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How to Download MIUI 12 Magic Clone feature on any Xiaomi Smartphone?

MIUI 12 Magic Clone camera app

Xiaomi Users has started receiving the MIUI 12 update which offers a bunch of improvements and along with that bring a lot more new features like Super Wallpaper, Control center, Frame Rate Monitor, and much more. The Most remarkable New MIUI feature is known as MIUI 12 Magic Clone.

However, there’s a particular feature that was Introduced with Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition/ Mi 10T, and most users are now asking for, and that is the Xiaomi MIUI 12 Magic Clone camera app feature.

What is Xiaomi MIUI 12’s Magic Clone Camera Feature?

MIUI 12 Magic clone camera app

The Magic Clone was added in MIUI 12 build 20.5.18. This feature captures the same person up to four times at different intervals of time and merging all of them in one shot.

The only requirement of Clone images to be smooth and as good as original, the phone must be stable at one position only the subject or the person only allowed to change its position to create this effect.

Download MIUI 12 Magic Clone for Xiaomi Smartphone

Xiaomi MIUI 12 Magic Clone app

According to the Developers, the new feature will be only available to high-end xiaomi devices running MIUI 12. So we try to scoop out more information about it and we find out that’s it not the Smartphone high end-specs which is required by this app to perform its clone task but it requires Android 11 or 12 to perform this specific task and in this area, most of the low-end Xiaomi Smartphone gets beaten.

So if you’re Xiaomi Smartphone running any of Android 11 or 12 then you can install the MIUI 12 Magic Clone app.

1. Download Xiaomi Camera 4.2 from here

2. Uninstall the current Xiaomi camera built-in app with ADB in your Smartphone

3. Now install the Downloaded new Xiaomi camera 4.2 apk with ADB.

4. Now your Smartphone is loaded with Magic clone app.

Note: If you require help with Uninstalling/Installing with ADB then refer here

Download Magic Clone for any Smartphone

If you are looking to get the same Magic clone experience in a simple way for any Smartphone including Xiaomi ones then you can find similar types of Applications on google playstore but do remember they would not be as good and smooth as the Xiaomi Magic clone app.

Split Camera – The Split camera app is a pretty decent app for performing the image cloning task.  Self-timer makes cloning easy and because of the blender, the shots don’t need to be perfectly aligned.

Download Button

Clone Yourself – This app is the closest app of the Xiaomi MIUI 12 Magic Clone app that captures the same subject up to four times at different angles and merge them into a single image.

Magic Clone camera app

It has a very easy to understand UI and produce neat and stable results. You can Clone up to 4 images just like the Xiaomi Magic clone app. However, The only downside of this app is that it doesn’t have a video cloning feature like present in the Xiaomi Magic clone app. It is available on Google Playstore

This MIUI 12 Magic clone Extraordinary feature makes hours of editing work into minutes of fun. We’re hoping that Xiaomi will look into the situation and make this feature available on MIUI 12 for all Xiaomi devices. Do tell us in the Comment Section for which Xiaomi Smartphone do you want this feature that come along with MIUI 12

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