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Zynn Scam [May] – Is It Safe To Buy Right Now?

Zynn Scam 2020

Zynn Scam [May] – Is It Safe To Buy Right Now? -> Read this review to find out about a new short-form video editing app. 

If you want to create original social media videos, then you must have been searching for an editing app? Your search will stop at the Zynn App. 

You may have come across creative videos if you spend most of your time on social media. By looking at them, you wonder, can “can I make this too?” but usually give up. We are quick to assume that the process would be very taxing. 

There are a lot of apps available to help you with this; however, on most occasions, they charge you an amount for more benefits. So, it is only logical for people to wonder if Zynn Scam too. 

This United State based app and was created recently. Let’s quickly jump into this zynn app reviews and tell if you if this app is scamming you, or is it legit? 

Is the Zynn app legit? 

We are continually using the phones for everything from entertainment and ordering food to even making presentations. It has led to a rise in mobile scams, reminding us that the scammers have gotten smarter. You must ensure you do a background check of the apps you download too. 

How do we know if the Zynn app is not scamming you? Opening up the app on your app store, you will spot numerous reviews. These vary from good to bad and don’t seem to be controlled by the makers. 

What is the Zynn app? 

Zynn app is a mobile app that helps in making short-form creative videos. It allows the creation of 15-second-long videos for any of your social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc. The app can be really useful for you if you are a social media influencer or plan to be one. 

It is a free app and is available for both iPhone as well as Android users. However, you will notice that the app is quite similar to numerous apps. While the layout and look of the app may be different, the features are the same.

What makes the Zynn app unique? 

The app allows customization by the addition of stickers that represent your mood at the moment correctly. You can easily create professional-looking content using the app in minutes. Once your editing is complete, choose from the in-built music library or audio clips, which will make your video more interesting.

Apart from this, you can also connect with people with similar interests from around the globe. 

But the best part about the Zynn App must be the fact that it lets your creativity run wild. Along with this, it is allowing you to express yourself via all the features available fully. These can be saved and put up and shared on any of your social media apps. 

Specifications of Zynn App

  • Product- video editing/sharing app 
  • Website-
  • Email-
  • Phone number- not available 
  • Allows sharing videos 
  • For people above the ages of 12+ 
  • It is rated 3.8 stars on the app store 
  • Helps create 15-second videos
  • It is a free app

Pros of downloading Zynn App

  • Available for both iOS as well as Android devices 
  • You can express yourself using stickers 
  • Allows addition of music or audio clips 
  • Video content created will look professional 
  • Will connect you with like-minded people 
  • Video created can be shared on any social media app

Cons of downloading Zynn App

  • The app is very new 
  • Features offered by it are similar to existing apps 
  • The features offered are limited 
  • Social media apps provide better movement as compared to it 
  • Its rating is low  

Customer reviews of the Zynn App

You will be able to spot a lot of reviews on the app stores regarding the app functions. 

Some users have given it five stars, talk about first being very suspicious of it, and then realize it does what it claims. They also mention that the app giving you money for watching videos on it. It will only come true if you follow the rules, though. 

Others gave it three or lesser stars and claimed that the app is a farce; they recommended it to numerous people but received no money. 

Final Verdict- 

The reviews are a little confusing as its description has no information regarding the app paying people to watch videos. To conclude, we cannot be sure what it is the app wishes to provide. So, we do not recommend this app. 

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