How to Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS 2023

Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS 2022

The Indian government has pulled the plug from BGMI and asked Google and Apple to take down BGMI from their app store. People have since moved on and started downloading PUBG KR game.

In this article, we will discuss on How to Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS. On Android, you can download the PUBG Mobile KR APK file and play the game without issue, however on iOS, things get a little more complicated.

Difference between PUBG Mobile Korean Version and BGMI Version

PUBG Mobile Korean Version is the best version of PUBG to play since you can receive more items, such as clothes and weapon skins, for free. PUBG Mobile Korean Version features certain Exclusive items which are not available in the BGMI Version.

PUBG Mobile KR Latest 2.1 new Feature’s and More

  1. Flora’s new danger mode
  2. Old Metro Royale reunion mode
  3. Titans Final Battle Mode
  4. Vikendi map
  5. BayLoad Map 2.0
  6. Blackpink Mode
  7. Survive mode until sunshine
  8. Infection mode
  9. Power mode runes
  10. VS AI mode
  11. New Ancient Secret: Arise Mode
  12. Distinctive additions for communicating with team members

How to Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS and iPhone

Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS and iPhone

Step 1: Open the App Store and click on your account icon.

Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS and iPhone

Step 2: Tap on your account and then go to Country/Region.

Step 3: Select Country to Korea, Republic of or else you can select the United States.

Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS and iPhone

Step 4: In order to use the device in that country, you must accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 5: After accepting the terms, Now add any random name, address, phone number.

Step 6: Finally, select a region and enter a Zipcode (You can use Zip – 90201, City-Los Angeles for US / 11962 , City – Seoul for Korea)

Step 7: Select the payment option as None.

Step 8: Save it, once done the App Store will restart itself.

Download PUBG Mobile KR in iOS and iPhone

Step 9: Now Search for PUBG Mobile on the App Store and you can download the game without any issue and play.

Troubleshooting with PUBG KR Mobile Version iOS

  • After installing the Game, if you get  “Unable to Connect to Server” and “Network Error” problems.
  • Then in that case use VPN on your iOS device, for more details check our How to Fix PUBG KR error Guide

How to Update PUBG KR 2.1 Version in iPhone/iPad

When it comes to Download PUBG KR 2.1 New Update 2022 in iPad and iPhone, it doesn’t require much efforts. Download PUBG KR latest update 2022 in four simple steps.

Step – 1 : Just follow the above procedure to update PUBG KR in iOS

Step – 2 : After following the guide, you’ll able to see update option beside PUBG KR in App Store

Step – 3 : Click to install and wait till complete download

Step – 4 : Now enjoy the game.

PUBG Mobile KR Version Requirements in iPad/iPhone

A suitable reliable Internet connection is essential for downloading the PUBG (KR) Version on iPad and iPhone without any disturbance. We recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser. You will also require:

  • iOS 9.0 or Above (iPhone 5s or above Models)
  • 2.7 GB of Free Storage Required.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version is illegal to Play in India?

According to DNA report and RTI query, it has said that access to PUBG Mobile is “not illegal”.

If you download the PUBG Korean version on your phone, there will be no problems when it comes to the law or you will not fall foul to the government of India directive.

However, the government has only banned the PUBG Mobile Nordic Map: LIVIK and PUBG Mobile Lite versions and latest one is BGMI in the country.

The Indian government did not ban the PUBG KR Version and no such case has come to light where any action has been taken in keeping or playing PUBG KR mobile version. Hence, it safe to play until unless government bans the PUBG KR Version too. 

If you find any problem installing the PUBG KR Version or its update on iOS then do let me know in the comment section.

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