Google will deletes your Android backup after 2 months of inactivity

Google Drive

The Google Drive let the Android user’s sleep at night without worrying about their precious data as they know it’s been kept safe in the Google Drive and it also helps for an easier transfer when you switch to the new Android device but do you believe that Google will really keep your data forever, No Google will automatically delete your Android backup if the device is left unused or inactive.

The inactiveness of 2 months can lead to your Android data to be axed by Google. Yes as per the new reports Google is going to delete your all Android backup if the device is left unused or inactive for two months and that too without any notification.

This incident has happened with a Reddit user Tanglebrook According to him, he lost backed up data on his Nexus 6P even after having a paid subscription to Google Drive’s 100GB storage. The Valuable Data Consists of around 50 apps, Android settings, and Wi-Fi passwords were all lost as Google deleted his whole Android backup while there is no option for recovery after Google wipes your data.
This is more surprising when Google delete backup data but does not alert users about it and it is said that Google starts its deadly countdown after the Android device is left unused for two weeks. After which, the user gets two months till the Final data of operation take place.

According to the Redditor’s post, his Nexus 6P was left unused for about six months. So it has been advised that you keep your Android device active from time to time. If you want your Data to be ticking than using Google services every two months on your Android device will Keep your data Safe.

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