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Seashop space Scam {June} See The Genuine & Scam Site

Seashop space Scam

Seashop space Scam {June} See The Genuine & Scam Site -> In this article, we would be reviewing a website offering a vast collection of kayaks. Do you like boating? Are you fond of trying out different boats?

People prefer to do boating on vacations. For this, they especially travel to far off places and fulfill their desires.

In this article, we would be finding out if Seashop space Scam or legit. The website is selling different kinds of boats which people usually use or prefer. Often, these types of equipment are used by the owners or by the people who own a boathouse.

This website offers any boats which may not be directly useful to local people, but are helpful to the owners on the lakeside.

The website offers a massive catalog with numerous options available for the people to make their choices.

The website is based in The United States, and many people are looking forward to trying this website.

Going forward, we will give you more such information on the website.

Is Seashop space Scam?

The website is offering the right product range. The catalog has a vast collection of kayaks that differ in designs and colors. Plus, they are at a sale and fixed for $99.

While researching to find if Seashop space Scam or not, we got some evidence that lands us in the situation of doubt; the website does not have any reviews from the people who have bought these. Plus, the site is noticed to be registered just recently, i.e., 10 June 2020. 

This states that the website is not even a month old and is new to the market. Also, the site has not mentioned any history or relevant information about the company. 

The company has not even mentioned a phone number, and the business address specified on the website comes out to be an apartment where it is impossible to store these vast kayaks.

Henceforth, we as per the current situation, and as the website is very new, we would not recommend it for now and suggest that readers wait for some time to check the legitimacy of the website.

What is Seashop space?

Seashop space is an online store claiming to sell lifetime kayaks on a fixed price of 99$. The website provides a vast catalog for the buyers to choose from.

They have a wide variety of kayaks and color options as well.

The website collection includes different varieties such as paddle boats, fishing kayaks, sit-inside kayak, stand-up paddleboard, on-top angler kayak. All these products have several types and color options available.

These products may help a person to increase or improve his collection of kayaks or even to attract people by having colorful and attractive kayaks.

After acquiring all this information, we are sure there may be some questions you would like to answer. These may be – Are these products up to the safety mark? 

This article will further clear all your doubts.

Specifications of Seashop space

  • All the products are available at a fixed price of $99
  • Has a vast collection of kayaks
  • The shipping of products takes up to 7-12 business days.
  • Exchange within 30 days of purchase.
  • Email –
  • Address: 2811 W. Howard St. Apt. 1E Chicago, IL 60645 USA

Pros of buying from Seashop space

  • The products are relevant for boat owners
  • A different type of product website
  • The return of these items is possible.

Cons of buying from Seashop space

  • No COD available
  • No contact number is mentioned
  • Social media handles attached at the bottom are fake

What are customer reviews on the website?

The website is dealing with the product that is not required or useful to ordinary people. These types of products are needed by a specific group of people whose business revolves around it. 

As the website is very new to the market, we could not find any reviews from the people who bought these products.

We cannot even say if people have yet made purchases from this website as the products are not for any ordinary people. If any business wants to buy, they’ll also assure the quality, and other aspects as these types of products revolve around higher risk areas.

Hence, there were no reviews from the customers.

Final Verdict

The website is newly introduced to the market and does not have any customer reviews yet. Also, from the pieces of evidence, we collected however, clearly state that the website is a scam.

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