Southpaw Toothbrush Reviews [2020] Is It Worth My Money?

Southpaw Toothbrush Reviews

Southpaw Toothbrush Reviews [2020] Is It Worth My Money? This article is meant for explaining about Southpaw and all your FAQs answered.

Toothbrushes are so very important for us as for the animals. A day doesn’t go without us brushing. It’s a daily habit which we can’t forego, then why is it that animals don’t brush? That’s a misconception; even they need to clean their denture, like we do. Unfortunately they too can be irritable and fussy like our own kids, who dislike brushing every day.

We eat several things throughout the day as animals do and the residual food in our mouth causes infection and harmful diseases including bad odor. Same is the situation with animals. Brushing your pet’s teeth must be a must-habit.

It isn’t easy to conquer the rigid canine, when it comes to brushing but make it a point that this too is important.

So, if you have a pet animal at home, simply cuddling and pampering isn’t enough, take your love for a dental examination once a year to the veterinary dentist and make him brush twice or three times a week at least.

Introducing here, Southpaw Toothbrush Reviews! An innovative, animal friendly product, that would change the daily mundane brushing game altogether.

 Presently, considered the ‘Best Dog Toothbrush 2020’ and an already in-demand product in Canada, United States, Australia and United Kingdom, the Southpaw toothbrush is definitely going to appeal to you too.

What is a Southpaw Toothbrush?

Southpaw dog toothbrush Reviews is the only two-in-one chew toy for your pet. Your dog will take care of his own dental health by chewing on this long-lasting powerful chewer daily. The toothbrush is heavily bristled giving your pet, enough pleasure to dig into it with their strong teeth.

Sometimes, it becomes so difficult to reach areas, like the back tooth, with conventional brushes but Southpaw toothbrush is different.

It’s absolutely safe, durable and made from non-toxic natural rubber. You can simply leave it with your dog and let him play with it every day.

Who would buy that?

This product will be a definitive buy for pet owners. If you want your dog to do the brushing himself then you ought to gift him a Southpaw brush.

Your lovey-dovey will like playing with it all throughout , while getting his denture cleaned in the process.

Advantageous features,

  1. The bristly helps maintain the doggy’s dental health.
  2. The DIY design helps the animal to do his own brushing.
  3. The sturdy bristles remove the toughest stains, plague and tartar.
  4. The placement of the bristles clean all ways through, the back, front, inside and overall.
  5. The product is designed keeping in mind the anatomy of a dog’s mouth, so it’s workable and absolutely safe for them.
  6. It’s a time-saver as we seldom can take out time everyday for brushing our pet’s teeth and at times, we offend them too.


  • A dog simply needs to chew on the Southpaw toothbrush for 5-10 minutes each day.
  • The product is manufactured using top quality natural rubber, so inspite of all the biting and ravaging under the animal’s tough teeth, it retains it’s shape and form.
  • Southpaw Toothbrushes come in variable sizes between small, medium and large depending upon the weight of your canine.

How to use a Southpaw Toothbrush?

Firstly, the dog secures the Southpaw Toothbrush in place with the help of the paw pads on the brush. Then, it clamps down and bites the bristle lined grooves. He is tempted to do so as the latter acts like a little toy for him.

There’s a convenient toothpaste reservoir inside the apparatus, which should be loaded beforehand. Just insert the toothpaste in the vacuum and that’s it. 

The dog’s natural motions work with the bristles, from which the paste oozes out to clean down till the gums.

What makes Southpaw Toothbrush better than others?

Southpaw toothbrush is a non-prickly and uniquely designed rubber form for brushing in dogs. The unusual designing facilitates and motivates the animal to do his own brushing regularly.

Made from ‘natural’ substance, that’s rubber, the brush firmly plucks out stuck-in food and plague and is soft on delicate gums.

Rubber is a durable material so the brush lasts long. Apart from this, it’s available at a pocket friendly price option.

Built-in toothpaste tube provides for that frothy, fresh cleaning.

People’s Say,

Among all the rave reviews that people make about the southpaw toothbrush, here are a few readable ones,

“My baby simply loves it. Initially, he started licking the toothpaste foam splintering from inside and then went on to chewing it for more. I love the make of the southpaw toothbrush as my dog is able to place it easily between his paws and do the brushing himself unknowingly.” – Jane

“I was tired of brushing my dog’s teeth for even twice a week as he would simply get irritated and violent. Then, I embarked on Southpaw toothbrush and it instantly hit it off with my pet. He started playing with it like a toy and my work was done. Now, each day he awaits his brushing time.” – Amy

“Southpaw toothbrush is a highly durable product because even after my dog’s angry bites on it, the item seems untouched. My animal loves chewing on it and I personally, have observed the product’s performance. Brilliantly built.” – Susanne.

My Recommendation

I have my own pet dog at home, but it would just not co-operate while brushing. A few months before, it contracted a gum infection from somewhere and I was scared. I rushed to the dentist and he showed me this ‘Southpaw Toothbrush’, which would do the cleaning immaculately without me taking all the strain of brushing my baby’s teeth.

My pet loves playing with his new toy and keeps chewing on it to his satisfaction. The toothpaste oozing out of the pores intercepting the bristles, mix with the dog’s saliva and thereby, produces a concoction that disinfects and cleans thoroughly within the mouth.

Ever since, southpaw toothbrush has arrived, my responsibility is lessened and now, I can rest peacefully watching my dog beautifully gnawing at it.


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