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How to Apply for Jio Tower 4G/5G Online 2023

jio tower 5g installation

Jio has already benefited its users with the free welcome offer and with many other offers and now Jio brought another lucrative offer. This time Jio lets your earn money just by leasing your house or land for their Jio towers 4G/5G.

Jio is now working on putting about 45 thousand Jio 4G towers in the next 6 months. The decision was taken in view of the persistent problem of call drops. Jio reported that the companies were not paying interconnection point because of which customers are facing the problem of call drops. Complaints were also made by the regulator in the matter. First, the telecom regulator explained some time to other telecom companies but later took up when he told Jio to cope with themselves.

Now Jio Infocomm alone will tackle this problem. Jio to strengthen its 4G Tower network within 6 months by building 45,000 mobile towers in various location and for that Jio need your help, If you have a house with a clear roof, plot or farm here, you may get the call from Jio for installation of your own Jio 4G mobile towers. This only makes you earn a monthly rental of Rs 25-30 thousand rupees and spending without an even single penny. This will ensure to strengthen your Jio Signal on your phone.

These Rentals are on the paper but if we talked about off the paper, then if you are living in Metropolis city like Mumbai, Delhi in a porch colony were the mobile tower necessity is much greater then Jio will be shedding on you a handsomely Jio tower rent per month of Rs 50 to 70 thousand just like Vodafone use to pay or you might see this increase in coming months. Here’s how to apply for Jio tower, Reliance Jio tower installation, rent, etc.

Jio Tower 4G/5G Installation Process:-

Jio Tower 4G Installation Process

  1. You can apply for Jio tower through there official website Jio Network Partner or contact 3rd party Industower here
  2. First you need to enter your contact numbers to generate OTP and verify your mobile number.

  3. After logging in with your OTP, you will be redirected to another page where you will be required to enter your personal information, including your name, email address, physical address with pin code, mobile number, and address proof details.
  4. You can list your property on the Jio or Industower website for mobile tower installation requests.
  5. They will review your property detail and will notify you once there is a requirement of the tower. (Fill up with all the required details)
  6. Now if they are interested will approve your property for installation of the tower and give you a callback

TQM Facilitator training by TQMI at Indus Towers Ltd. - TQMI

About Industower; Indus Towers is the largest tower company in India. Industower is officially Authorize to setup towers for a company like Vodafone, Idea, Jio, and BSNL. Industower is also Jio’s mobile communication infrastructure partner.

Jio tower installation customer care number

If you are in search of Jio tower Customer care number of your particular state, then you can find it here

  • JIO customer care no toll free: 198 and 199
  • JIO customer care number toll free from other numbers- 1800-88-99999

Eligibility for JIO Tower Installation

Jio Tower

These are some of the terms and conditions that your property and its owner must comply to in order to qualify for Jio mobile tower installation on your property.

  • The typical plot size should be 2000 square feet and building (rooftop) is 500 square feet.
  • If the plot is a rural area, are should have 2500 square feet.
  • There should be no Jio mobile tower surrounding your 100 meters area.
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from your neighbors is a must.

Jio Infocomm Limited (RJIL) has also installed the country’s first camouflaged 4G mobile tower in Jamshedpur. The tower is 35-meters in height and is in the shape of a palm tree. The tower has presently been set up on a trial basis.

According to the company, camouflaged towers do not have the issue of overheating in low signals, unlike ordinary towers. Moreover, such towers can resolve the issue of call drops. On the plan for the commercial launch of 4G services, RJIL has stated that it has almost completed the roll-out of the optical fiber cable network but is facing some issues in setting up the towers. However, it is planning to launch services within the next few months.

CAUTION: Do not apply for Jio Tower on any other website expect the website listed above it could lead to scam or Jio fake website, these above website work as per the DoT guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure, please let us know in the comments section.

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