Watch GTA 6 Leak Video, GTA 6 Release Date, Maps and more 2024

GTA 6 Leak Video

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most eagerly anticipated games in development right now. The long-awaited sequel to Grand Theft Auto V has been discussed for years, and the rumors never stop. Rockstar Games has been silent on any information about the GTA 6 game, especially after the GTA 6 leak in September 2022.

Grand Theft Auto 6 was indirectly announced to be in active development in 2022. On September 2022, a significant gameplay leak gave people a sneak peek at what was being developed for Rockstar’s upcoming GTA installment. It also claimed that the GTA 6 source code had been leaked. Rockstar confirmed this news on their official Twitter handle.

GTA 6 trailer launch

GTA 6 trailer

The GTA 6 trailer, offers an initial glimpse of the return to Vice City and introduces the new dual protagonists. The GTA 6 trailer, unveiled on December 5, 2023, has consistently set records since its debut. As of now on January 15, 2024, the one-minute-and-31-second video has garnered over 167 million views on YouTube and 11 million likes, surpassing the viewership of the Minecraft trailer.

The GTA 6 trailer previously set three Guinness World Records within 24 hours of its release, including one for the most viewed video game reveal on YouTube. The Guinness World Records officially recognized this accomplishment on December 6, 2023.

GTA 6 Release Date estimate

The pandemic halted progress in the gaming industry and has affected the GTA 6 game’s development. However, the pandemic is the reason many new games have been discovered, like Wordle.

The release date for GTA 6 is still a mystery. However, according to industry observers, the following Grand Theft Auto will be released in the 2025 fiscal year, most likely in February or March.

Since 2014, the game has been under development in some capacity. Although the development of GTA 6 was paused owing to COVID, it started up again at the beginning of 2022

It has been seen that Rockstar games were never released in the same year they were announced and revealed. In fact, several major members of the GTA community believe Rockstar Games will stick to their original schedule, predicting a release between 2024 and 2025, with 2025 being the most likely year of release.

GTA 5 popularity pushing GTA 6 release date


Yes, you read that correctly. “Grand Theft Auto 5” is undoubtedly one of the most popular and successful products in the entertainment industry, not just in gaming.

Since its debut in 2013, Rockstar Games has sold 160 million copies, with “Grand Theft Auto 5” selling more sales in 2020 than it has in any previous year since its release in 2013. It had total worldwide revenue of $6 billion as of April 2018. Meanwhile, GTA Online rakes in about $800 million yearly from Shark Cards alone

It’s understandable when a game continues to sell at such a high rate, and it’s reasonable that the publisher would not want to stop selling it. Rockstar is likely to capitalize on the game’s sales while it is still active, pushing it alongside the “Grand Theft Auto Online” component of the game. Furthermore, both the publisher and the creators are likely to want to utilize the funds to help grow “Grand Theft Auto 6” once it is released.

GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay Footage

On the GTA Forums fan site, a person by the name of teapotuberhacker posted a number of GTA 6 resources. Totalling 90 videos, some lasting only a few seconds and others lasting several minutes.

As you can see, GTA 6 will be the first to feature a playable female protagonist. The GTA 6 leaks footage shows characters named Jason and Lucia.

Rumors and speculation suggest that the main protagonists of Grand Theft Auto VI may be connected in some manner and that Bonnie and Clyde from the early 1900s may have inspired them in the game’s plot.

GTA 6 Gameplay

The GTA 6 plot would center on two major protagonists who were reportedly modeled after infamous bank robbers Jason and Lucia, as we told you earlier.

Rockstar is introducing new health buff items, such as painkillers. Additionally, the trailer reveals the return of the Five-Star ‘Wanted’ system, and it showcases improved AI routines for the VCPD in tracking Jason and Lucia once they are on their radar.

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GTA 6 has 500 open-world activities

It may not come as a surprise, but GTA VI’s open world is set to offer a plethora of intriguing activities and sites to explore, as shown in yet another leak revealing some of the game’s numerous side hobbies.

According to the Twitter user @_Dyllie_, there are over 500 such activities, ranging from basketball, fishing, and crazy golf to workout challenges and yard sales. Notable entries include the “UFO animal house” and the “Bonnie and Clyde mystery,” both of which promise unusual adventures.

GTA 6 Maps and Location

gta 6 map leaked reddit comparison gta 5
GTA VI map Comparision with GTA V map – *Courtesy: Reddit

A few locations were also revealed in the videos, the most prominent of which was Vice City, further establishing the game’s setting in that city. The famous Vice City layout has returned, according to the leaked clip. The GTA Vice City map from 2002 inspired the map, which is based on Miami and the Miami Bench.

On a police patrol car in the leaks, the trunk reads V.C.P.D., which stands for the Vice City Police Department and uses the location “Port Gellhorn” on the side of the doors. This could indicate that Port Gellhorn is the starting area of the story.

The GTA VI locations in the leaked videos are as follow:

  • Vice City
  • Port Gellhorn
  • North Beaches
  • Lake Leonida
  • Monument Of Leonida
  • Washington Beach (featured in GTA Vice City)
  • Ekanfinaka (featured in GTA Vice City)
  • Rockridge
  • Hamlet
  • Ocean Beach (featured in GTA Vice City)
  • South Beach
  • Red Hill Forest
  • Yorktown
  • Bocamar Bridge (not confirmed)

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Will GTA 6 be available on PS4?

No, as per official press release, GTA 6 is currently scheduled for release exclusively on the PS5 and will not be available on the PS4.

Will GTA 6 be on Xbox Series S?

No, the GTA 6 is currently scheduled for release exclusively on Xbox Series X and will not be available on Xbox Series S or Xbox One.

How much does GTA 6 cost?

Currently, it’s challenging to provide a precise answer, but it could potentially start at a similar price point as GTA 5, which was $69.99. Additionally, a collector’s edition could be priced at $149.99.

Bottom Line

Well, the main reason for the significant delay in the release of “Grand Theft Auto 6” is that it is most likely not ready yet. Not only has Rockstar focused on “Grand Theft Auto 5,” but also on the “Grand Theft Auto Online” component of the game. As a result, Rockstar will likely focus on making GTA 6 one of the best “Grand Theft Auto” games yet. As a result, gamers will have to wait for GTA 6 to be released. There is no doubt that GTA 6 will be far bigger than GTA 5 due to the 10-year build-up, and GTA fans should expect a wild gaming experience.

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