Does Amazon Foldable House Worth it? How to set up one?

Amazon foldable house

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Amazon has yet again sparked excitement with its latest offering: the foldable house. Combining convenience, sustainability, and modern design, this groundbreaking product redefines the concept of future homes starting at $18,999.

In today’s article, we will delve into the reality behind Amazon’s foldable houses, shedding light on key aspects you should be aware of before considering one for you and your family. After watching tons of videos and reading many articles online, I’ve found some important stuff about Amazon’s foldable houses. Let’s check it out.

Where do these foldable houses originate from?

The idea behind the foldable house emerged from the growing need for adaptable living spaces in an ever-changing world China.

Yes, these foldable houses that you see on Amazon are manufactured in China and shipped to the U.S.A. These foldable houses are easily available at Alibaba for affordable prices of $8000 and under.

One of the biggest manufacturers is Moneybox Modular Housing, which has shipped these foldable houses to countries such as Australia, Dubai, New Zealand and South Africa. You can check out the demo on their YouTube channel.

NOTE: We are not affiliated or sponsored by MB House in any way; this is solely Author personal opinion and finding.

What are the Features of Foldable house?

At the core of the foldable house lies its versatility. Whether it’s for temporary accommodation, remote workspaces, or eco-friendly retreats, this innovative structure easily adapts to diverse needs.

Its modular design allows for effortless assembly and disassembly, making it ideal for both urban and rural settings. All you need is a Land to place and spend your life in. Here are some of its features.

foldable house features

  • A folding container house’s primary structural elements are steel and aluminum. These include steel columns, beams, foundations, roof frames, and roof covers.
  • The walls and roof consist of Thermal insulation materials used to keep the house warm or cool inside.
  • The floor is made up of plywood and then PVC floor with rockwool base insulation.
  • This folding house is easy to put together and take apart. It can be set up in as little as three minutes with just six people.
  • A ceramic toilet with a ceramic wash basin comes pre-installed. PPR pipes are used for the water supply, while PVC pipes are used for the drain pipe (pre-installed).
What’s Included
  • Bathroom Pre-installed (Ceramic toilet, Basin, shower)
  • Glass door & Window Pre-installed
  • PVC pipes for water drain included
  • House Setup included
What’s not Included
  • Clear Shower Glass Kit
  • Electric outlet or wires
  • Indoor Lights
  • Septic Tank

In my research, I haven’t come across any folding houses delivered by Amazon that include electrical components such as power sockets, pre-installed wiring, lights, or earth back boxes. However, in China, they have begun shipping folding houses with electrical wiring already installed underneath, along with earth boxes and electric sockets.

Does Amazon Foldable house withstand Hurricanes, Snow and heat?

Natural ClimatesWithstand property
Earthquake8.0 Magnitude
Snow load0.6kn/㎑
Wind speedUpto Grade 11 (103-117km/h)
Fire Resistance/Proof100% (B1 Grade)
Winter0 degree and beyond

As indicated in the table above, the structure is unable to withstand hurricanes with speeds exceeding 150 km/hr but can withstand violent storms with speeds up to 120 km/hr. However, a clever solution exists to enhance its resilience against more violent storms.

As seen in the video, the house’s stands/legs are embedded in concrete, not only to improve its ability to withstand earthquake or storms and maintain stability but also to elevate its height.

Similarly, you can watch the video where Nathan Graham, a 27-year-old influencer, and his friends caused significantly more damage than any natural calamities ever did. From hitting the house with a land mover, causing dents, to standing on the roof with five people.

Total Weight2560kg
Total Lifespan15-20 years

The house endures heat, snow, and rain as the years pass, but its lifespan decreases due to the steel material. However, it’s resistant to rust at some point, but not for a long time, that’s sure.

Who should buy Amazon Foldable house?

Now, you know it’s not for everyone, as it has some limitation and challenges. However, you can still buy it for some of these reasons: –

1. Looking for very Affordable house

With sky-high house deposits, people are seeking alternatives, and that’s where flexible housing solutions come into play. It’s also beneficial for students who are fed up with rising rents day by day, making it difficult for them to find a stable house within their budget.

In response, the foldable house has emerged as a viable option for homeowners. Whether used as supplementary accommodation or a primary residence, its adaptability makes it an appealing choice for modern living.

2. Commercial Ventures for Airbnb

Beyond residential use, the foldable house presents exciting opportunities for commercial ventures. From pop-up stores to hospitality accommodations to Airbnb, its modular design offers endless possibilities for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to innovate in their respective industries. Additionally, Chinese manufacturers have specially built container houses for Airbnb and hotel accommodation purposes.

3. Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief

In times of crisis like earthquakes and Hurricanes, the foldable house serves as a beacon of hope. Its quick deployment and sustainable design make it an invaluable asset for humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts. Providing shelter to those in need, it stands as a testament to Amazon’s commitment to making a positive impact on communities worldwide.

4. Retirement or Vacation home

You could be stashing away funds for this house only, as you sip your favorite beer and relax by the beach. Whether it’s for retirement or a vacation getaway, the choice is yours to make. But the ability to easily transport and place it anywhere you like is the ultimate convenience.

5. Set up as a Studio or Art Gallery

You can set up it as your studio or art gallery in your backyard or any place you prefer. This allows you to showcase your art, talent, or even learn something new without causing disturbance to others. Additionally, you can transform it into your own personal museum.

Do you need permission to setup foldable house?

Yes, the California Department of Housing and Community Development oversees these procedures, requiring inspections and approvals of factory-built homes to ensure the health and safety of housing components and systems manufactured to California building standards before they can be installed on land.

The manufactured homes are required to bear a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) label. In the video (below), Bryant, the owner of the foldable houses, called and left a message for the department’s Division of Codes and Standards, seeking clarification on the process.

Which foldable house from Amazon to buy?

It mainly depends on what you need, how you’ll use it, and how much space you have. It’s great that there are different sizes available, from 13x20ft to 19x20ft, with or without a restroom. But if money isn’t an issue, 15x20ft and above houses are a good choice. Here are some different sizes of foldable houses available on Amazon.

πŸ’‘Pictures are for representation purposes only and may or may not resemble the actual product mentioned.

Zolyndo Portable Prefabricated Tiny Home

Affiliate link
βœ” Size: 13x20ft (L13.8xW20xH8.3ft)
βœ” Restroom attached
βœ” Brand: Zolyndo

DOINUO Expandable Prefab House

Affiliate link
βœ” Size: 15 x 20FT (L15 x W20 x H8.3 ft)
βœ” Restroom attached
βœ” Brand: DOINUO

Chery Industrial Expandable Prefab House

Affiliate link
βœ” Size: 19ft x 20ft (234.8″D x 198.8″W x 100″H)
βœ” Built-in bathroom, shower, and kitchen cabinets
βœ” Brand: Chery Industrial

Luxury Villa Prefab House

Affiliate link
βœ” Size: 40ft (464.57″D x 248.03″W x 97.64″H)
βœ” Built-in bathroom, shower, and kitchen cabinets
βœ” Brand: Generic
Foldable House on Amazon
Check the full listing of Affordable foldable house on Amazon.

How to Setup Foldable House?

Setting up a foldable house can be challenging for many people after purchasing it. While the company may offer to set up and assemble the entire house for you, there are some basic requirements that you need to fulfill on your end, which the seller may not provide.

1. Septic Tank

The most essential requirement is to set up a septic tank to manage wastewater from all your appliances such as sinks, showers, and toilets. We have found that the IM-1060 tank is a superior, durable, and cost-effective option for this purpose.

septic tank

2. Setting Up Electricity

Since these houses don’t come with electric components, it is better to call your electrician. Additionally, you can add generators like EF ECOFLOW Delta 2 or WEN 56235i and along with that, you can put solar panels on the roof and connect it with Ecoflow Delta 2.

3. Setting up lights

For nights, it’s important to have lights. You can use solar lights, which save power and are useful at night. You can use HNES Solar Spot Lights for Outdoor lighting.

4. Water Tank

Ensuring a continuous 24-hour water supply is crucial, especially for a foldable house. To achieve this, you can either secure a water supply connection or opt for made in U.S.A water tanks like the RomoTech 82124749 or the RomoTech Horizontal with Legs, each capable of holding 550 gallons.

5. Bathroom fitting

Even though you have a pre-installed bathroom, you might still need a 32-inch clear glass shower dome. It can prevent water splashes throughout the bathroom and keep the toilet and shower area separate. It’s best to order it when you receive your house because sometimes the seller may include the shower dome or sliding glass door with it.

6. Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinet

Last but not least is the kitchen cabinet, which is essential for a complete home. The foldable house doesn’t come with kitchen cabinets, so it’s necessary to have one for cooking food and storing utensils. There are various options available for kitchen cabinets here.


Q1. Does the Foldable House Come with Free Shipping?

A. Yes, whether you’re a non-member or an Amazon Prime subscriber, shipping for the foldable house is completely free of charge.

Q2. What Are the Post-Setup Costs of the Foldable House?

A. Excluding land fees, additional expenses such as a generator, lights, water tank, septic tank, and other essentials could amount to roughly $10,000.

Q3. Is there a Return and Refund Policy for the Foldable House?

A. Yes, after reviewing all the listings, I found that there is a 30-day return and refund policy available.

Final thoughts

Let’s say you’ve chosen the premium Amazon foldable house priced at $35,999. You have the flexibility to pay as little as $300 to $500 per month, depending on whether you opt for an installment plan through your Amex credit card. This option makes the foldable home a fantastic and affordable choice.

In a world marked by rapid change and evolving needs, Amazon’s foldable house represents a bold step toward the future of living. With its blend of innovation, sustainability, and versatility, it transcends boundaries to offer a new paradigm in housing solutions.

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