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Wic Boom Face Masks Reviews [May] A Scam or Legit Site

Wic Boom Face Masks Reviews 2020

Wic Boom Face Masks Reviews [May] A Scam or Legit Site -> It is an online portal that sells you the best quality of facemasks and other medical equipment at the cheapest cost.

Are you searching for the best quality that would shield you from harmful diseases? Then, you are at the right place, here we are telling you about Wic Boom Face Masks Reviews. As to protect ourselves, people of the United Kingdom and Germany have placed their order on this website. Hence, here we are discussing the company and will tell you whether the company is legit or not?

Describe wic boom face masks.

Wic boom face masks is an online portal that sells supreme quality face masks. They are designed in such a way that it won’t create any problem for the wearer. They are designed to protect the wearer from inhaling the small particles. 

Products such as infrared thermometer, medical equipment, facemasks, disposal thermometer, protective safety goggles, high accuracy digital thermometer are available at the lowest cost. 

Here we are discussing the Wicboom that will help you to decide whether you should go ahead with the shopping procedure with this company or not. 

Can you tell about the specifications of wic boom face masks?

Here, we have listed down the specifications of wic boom face masks for your convenience:

  • Name Of the Organisation: Wic Boom Face Masks 
  • What does the company sell?: It provides you with masks, thermometer, protective equipment and lots more.
  • Shipping Details: It will take around 7-15 days for the company to deliver your parcel to your doorstep
  • Return Policy: You can ask for the return of the product within seven days. 
  • Shipping Information: Nothing is mentioned on the website
  • Payment Information: No information is mentioned on the website 
  • Email ID: 
  • Skype ID: .cid.30cc9e615d28bf18

Mention the pros of wic boom face masks.

The pros of wic boom face masks are:

  • The company provides all the best quality medical equipment at the cheapest cost.
  • Here, you will get all the quality of masks, whether it is your sport facial mask, disposal face masks, KN95 face mask, replaceable activated carbon face mask. 
  • The company will deliver your parcels quickly at your doorstep.

List down the cons of wic boom face masks.

The cons of Wicboom are:

  • The company has not mentioned anything about its owner’s name, contact number, mailing address and lots more. 
  • By looking at the layout of the company, it does not seem that any professional is managing this website.
  • It did not state from which payment gateway they will accept the payment. 
  • The company is also not SSL certified, that means that any spam can happen with you.
  • The price of the product is kept low, so the probability is high that you may get the fake product.

Is Wic Boom Face Masks legit?

No, Wic Boom UK do not at all appear to be genuine at all. It has missed all the necessary information and pointers that make any website an authentic one. Neither the website has an SSL certificate, nor has it given information about its refund or return policy. The site seems to be new, and it does not have any social media presence. You can also face problems while tracking your product. Because their customer support panel is 24×7 available at your service. 

What are the customer’s reviews for wic boom face masks?

The customer has posted different reviews regarding the product and posted their perception on various platforms. Though the company claims that it will only deliver the best quality of products, in reality, it did not seem to have happened with many customers.

According to them, the product delivery was not done on time. Also, the quality of the product did not meet up with the expectation level. They said that they would never buy facemasks from this website, and also not recommend this company to their friends or family members. 


Not many people have used these products. Also, this website does not own relevant certification that is often needed to build up the trust among people for this particular brand. Also, the owner has not promoted this website on various social platforms. We want to suggest you search about this company from your end as well as you must know every aspect of the company before investing your earned money into it.

You can also share your experience with us by posting your reviews regarding the company here. 

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