Bajaj Qute(RE 60) featured in The Lost City Hollywood Movie

Bajaj Qute

The Lost City teaser has been released by Paramount Pictures, and it features Sandra Bullock as a romance novelist and Channing Tatum as the attractive cover model for her novels! When Indian fans spotted Bajaj Qute in the teaser, they felt connected to it.

If you’re curious about the small blue car in The Lost City Movie, It is the Bajaj Qute, formerly known as the Bajaj RE60, is a four-passenger quadricycle made by the Indian manufacturer Bajaj Auto.

The Bajaj Qute, according to the makers, has characteristics of both a three-wheeler and a car. The Qute, known initially as the RE60, was created to take the place of the Auto Rickshaw.

Bajaj Qute

When it comes to the engine, it has a 216.6cc CNG and LPG engine that delivers 13.2 PS of peak power. It has a top speed of 70 kilometers per hour. The engine is mated to a five-speed sequential transmission. It can accommodate four persons, including the driver. Yes, Sandra Bullock and Tantum can both drive it flawlessly. Since, Qute is a Made in India product, finding replacement components is simple and cost of maintenance is quite affordable.

Qute seats four persons comfortably and offers 20 kg of storage space inside the front bonnet. When the vehicle is equipped with roof rails with carrier, an additional 40 kg can be added to the roof. For further storage, the rear seats can also be folded.

The Bajaj Qute can travel 36 kilometers on a liter of fuel and generates 37% less carbon dioxide than India’s smallest automobile. The four-body wheelers are made of metal and polymer and weighs 400 kg. It has a $3500 price tag attached to it. The Bajaj Qute is the cheapest automobile in South Africa, costing 75,000 Rand (about $5,300).

Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe star in The Lost City, featuring Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Oscar Nuez, Patti Harrison, and Bowen Yang. In the film, Brad Pitt makes a surprise appearance and can be seen in the teaser attempting to save Bullock and Tatum from Radcliffe’s lunacy!

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