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Simple Methods to Download Videos Freely in 2024

Online Video Downloader

Do you like streaming videos but get frustrated when there is no internet availability, and you have to stay without getting entertained? A simple solution to this annoyance is downloading videos in advance and watching them offline.

But how can we download web videos? There are also simple and free methods available to get all your favorite video content to watch offline. In this article, we will be discussing 4 simple methods that are operational in 2024 to download videos for free.

Online Video Downloader

The most efficient and simple method for downloading videos for free is using an online video downloader. Video downloaders can quickly save videos and only require the original URL. In the year 2024, where internet users are looking for an instant and reliable way to to download videos, it’s a great approach.

The video downloader also allows the user to get the video quality version as per their choice. For instance, they can select the 1080-pixel video if they are running low on memory or download videos here in 8K to experience clearer and better quality visuals.

To download your videos here in any format from anywhere, simply Enter the Video URL into its address bar. The online video saver will provide you with a preview and list of available versions in multiple qualities. Select the quality you want to experience in the respective video. You can find the downloaded video on your device in just a blink of an eye. 

  • Online video downloader is a web-based utility that can be accessed from any device. 
  • Offer multiple video quality versions to cater to user needs. 
  • Only available online with internet connectivity. 
  • Some free downloaders may display annoying advertisements. 

Videos Downloader Apps

Online Video Downloader

2024 is unmistakably the mobile era, where almost every web user has a mobile device. Videos are also highly streamed on these portable devices. And thus, for mobile users, videos downloader apps are the best way to keep them. These apps can easily be found in the applications store on their mobile phones. 

IOS users need to visit the App Store, and Android phone holders go to the Play Store and find a reliable and competent video downloading app. After successfully installing their platform compatible application, they should give permission to download files and allow access to storage. 

The next step is simple: Go to the video they need to save in their mobile gallery and copy the link. Pasting the link into the video downloader app will initiate the process of video saving to the device. 

  • It is an easy option for mobile users. 
  • All videos can be made available in the app repository. 
  • The user has to find a device-compatible app.
  • It asks for access to mobile storage, camera, and location, which might compromise privacy.

Video Downloader Software

Video Downloader Software

Just like mobile applications for downloading videos, desktop video streamers can be facilitated with video downloader software programs. They can easily be found online and need to be downloaded and installed on users’ PCs. 

Once installed, the software can be used to download videos from any website and social media platform. Furthermore, the videos downloader software can save videos available in different formats, such as MP4, AVI, and WMV.

To download videos here easily, you simply need to get the desired video link and paste it into its search bar. It will fetch the video with all its available versions. Next, choose whatever video quality you want to experience the video and TaDa. The video will be available in your PC “Downloads” folder.

  • This option best suits big-screen video streamers.
  • It requires downloading and preinstallation steps, which are time-consuming.
  • Some software are free just for a trial period, and you may need Tobit plans when it expires. 

Browser Extension

Browser Extension

If you are looking for a quicker and more proficient way to download videos here, consider using a video downloading extension. A web browser video downloader allows you to save videos while streaming them effortlessly. 

Additionally, unlike the other methods, the user doesn’t need to copy/paste the required video URL. It offers a one-click video downloading method to ease its users. It creates a good experience for video streamers as they don’t have to leave their tab in order to download videos. 

To download videos on your device, simply go to your browser store and get an extension with good reviews. Embed it to your browser and allow it to access so videos can be saved. A pop-up will display as soon as they play their video, and clicking on it will start the video downloading. Or click on the browser icon to download videos here. 

  • The web browser extension allows video downloading in a single click
  • Users can download videos here without leaving their current page.
  • Browser extensions are only available for PCs.
  • The users have to allow access to their online activities. 


So here are the four free of cost methods you can try in 2024 to download videos. Almost everyone is absolutely free, though some offer premium features in addition. Web users who love streaming videos but sometimes need them to save offline versions can use anyone that suits their needs. However, an online video downloader might be the perfect choice if you want a cross-platform solution to download videos. 

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