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Do you have nightmares about your car being stolen or losing track of your children? These nightmares are enough to make even the most responsible person worried. When you bring anything new into your house, you bring happiness and responsibility with you. Today we will introduce you to the GPS tracker for cars, dogs and kids, which will provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your assets. 

Why do you need GPS Tracking System?

GPS Tracker for Cars

One of the reasons people install live GPS monitoring devices in their bikes and automobiles is the increase in theft incidents. Taking GPS tracking services isn’t expensive anymore.

A GPS vehicle tracker provides reassurance to personal vehicle owners, and your family’s personal safety and gives protection at all times. It also gives you peace of mind regarding your family.

1. Prevent Vehicles from Theft:

Using GPS vehicle tracking on your mobile application, you can control and track all vehicles moving on various routes. Not only can they track the driver, but they can also monitor their behaviour without the driver’s knowledge. Above all, if your vehicle has a GPS system installed, you will receive an instant alarm on your mobile app if someone attempts to unlock or tow your vehicle. In the event that your car is stolen, you can also track its location in real time.

2. Safety of Your Loved Ones:

GPS tracker device can help you in giving assurances about your loved ones. For example, Your son commutes to work by automobile, although he occasionally arrives late in the evening, which worries you. You can track your son’s location with the GPS tracker app, and so you don’t have to call or message him to find out where he is all the time.

3. Protect your Pets

After all, pets are family members too, and thus it becomes our responsibility to protect them from any harm. In case of your Dog or Cat get lost or ran away far from home, it’s essential to have a reliable tracking system in place. One such product that has garnered attention recently is the SpotOn dog collar. This collar not only helps in tracking your pet but also ensures they remain within a designated virtual fence, giving you peace of mind.

That’s why we have created the list of Best GP trackers with free returns on AliExpress. As AliExpress is the most affordable place to buy GPS tracking devices.

GPS vehicle tracker 

Here’s the list of GP vehicle trackers or GPS trackers for the car which you can buy to protect your vehicle like Car, Boat, the truck from theft. 

Mini GPS Car Tracker 


Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS is a Small size and lightweight, easy for a carry GPS tracker. It’s a simple and most affordable GPS tracker with no hazel, and you don’t have to charge again n again. 

With two powerful magnets inside, easy to attach to the vehicle firmly, no extra installation need. All you need is a working SIM card (NOT included with the product) to insert into the device, then you can track and map (with Google Maps) in realtime over the Internet. It just cost you $4.22 only.

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Concox Car GPS Locator With Voice Recording

gps tracker car

The HVT001 is a discreet car GPS tracker cleverly integrated into a cigarette lighter style USB charger. This plug-and-play tracker installs quickly in virtually any vehicle, providing realtime GPS location, Voice recording, audio monitoring of the surrounding environment, and more. This tracker is ideal for both fleet management and individual application.

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JIMI GPS Tracker (No Charging Required)


Jimi OBD Car GPS tracker easily fits OBD-II port (plug & play) with a superior location, tracking, reporting, logging, and security capabilities. The installation is extremely simple, with OBD installation. The device is adopting ultra-low power consumption – car battery power supply does you don’t need to charge the device every time. 

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JIMI 4G Car DashCam with Dual Camera (Recommended)

dual camera gps tracking

It is the best Vehicle protection you can buy. It’s way advanced than all other GPS trackers as it comes with a 1080P front camera that records everything on the road and in the cabin. The JC400P 4G dashcam enables you to get a complete view of the situation in case of an accident or emergency, day or night.

Features of JIMI 4G Car DashCam

1 It comes with a Power cut off feature, Parking Monitor and Panic Button

It comes with 4G LTE can work with any Sim Card like T-Mobile etc

You can make a WIFI hotspot to watch football matches or movies while touring.

With Built-in two cameras, you can Live stream video 7×24 remotely.

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AUTOPMALL Car GPS Tracker 4G (5000mAh battery)

image 1

Another popular GPS tracker on AliExpress comes with 4G LTE. The tracker is based on the existing 4G LTE network and GPS satellites. It can locate and monitor any targets remotely by SMS, mobile APP and web tracking software!


1 It has a built-in 3.7V 5000mAh Li-ion battery, the standby time is up to 90 days, and the working time is up to 5-7 days

2. It has built-in powerful magnets, can be very easily installed.

3. The waterproof level of this device is IP65. It can resist splash water but can’t be put underwater!

4. You can use realtime track the device on google maps via smartphone, tablet and computer.

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Best Place to Install GPS Tracker Device

best place to install gps tracker in car

GPS tracker for kids

When it comes to children, things are a little different. Children require easy to carry trackers, clip to a bag, or slip effortlessly onto a wrist. Here’s a GPS tracker made especially for kids.

Smart Watch GPS tracker 4G

gps tracker kids watch

Keep track of your children with this lovely Smartwatch developed specifically for them. You may also use Voice Chat and Video Call to communicate with them. The watch will keep you up to date on Kid’s current location. It also has a front-facing camera.

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Qbit Mini GPS Locator

kids gp tracker

Mini GPS tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and convenience. Qbit enables you to view realtime location from a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

The GPS tracker is lightweight and small enough to slip into the Kid’s school bag or in the pocket or hang it on your Kid’s neck. It also has two-way voice communication.

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Mini GPS tracker 

kids mini gp tracker

The RF-V16 real time mini GPS tracker is specially made for children. Its features are 

1. Push button SOS alarm GPS tracker for kids

2. SiRFstar IV GPS chipset, rapid and accurate positioning

3. Positioning accuracy: 5-15 meter (open sky)

4. Click to Call, Two-way Hi-Fi audio communication

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GPS tracker for dogs

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend, and you don’t want to lose yours. Cats and other animals can also benefit from these GPS trackers.

New Mini Pet GPS Locator Tracker

dogs gps tracker

It is the cheapest GPS tracker available in AliExpress at $4. It has a two-way search function and can be connected to 8 sets. When the anti-loss device exceeds the set Bluetooth range, the phone and the anti-lost device will alarm at the same time. It has Low power Bluetooth technology, battery life up to eight months.

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VJoycar Pets Mini GPS Tracker 

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It’s a charming tracker that mixes in well with your dog or cat’s collar. It also glows in the dark and gives you real-time location details of your pet. 

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Tkstar TK909 Pet GPS Tracker

tk909 gps tracker tk star tk909 for dogs 351636804

Its an IPX55 Waterproof device and You can realtime track your pet with it. Tkstar is the most popular GPS Tracker for pets. The tester Locator GPS Tracking Device comes with Collar for Dog and Cat. 

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GP Tracker for Pet Animals like Horse, Cattle, Cow   

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TK935 3000mAh GPS Locator – If you need Animal GPS Tracker for bigger animals like Horses, Cattle, Cows, etc. You can use TK935 as it comes with a 3000mah battery that lasts for 30 days long. It is easy to install and can track your pet from anywhere. 

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SIM Card for GPS Tracking 

gps sim card tracker

AliExpress also offers a GPS tracking sim card that is compatible with the GPS models listed above. After all, to work a GPS locator, you’ll need a SIM card that can track and locate you and gives you all the details in your Mobile application. You can check the sim card here with its monthly recharge plans. 

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