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How to Install and Use Eunseo Bot Command on Discord

eunseo bot command

If you’re a fan of Discord, you may have heard about the new Eunseo bot. This bot is a great way to manage your server with ease, allowing you to assign roles, send messages, and more. In this article, we’ll cover how to set up and use the Eunseo bot on your Discord server.

What is the Eunseo Bot?

The Eunseo bot is a powerful tool for Discord servers, allowing users to easily access a range of useful functions. These Eunseo Bot Command can be used to set up custom commands, access various game and entertainment features, as well as a secure way to store and share files within the server.

With its easy-to-use and intuitive interface, the Eunseo bot helps servers increase productivity and manage tasks with ease. Furthermore, the bot is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes, making it an essential part of most Discord servers.

How to Install the Eunseo Bot

The Eunseo Bot for Discord is a feature-rich bot that can be used to enhance the functionality of a Discord server. The first step in setting up the Eunseo bot is to install it on your Discord server.


1. Go to the Eunseo website and click “Add to Server.”

2. You’ll be asked to log in with your Discord account credentials if you’re not already logged in.

3. Once you’ve done that, select the server where you want the bot installed and click “Authorize.”

4. After that, you’ll receive a message confirming that the installation was successful.

Info: Eunseo Bot is inspired by K-pop Singer Eunseo. Therefore, the Eunseo bot cards have K-pop Singers and idols.

How to use Eunseo Bot Commands

Once you’ve installed Eunseo on your server, it’s time to start using Eunseo Bot Command! The best way to do this is by utilizing its various commands. These can be used for everything from assigning roles and sending messages to setting up automated tasks and scheduling events.

1. Daily commands

The first category is the daily commands one. If you want to collect gems, you can use the ‘/daily’, ‘/work’ and ‘/vote’ slash command.

eunseo bot daily commands

The commands present in this list can be used to claim items after a certain amount of time. For example: /work: This command allows you to claim 100 gems every 20 minutes.

/work or /wClaim 100 gems every 20 minutes
/dailyUsed to claim 500 gems for basic and 1000 gems for premier and unlimited members every 20 minutes.
/voteUsed to claim 500 gems after watching an ad every 12 hours.
/balanceUsed to check total gems and peanuts.
/cdsShows the time left before the /work, /daily and /vote commands can be reused.
/questShows daily, weekly and monthly quests for gems or peanuts.

2. Gacha command

If you need gacha cards, which is quite easy to get Gacha cards by using the ‘/gacha’ command.

eunseo bot gacha cards

Now complete your favourite groups, and as a reward, you Get Legendary Cards. 

/gachaUsed to pull one to ten cards costing 100 gems each.
/invShows yours or anyone else’s card inventory. The command can be used with nine filters:
/fav cardsFavourite specific cards using their card ID.
/fav lastFavourite the last card pulled, up to 10 pulls.
/unfavRemove specific cards using their card ID.
/burn cardsBurn specific cards using their card ID.
/burn lastBurn the last card you pulled, up to 10 pulls.
/burn allBurn all non-favourite cards in the inventory for 10 gems per card.

3. Trading Commands

You can Now Buy and Trade cards using the ‘/trade’, and ‘/auc’ commands in Discord. This new addition to the platform has made it easier for users to engage in card trading activities within their Discord communities.

eunseo bot trading cards

The card trading feature on Discord is a great way for users to build their collections and connect with others who share their interests. With the “/trade” and “/auc” commands, users can trade and auction off their cards with ease, without having to leave the platform.

/aucUsed to check auctions. Comes with 6 filters: (query)(idol)(group)(type)(wishlist)(me)
/sell cardUsed to put cards on the auction market.
/sell lastSell the most recent card obtained.
/bidUsed to place a bid on a card currently being sold. Please note that the minimum bid must be 50 or more gems from the current bid and cannot exceed triple the value of the current bid.
/tradeUsed to initiate a trade with another player.
/addUsed to add cards to a trade. Must be in a trade for this command to work.
/acceptUsed to complete a trade.
/cancelUsed to cancel an active trade.
/buyUsed to purchase an inventory expansion. Adds 500 card slots per 5000 gems. e.g. /buy item_name: inv_expansion
/craftUsed to craft any common card using peanuts.
/redeemUsed to redeem a premier or unlimited membership using your email. WARNING: please avoid using this command in public servers to avoid players potentially stealing your membership)

4. Utility Commands

The Unity command allows users to display a message of unity and support on the Discord server. This message can be used to bring attention to important issues, such as promoting diversity and inclusiveness, or to show support for a specific cause or group.

/helpOpens the quick help guide.
/rulesView the rules for the bot.
/profileShows your profile, current card, memberships, favourites, currently owned seasonal and event cards, bio and favourite featured cards.
/profile user: Discord IDCheck the specified Discord ID’s Eunseo profile.
/profile new_bio:Add a new bio to your profile.
/profile featured_card: Card IDAdd the specific card to your featured card slot.
/eventShows the current and upcoming events.
/lotteryShows upcoming lottery events.
/opengiftOpen gifts obtained from completing groups, eras or idols.

How to Fix Eunseo Bot not working

If at any point you experience an issue or don’t know how to use a certain command, help is just a few clicks away! You can find detailed instructions for all of the commands available on the official Eunseo website. 

You can also include these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Start by checking if your internet connection is working. If not, try another network to see if the issue is resolved.
  2. If the Bot is still not functioning, visit the Eunseo Bot support server and check the Bot’s status. The support community’s status channel offers updates when new upgrades cause the Bot to be offline.
  3. Check Eunseo Bot has all the necessary permissions to work properly. You can verify and make changes to the permissions using Discord’s settings.

Wrap Up

Eunseo Bot is an incredibly useful tool for managing your Discord server with ease. It offers plenty of features that make organizing your server easier than ever before—from assigning roles and sending messages to creating automated tasks and scheduling events. With a few simple steps, you can get started using this powerful bot today! Thanks for reading our guide on setting up and using Eunseo Bot on Discord! We hope it was informative and helpful!

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