is good quality and exactly what I wanted! It may have taken a long time because of COVID 19, but it did arrive and is nice!

  6. I would NOT recommend ordering from this company. I ordered back in March, finally got my order today. Missing two items. The leather bracelets are NOT leather but vegan leather. I didn’t realize it from the picture but I believe the oxytocin is printed backwards and the pattern from the cast makes the chemical structure incorrect where there should be gaps in the structure like in the pic, it is bonded. They did respond to me when I question where my order was. Due to the length of time it took me to get these products, I do question whether this is even a US company. It feels like these are China products and that would explain the long shipping time. Also they use DHL which is predominantly a Euro “FedEx” shipping type company.
    I am highly disappointed!

  7. Tbere’s a Facebook page called ScienceMart Scam that some consumers put together to warn others. Thank you for your article. It saved me from making a big mistake.

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