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Gadget Lite brings you the most recent technology news, product launches, autos, wacky gadgets, and unique breakthroughs. We at Gadget Lite think that technology isn’t just about gadgets and stuff; it’s more than that. As result, here you’ll discover articles on anything from automobiles to bicycles to e-scooters, 5G, Smart Home, Games, Smartphones, and much more.

Gadget Lite History

Gadget Lite began its journey as a blog in 2012. However, it much smaller at that time, limited to gadgets and stuff only. After gaining popularity in 2015, it expanded into full-fledged Tech website knows as gadgetlite.in, covering all aspects of technology, from smartphones to automobiles.

After 8 years, we now have millions of viewers all around the globe and have been featured on top websites.

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Gadget Lite is a sole proprietorship, which means it is run and managed by a single individual that’s me, “Shashank.” To be honest, running an entire website as a sole proprietorship is difficult, but it’s the love and support from our viewers that keeps me going.

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Shashank Sharma

Founder & writer of Gadget Lite