20 Best Scary outdoor Halloween Decorations on Amazon

Scary outdoor Halloween decorations

Halloween, the time of year when the air turns crisp, leaves rustle ominously, and the world transforms into a realm where the supernatural and spooky take center stage. For those who take their Halloween decorating seriously, there’s no better canvas for creativity than the great outdoors. The exterior of your home becomes a blank canvas for turning your yard into a frightfully fantastic spectacle that will leave your neighbors spellbound.

In our quest to make your Halloween unforgettable, we’ve carefully handpicked Scary outdoor Halloween decorations on Amazon to unearth the most spine-chilling, hair-raising, and downright terrifying outdoors.

These 20 selections are designed to transform your yard into a chilling tableau of horror and intrigue, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of trick-or-treaters and Halloween parties your guests will be horrified and won’t soon forget. Are you ready for a journey into the realm of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins? Let’s get started!

1. Scary Cats and Bats Decoration

scary cat bat decoration scaled

These weatherproof black bat and cat yard decorations, made from sturdy plastic cardboard, offer a hair-raising welcome for Halloween guests. These feline figures absorb light during the day, and when night falls, they come to life in an eerie neon green glow.

2. Haunted Doorbell

halloween doorbell

When the Night is scary give the doorbell a press and watch as the eye springs to life with an eerie green glow, swirling around while emitting spine-tingling sounds. This hauntingly fantastic doorbell promises to send chills down some candy gobblins!

3. Halloween Spider Decorations

halloween spiders

Just put the fake hairy spiders anywhere you want to decorate in the yard or combined with spiderwebs in outdoors to give a real scary look.

4. 11-Foot-Tall Inflatable Black Cat

halloween 11 foot tall animated black cat inflatable

No one can overlook the colossal 11-foot inflatable black cat, its head swiveling left and right, its menacing green eyes gleaming eerily as they fixate on you.

5. Hanging Bats

hanging bats scaled

These Halloween hanging bat decorations are built to last, offering durability and waterproof qualities for your outdoor Halloween setup. The bats come pre-drilled, ensuring effortless hanging in any location, and they even include a diverse assortment of eyes for added variety.

6. 72in Cocoon Corpse

Cocoon Corpse

Hang the Cocoon Corpse upside down on your porch, delivering a spooky message to curious little goblins: proceed with caution. This eerie addition promises to elevate your Halloween festivities.

7. Lighted Zombie Groundbreaker

groundbreaker scaled

Nothing evokes the essence of Halloween quite like the eerie glow of yellow-lighted ground breakers emerging from the graveyard. These creepy figures are perfect for your Halloween party night.

8. Halloween Hairy Spider

image 5

The 6.5FT giant, lifelike spider boasts long, black, hairy legs and menacing red eyes that promise to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

9. Solar Scary Eyeball

solar eyeball

On a spooky night, imagine seeing lots of glowing green eyes staring at you – it’s sure to give you the creeps! You can create this eerie atmosphere with swaying firefly lights that look like eyeballs. You can choose from Green, Red and Purple.

10. Large Crashing Witch Halloween

witch crashing

Quirky and fun witch Halloween decorations are bound to capture the attention of everyone who walks by and will delight the surprise trick-or-treaters visiting your home. Get ready for some spooktacular amusement!

11. Inflatable Scary Flying Ghost

inflamable ghost

The Hovering Ghost easily grabs the eyes of your friends and kids, making it the coolest Halloween decoration in your neighborhood.

12. Light-Up Zombie Groundbreaker

zombie breaking

Transform your Halloween bash into a spine-chilling extravaganza with this animated undead zombie. This ghastly groundbreaker appears to claw its way from the earth, complete with gory realism, glowing eyes, and bone-chilling screams. It is activated by sound and motion.

13. Screaming Scary Skull Cage Prisoner

let me out

Get ready to make your Halloween super scary with “Caged Prisoner” decoration. When your friends walk by, it’ll reach out and yell, “Let me out!” with its red, glowing eyes.

14. Animated Hanging Corpse

hanging copse

This hanging corpse seems to be eerily trapped inside its bag of doom. The blood-stained bandages wrapping around the bag add to the fright factor. Get ready to spook your friends with this terrifying hanging corpse!

15. Window Ghost Curtain 

ghost curtain

Make your Halloween spookier with these Ghost Curtain. Your neighbors and friends will be scared when they see a scary face looking out at them.

16. Skeleton Stakes Decorations


The life-sized realistic skeleton decoration features a detailed skull with dark, hollow eyes, eerie teeth, and a clear black crack pattern for extra spookiness. These intricate details enhance the creepy, scary Halloween atmosphere it creates.

17. 3D Vortex Illusion Doormat

3d doormat scaled

The sight of this 3D doormat can evoke a sense of spookiness for young children when they step onto your porch, possibly unsettling them.

18. Bloody Garland Banner

garland banner

Made from shiny, bendable laminated plastic, these non-prop items feature blood-splattered horror classics like a butcher knife and hacksaw. Hang them to create a terrifying Halloween party atmosphere.

19. IT with Glowing Balloon

IT character scaled

With a scary zombie face, a missing arm, and the red balloon just like the IT movie character, it’s sure to give your neighbors a good scare.

20. Life Size Skeleton

skelton life size

This 5-foot Life-Size Human Skeleton features tall, realistic limbs, life-sized bones, glowing red eyes, and a pirate bandanna. In the dark, it creates a spooky Halloween ambiance – perfect for turning your home into a haunted house.

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