Top Five Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

Movies to Watch on a Rainy Day

Many people enjoy the rainy weather. They love the vibe of a rainy day and look forward to spending their time at home sipping coffee while looking out of the window. The refreshing environment and the occasional cool breezes make them sing happy rain songs and they dim their room lights, prepare the blankets, make some nice warm food, and watch their favorite movies.

If you are also a rainy-day fan and want to make the most out of this amazing weather, then preparing beforehand is the way to go. All you need is a nice, cozy blanket, a bowl of hot, sizzling soup, good company, and a nice movie that will keep you entertained while you stay indoors.

While you are at it, why don’t you also prepare yourself by getting yourself a reliable internet connection, preferably one that comes with unlimited data. In this regard,  we suggest you visit Spectrum en español (for Spanish speakers only) and pick the plan that meets your needs the most. This will help you stream all of these movies all day long while you stay indoors and enjoy the pleasant weather.

We have written this article, especially keeping all of this in mind. We understand that looking for movies to watch on a rainy day isn’t a very easy job. This is why we have conducted a little research of our own and have come up with the top five films that you can enjoy on a rainy day.

So, grab a notepad, sit back, relax, and keep reading.

1. Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

Let us tell you a fun fact; Singin’ in the Rain is considered one of the best musicals of all time. Therefore, it is the perfect rainy-day movie. The main star of this movie is Gene Kelly who makes the movie worth watching along with two of his other co-actors who will keep you entertained for two hours straight.

The movie narrates the story of three talented actors working in Hollywood during the 1920s. Each character has a different experience as the entire industry moves from the silent movie era to the famous talkies.

Initially, this movie didn’t perform too well at the box office however it made a fierce comeback to essentially become one of the finest movies ever. The amazing storyline and the incredible soundtrack really motivate you to start singing in the beautiful rainy weather.

2. Jurassic Park (1993)

The movie is directed by the famous Steve Spielberg who ended up becoming one of the finest movie directors of all time. Thanks to the amazing storyline and the awesome direction, Jurassic Park went on to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. How cool is that?

The first movie in the famous series was a massive hit and so it spawned many sequels as well as a media franchise that is still gaining a lot of acclaim and recognition.

The movie revolves around a rich executive named John Hammod and his wonderful team of scientists who design a wildlife park featuring extinct dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

After a disaster locks down the entire park, a team of visitors wholeheartedly fights for their lives against these very dangerous creatures. This intense, suspense-filled, action film will force you to hide under the blanket on a rainy day.

3. Scream (1996)

Yes, countless people around the globe love rain however many also complain about the dark and sad feelings that usually hit their minds and souls when it starts to pour. The best approach nevertheless is to accept these emotions and switch on a scary film to match that unfamiliar, gloomy feeling.

If you are ready to embrace these feelings then we would suggest you definitely watch the movie called Scream. This film features many great actors and so we are sure you will have an incredible time while it rains outside.

The main character of this movie is Sidney Prescott who becomes the victim of the infamous Ghostface. It is safe to say that the movie is filled with thrills and suspense, and we are sure that it will make you forget about all the gloominess the rainy weather brings with it.

4. The Notebook (2004)

Many people prefer watching suspense-filled thriller movies on a rainy day. However, in our opinion, there is nothing better than a beautiful romantic film that makes your heart full and leaves you teary-eyed. If you are fond of watching romantic movies, then adding The Notebook to your list would be the way to go.

This incredible romantic film will keep you entertained while you are stuck at home on a gloomy, Saturday night. The movie features big names in the movie industry including Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams, etc.

Final Words

Nothing sounds better than staying indoors and watching movies while it is raining outside. As a matter of fact, it is a dream of every introvert. So, take advantage of it by streaming the movies we have mentioned in this article. We hope the top four movies will enlighten your rainy days and make your heart smile a little.

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