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Stratton Medical Supply Reviews [June] Is It Scam or Not?

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews 2020

Stratton Medical Supply Reviews [June] Is It Scam or Not? -> It is an online platform where you can buy superior quality products at the cheapest cost before paying a hefty amount on it.

It has become essential for us to shield ourselves from harmful diseases. Therefore it becomes mandatory for us to wear masks to shield ourselves. Here we are giving you the better insight of Stratton medical supply. Many people in the United State are searching for Stratton Medical Supply Reviews before doing the monetary transaction. Because many people doubt Is Stratton Medical Supply Legit?

What is Stratton medical supply?

Stratton medical supply is an online shopping store that provides you with the best quality of disposal face masks. The cost of the product is kept so low that it will perfectly suit everyone’s pocket. 

Can you please state about the specifications of Stratton medical supply.

Yes, the specifications of the Stratton medical supply are mentioned below:

  • What is the name of the organisation?: Stratton Essential Supply
  • What is its address: 910 Striker Ave. Sacramento CA 95834
  • Toll-Free Number: 888-317-3334

How are these facemasks made?

These disposal face masks are made from triple protective layer:

The first layer is a non-woven layer: The sheet is soft, has good permeability of air, and prevents the entry of dust and sterilization.

Second Layer is filter paper: It has another layer of protection. 

Non-woven layer: It is splash resistant, and therefore there is less risk of contamination. 

One of the best features of these disposable face masks is that it won’t cost a bombshell amount to your pocket. 

Can you tell us about the pros of Stratton face masks?

The Stratton Medical Supply Company has various pros and few of them I have listed below:

  • The face masks 
  • are made up of the utmost care, and its triple-layer protection cover helps us to stay away from the contagious diseases.
  • The company only takes 4-5 days for product delivery. 
  • The response from the customer support panel is quick, and they tend to resolve your query as quickly as possible. 

Can you kindly elaborate on the cons of the company.

The cons of the company are listed below:

  • To many of the customers, this website does not seem to be a genuine one, as it did not state about its owner’s name. 
  • The website seems to be new, and they did not have promoted themselves on various social media platforms. 
  • The website does not have a proper certificate, which is also one of the reasons that customers are not able to build up trust in this company. 

Is Stratton medical supply legit or not?

The website is not FDA certified. Hence it is not clear whether it meets up with all the security features or not. Also, the refund and return policy are not customer-friendly, where they will inspect every return parcel precisely before sending the refund amount into your account. You are also required to pay extra shipping charges if you fail to provide them with your correct address. Though the user interface appears to be seamless and provides accurate details of the product, it still lacks few necessary features that often a potential buyer looks for, before spending his money into it. 

They have proper graphics and accurate details of all the products on their website. The company has not stated anything about its payment gateway. So you can confirm the same by contacting them. 

Write about the customer’s experience with Stratton medical supply?

We have Stratton Medical Reviews regarding Stratton medical supply, as people have mixed reactions about the company. There are questions regarding the company that have not been resolved. Therefore; there are many people are going to collect more information about the company. 


We have listed all the pros and cons of the company, where we have researched well about this company on various platforms. We tried to reach all the relevant information to you regarding the company’s authenticity. But, still, we suggest you research thoroughly about the company before investing your hard-earned money into it. 

The company does not promote itself on various social media platforms. So there are chances that you find a bit of difficulty in knowing a bit more about the company. But still, we would like to suggest you go for the famous brands to place your order, after all, it’s a matter of your health. 


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