Are Smartphones the Future of Casino Gaming?

Future of Casino Gaming

For decades the promise of a pocket supercomputer that could accomplish all of our tasks, and provide us entertainment and diversion at a moment’s notice, had been considered somewhat of a holy grail in the technology world.

When one thinks back to the warehouse-filling computers of the 1960s and earlier, the prospect of such a device was held to be exclusive to the invention of science-fiction authors. Yet today it’s a reality – the modern smartphone is a marvel, with roughly 1 million times the computing power of its early and gargantuan ancestors.

As early as the 1990s, the prospect of such a device becoming a reality had felt tantalizingly close, yet out of reach, as generations of costly and limited PDAs made the rounds in business circles promising so much yet delivering so little.

Even by the turn of the millennium, when the first devices that could reasonably be considered smartphones began to hit the shelves, limitations in hardware, interface and operating systems all contributed to ensuring they remained little more than toys for early adopters.

In light of this, it can be hard to overstate how big an impact the first iPhone made when it was revealed on stage by then Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 2007. Here, finally, was a device that seemed to deliver on all people had hoped a lightweight and powerful portable computer could offer.

The Smartphone Age

Now, in 2023, the smartphone reigns supreme. The iPhone is the most successful single product in human history, and over 86% of the global population own one or a rival Android device. With such preeminence, it begs to the question of just how these devices are shaping the world of casino gaming.

For longer than there have been computers, there have been brick-and-mortar casinos – though it wasn’t until the “golden age” of the Las Vegas strip in the 1960s that they established their enduring position in the public imagination. For over half a century, such venues were the only way to experience the thrills of table gaming and slots, though this was not to remain the case. With the arrival of the world wide web in the 1990s, the first online casinos began to pop up and begin trading.

These were relatively crude by today’s standards, having to run on limited hardware and accommodate dial-up modem internet connections. Yet it was a start of something – something that would soon come to dominate the wider gambling industry.

Fast forward to today, and online casinos make up over 25% of all casino gaming revenues – and this number is only growing at a time when the wider industry appears to be in slow but inevitable recession. It’s easy to see why.

Bespoke Experiences

Whereas a physical casino is limited to offering promotions designed to suit the largest number of people possible, online casinos can offer hundreds of bespoke details in a bid to appeal to specific niches, requirements and interests among their patrons.

This has become such a prevalent part of the modern online casino sector that dedicated platforms such as casinobonusca have cropped up with the goal of collating these in one place as their sole focus. Thus today the modern tech-savvy gamer can avail themselves of a whole host of competitive welcome offers, sign-up bonuses and other limited deals provided by this site and others like it.

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While this may appear to be a small detail in the rise of online casinos, it actually speaks to something crucial. Online casinos are free from many of the limitations that restrict their brick-and-mortar counterparts. By offering a huge array of deals, they can appeal to a much wider demographic of players. Likewise, by eschewing physical constraints, they can offer thousands – even tens of thousands – of unique games for their players, thus trumping non-digital rivals on variety.

Significant Growth Projections

The smartphone is a key player in why this sector is set to enjoy a CAGR of 14.71% up to 2030. While desktop computers and laptops are widespread in today’s world, they are nowhere near as accessible, affordable or commonplace as budget smartphones. This is particularly true in developing markets like Sub-Saharan Africa, Island Southeast Asia and Latin American, where gamers of all types are 1.5 times more likely to use a smartphone as their sole, or primary, gaming hardware.

At the bottom line, smartphones are a perfect fit for the on-demand nature of online casinos. They permit players from anywhere on the globe with a mobile data connection to dive into a game of poker, or sample a range of digital slots, on their times and timeframe. In our increasingly fast-paced and busy world, online casino’s ability to accommodate prospective gamers’ schedules – emboldened by the ease of access afforded by smartphones – has all but ensured that the technology is undoubtedly the future of this market.

Shashank Sharma
Shashank is a tech expert and writer with over 8 years of experience. His passion for helping people in all aspects of technology shines through his work. He is also the author of the book "iSolution," designed to assist iPhone users. Shashank has completed his master's in business administration, but his heart lies in technology & Gadgets.

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