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Spicure Reviews [2020] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not?

Spicure Website Reviews

Spicure Reviews [2020] Shopping Here Is Risky Or Not? >> This read is for those who wish to learn about

Hi, all of us know how easy and convenient is online shopping, these days. You just need a smart phone or a computer that has internet connectivity and money in your bank account. If you possess credit cards, that’s an added advantage as most commercial dealings want instant financial access, which is possible only with the same (Credit Cards).

We can find scores of products and services available on the internet for purchasing but the shopping store from which you buy matters a lot. You need to assess the credibility factor of any new website and then invest there.

Here, I am going introduce another online shopping site known as It has originated in the United States and is trying to gain it’s footing in the markets worldwide.

What is seems to be another e-commerce business that deals in carpets, tote bags, tablecloths, pillow cases, rugs, bedding and so on. The attractive features here are the vibrant and bright, off beat designs and patterns in the products and the cheap prices at which they are offered.

The images displayed on are eye-catchy and are sure to lure customers over that, but there’s no mention about the quality or make of the items. Moreover, the difference in the highlighted red colored costs and the struck off values is nearly 50%, which is exciting but ‘too good to be true’.

So, as a conscious customer, do not stop yourself from comparing and checking similar products available on other online portals and try to get the real picture.

How does it work? doesn’t promise a speedy delivery of orders. It might take around 5 business days to process and deliver the booked items. Payments are to be made in advance through ‘Paypal’ or credit cards.

You can return your products on dissatisfaction to their return address, which the company will reveal, once you ask for it through a given e-mail id The company has it’s own server which is a good sign but how can one be sure that his or her e-mails will be responded to?

Apart from this e-mail id, there’s no other information furnished in the website regarding the credentials of the company or it’s owner(s). There’s no physical address and phone numbers mentioned, so how do we even know that the firm exists at all?

In the returns policy, is willing to take back the defective goods and even replace them but the former has to be shipped by the customer at his or her own expense, which is sometimes too expensive than the cost of the product itself, if the return address belongs to China.

Most fraudulent e-commerce businesses do that. They won’t reveal the return address at first and when the buyer has already landed up in trouble, to increase the same, either they won’t give any address at all or ask to ship the goods to China at a much higher price. So, this is something which one has to be extremely cautious about.

Who should buy from here?

The web shop looks quite trendy in terms of the colorful and uncommon products on display. The prices too seem to be a pleasant surprise as they are quite pocket friendly, so any new shopper will be interested to purchase from here.

The items aren’t essentials but they would definitely improve your basic lifestyle.

is scam?

Here, I would leave the decision on the readers apart from highlighting a few areas of concern in the website.

Firstly, with the attractive discounts and prices, several ingenuine companies make people invest money but later on, either they don’t deliver the products or send low quality ones.

Secondly, be very sure of the payment methods, if by any chance you feel that the site is asking for crucial financial information like passwords used in credit card dealings, then totally refrain yourself from making any dealings here.

Since haven’t furnished any other data regarding itself apart from an e-mail address, then try shooting some complaints through messages there and observe the response. If you feel they are accommodative and reliable, then you can go ahead with your transactions.


Scammers have some common traits when it comes to website designing. For example, poor content with grammatical mistakes, no description of items apart from flashing discounts and huge rebates on original costs, also constant pop-ups that with compelling messages of offers won’t last long or buy immediately.

So, be extremely aware and cautious of such fraudulent online businesses. Once you are trapped, it would be just loss of finances and that’s it.

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