Does Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 support Fast Charging 2024

Redmi Note 5 quick charging

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology.

Updated on: 10/12/2023

Xiaomi had mesmerized everyone when it launched the Redmi Note 5 Pro series, and every tech enthusiastic person going Ga! Ga! its feature and price. over Essentially it becomes India’s most Desirable Smartphone just after the launch. 

Redmi Note 5 Pro has all the ingredients in it whether we talk about Dual Camera, Selfie Camera, 18:9 Display, latest Snapdragon processor. However, still, there is Suspense on, Does Redmi Note 5 support Fast Charging technology. Today we will try to unwrap it.

Xiaomi didn’t utter a single word about its fast charging technology in Redmi Note 5 Pro at the launch event. Like everybody, we also believe that the fast charging technology secret is hidden somewhere in it.

Xiaomi sometimes doesn’t like to talk about some of the device features because revealing the secret would incur an extra royalty fee.

It evident that Xiaomi does not want to pay a license fee. Otherwise, it will make the device more pricy Ex – Cornea Gorilla Glass – they don’t tell you every time which type of Gorilla Glass is used on the device.

Well, thanks to Geekyranjit, we have the answer to our question. In a recent test, Geekyranjit showed us in his Video about Redmi Note 5 Quick Charging technology, and it is using Qualcomm 2.0 technology to charge the device much quicker. 

As we can see, Redmi Note 5 Pro is consuming a total of 9V of charge instead of 5V. Xiaomi supplies an old 5V 2A charger in the box with the Redmi Note 5 Pro, and you won’t be able to use this fast-charging technology until you buy an 18-watt charger. Here’s are best fast chargers for your Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro:-

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The Redmi Note 5 and Note 5 Pro comes with a 4000mAh battery, and with that enormous battery, it is important that the Redmi Note 5 Pro feature some Kind of fast charging technology.

Earlier on the social network site Weibo, A representative of Xiaomi answered the questions of Journalist and said, “Yes, both of these mobile devices can indeed be quickly charged using Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, directly through the microUSB connector that is installed in the phones”

Thankfully, Xiaomi also sells a 9V charger that comes with Qualcomm 3.0 technology and price cheaply, but nobody knows when they will come in stock.

Redmi Note 5 support Fast Charging technology

Unlike conventional USB charging methods, a Quick Charge 2.0 end-to-end solution takes advantage of higher power levels to quickly and effectively charge devices. 

Quick Charge 2.0 Class ‘A’ can provide up to 24 watts over a micro USB connector. With multiple voltage limiting, current limiting, and temperature protection, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is uniquely designed to ensure healthy battery life cycles regardless of the connector. 

It can charge your Redmi Note 5 Pro with fast charger in just 1 hour instead of 2.20 hours, which usually takes to charge from the 5V 2A charger.

Were you disappointed that Xiaomi didn’t add the support for Quick Charge 3.0 on the Redmi Note 5 Pro? Tell us in the comment below.

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