What fascinating tech do sweepstakes casino sites use?


The whole iGaming sector has really taken off in recent years and this is certainly true for the rapidly growing online casino market in the USA. Although standard real money casinos might have taken most of the attention before, innovative sweepstakes casinos are fast catching up.

This type of online casino platform enables people to play for free and is legal in the vast majority of US states. This means they make a great choice if real money casinos are not legal where you live or you do not fancy playing for real money.

These casinos enable you to play games using a virtual currency called “gold coins”, which sweepstakes casinos give away for free when you first join up. There are also “sweepstakes coins” available and these can be won when playing games or via social gaming tournaments. “Sweepstakes coins” can also be redeemed for real-world prizes when you have built up enough of them.

As the list of 2023’s top sweepstakes casinos to play at shows, there are lots of safe gaming sites like this to register with. It is true to say that any you register with will use some truly fascinating technology to operate. But what are some of the best examples of this?

Tech for security

One of the major reasons these kinds of casinos are so popular in 2023 is the unrivaled security and safety they offer to players. This means you can enjoy fun games on these platforms with total peace of mind and without any worries. To offer this level of online security though, specific technology is used by sweepstakes casinos to protect customers.

SSL data encryption tech and certificates are a good example of this. SSL certificates, for example, verify that the connection you have online to the sweepstakes casino is secure. Many sweepstakes casinos will now also use the latest digital firewalls to guard their websites and tech innovations, such as two-factor account authentication to safeguard players’ accounts. AI is also being seen more across iGaming in terms of online security, and it helps sweepstakes casinos detect emerging threats before they become an issue.

Tech for games

Live casino games are something that lots of sweepstakes casino sites now carry in 2023, and they also use truly fascinating tech to operate. As you might expect, the main driver behind them is not only Internet connectivity but also live streaming tech.

This involves sweepstakes casinos using live streaming software to bring live games from real-world studio settings into your home. Webcam technology is also be used to record the content, which is then live-streamed to players digitally via the relevant software. This tech helps live games offer a more immersive, realistic gaming experience for people who play at these sorts of casinos online.

It is not just live games and live streaming that shows the cool tech that sits behind sweepstakes sites. Random number generation technology is also important and helps casinos ensure games are fair to play.

Tech for customer support

When you start to really dig into the awesome tech sweepstakes casinos use, you begin to see how it powers the next-level support these platforms offer. But what specific technologies are key here?

Perhaps the most obvious one is how live chat software and live chat platforms have transformed customer service in iGaming. These technologies enable customers to gain 24/7 online help when needed, and they have enabled casinos to offer a much better level of support. These are not the only ways tech has given sweepstakes casinos the ability to connect with their customers though.

Email is a customer support option many gaming sites carry, and a tech-savvy way for people to get in touch when they need assistance. Lots of casinos are also beginning to offer support via top social media sites, such as X (formally Twitter) and Facebook. This helps them to engage more directly with users and gives people an easy way to contact them online.

Tech for mobile play

With the global social casino gaming market valued at $6.2 billion, it is clear how popular this type of gaming now is. Mobile gaming makes up a large share of this and is often the go-to choose for many people when playing casino games online. Technology is, once again, important here and this can be seen in how it drives mobile play for sweepstakes sites.

One of the best examples is the mobile casino apps, which many sweepstakes casinos develop for players to download. These tech-heavy apps are not only simple to use and free to grab but also offer a top-class gaming experience.

Many casinos are also starting to enable people to play directly from their mobile web browser and this requires mobile-optimized versions of the main desktop casino platform to be set up. Whether you plan to pre-order the iPhone 15 to game on or stick with your current Android handset, mobile tech used by sweepstakes sites remains key.

Tech for payments

As we have already noted, playing casino games at sweepstakes casinos can be done for free and without spending any of your own cash. However, it is possible at most to buy extra gold coin packages to play with if you like¾and this makes the tech these platforms use for secure digital payments key.

Blockchain technology is perhaps the best example of this and is used around iGaming to facilitate more secure online transactions. By using this tech, players at sweepstakes casinos are able to buy extra gold coin packages in total safety.

In addition, payment options such as e-wallets are a good example of how technology helps to power social casinos. Examples such as Skrill or Neteller enable secure digital payments online and make it simple to purchase gold coin packages.

Technology and sweepstakes casinos go hand in hand

When you look at the above fascinating tech that sits behind sweepstakes casino platforms, it is clear just how important it all is to them. Without this technology to power them, these casinos would not be able to operate and would not offer such an awesome experience to players.

Shashank Sharma
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