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Poweramp Equalizer apk

Poweramp Equalizer doesn’t need any introduction as it comes from the family of Poweramp, a No.1 music player and a long-time favorite among music lovers. What makes it more special? It’s a music player that offers much more than the simple Poweramp version and most of the default music apps that ship with phones. The Poweramp Equalizer Full Version is the most popular app among music lovers.

At the top of the list is an equalizer and support for every audio format you want, including FLAC. We don’t need much to say how powerful the Poweramp Equalizer is because we know how brilliant this app is.

What is Poweramp Equalizer?

Poweramp Equalizer, users will have the ability to make higher precision adjustments to their audio. It has a frequency range of 5 to 32 bands, which will be sufficient for making audio frequencies adjustable. These bands can be set up at fixed points or configured to start and stop at particular frequencies for the musicians to define their sound according to their preferences. Whether you are a listener who goes casual or an audiophile who will settle for mere perfection, Poweramp Equalizer gives you the power of audio customization.

Now you can use Poweramp Equalizer as an Enhancer in other applications; you can now use the outstanding Poweramp equalizer in your favorite app. This amazing feature introduces completely new audio dimensionalities, and you can use them for any required applications to create a unique and improved way of listening. For Ex. YouTube music, Spotify, etc.

Poweramp Equalizer download

How to Install Poweramp Equalizer?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing Poweramp Equalizer on your Android device:

Step 1: Click on the “Download” button to download Poweramp Equalizer apk.

Step 2: Once download is complete, tap on the “Install” button located beneath the app icon.

Step 3: A pop-up window will appear, detailing the permissions required by Poweramp Equalizer. Click “Accept” to proceed.

Step 4: Now Relax as Poweramp Equalizer is Installing on your device. You’ll be notified once the installation is complete.

    Features of Poweramp Equalizer

    • Poweramp-based equalizer
    • Configurable number of bands:
    • Fixed or custom 5-32 with configurable start/end frequencies
    • +/-15dB
    • Parametric equalizer mode with separately configured bands
    • Powerful Bass/Treble tone controls
    • Preamp
    • Built-in and user-defined presets
    • AutoEQ presets
    • Presets can be assigned per specific device
    • Preset autosaving
    • Limiter and compressor
    • Balance
    • Poweramp DVC mode for the highest possible equalization range and non-DVC mode supported globally and per player app
    • Most 3rd party player/streaming apps supported
    • In some cases, equalizer should be enabled in the player app settings.
    • Advanced Player Tracking mode allows equalization in almost any player, but requires additional permissions to grant.

    What’s New in Version 983

    • AutoEq presets/devices database update
    • Support for the predictive back animation on Android 14
    • Improvements for Samsung One UI 6
    • Workaround for Samsung Dual Messenger option
    • This option starts 2 copies of Equalizer, breaking equalization
    • Settings search history
    • New Settings Shortcuts in Main Menu option
    • Target SDK updated to 34
    • Translations updates
    • Bug fixes and stability improvements

    Botton Line

    All the features that come with Poweramp Equalizer are exclusive and aren’t included in the Poweramp music app. The Poweramp Equalizer gives you the control to personalize your audio according to your inclinations – be it music, podcast or watching a video. You can now have a powerful audio experience on your favorite music app with Poweramp Equalizer.

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